12 Best Real Estate Blogs in 2024: Experts’ Choice

It is a common practice for people engaged in the real estate business to look for various resources with relevant information. If you also want to keep abreast of the latest trends, innovations, and overall market situation, this rundown of the best real estate blogs will come in handy.

Flick through the listed options and choose a real estate website for monitoring on a regular basis. You can even enable update notifications to stay in the loop of the news.

Top 12 Real Estate Blogs to Follow

  1. FixThePhoto - Various content
  2. Elite Agent - Skilled team
  3. Bigger Pockets - For real estate investors
  4. SimpleShowing - Blog covering DIY to investing
  5. E-architect - Worldwide architectural connections
  6. Tom Ferry - Lots of effective tactics
  7. Parametric Architecture - Numerous pieces in one blog
  8. Keeping Current Matters - Great storytelling style
  9. ArchEyes - Architectural projects from around the world
  10. Lab Coat Agents - Convenient categorization
  11. Inman - Tips & tricks from digital marketing experts
  12. The National Association of Realtors - Absolutely free

All these blogs for real estate agents and homeowners are regularly complemented with new articles. Some of them are updated weekly, while others offer new pieces of information on a daily basis.

Besides, the platforms are easy to navigate, so it will take you a couple of seconds to find the needed data. Another advantage of blogs listed below is quick loading, which is definitely important for busy people.

1. FixThePhoto – Our Choice

Various content
  • Daily updates
  • Sphere-related updates
  • Easy-to-understand articles
  • Intuitive navigation
  • No subscribe option

Verdict: FixThePhoto is a popular photography blog that abounds with valuable insights, tips, and tutorials catering to photographers of all levels. Covering a wide range of topics, this blog contains reliable data about various aspects of photography, including improvement strategies, reviews of photography equipment, helpful tips and techniques, and the latest trends in the field.

All articles are easy to understand even for non-experts. FixThePhoto’s photographers and editors dwell on their expertise, providing valuable advice and in-depth tutorials for real estate agents and photographers to level up their skills and achieve remarkable results.

In addition to offering one of the best real estate blogs, FixThePhoto is also a trend-setting real estate photo editing service with thousands of satisfied customers all over the globe. These guys can help you with virtual staging, rendering, and even copywriting.

fixthephoto real estate blog website

2. Elite Agent

Skilled team
  • Well-researched content
  • Regular publications
  • Articles with visual content
  • Simple layout
  • No available subscriptions at the moment
  • Ads and sponsored content

Verdict: The Elite Agent team consists of talented real estate professionals that work hard to assist fellow industry experts in expanding their businesses. With a strong focus on education, breaking news, blog content, and events, they stay at the forefront of the industry.

If you're aiming to explore opportunities in the global market or attract international clients, there's a dedicated real estate blog devoted to international real estate. You will discover a wide range of resources, including reviews from industry experts, complimentary guides, and real estate photo classes.

elite agent real estate blog website

3. Bigger Pockets

For real estate investors
  • Succinct posts
  • Skilled and motivated team
  • Regularly updated posts
  • Neat and easy-to-navigate website
  • Poor-quality visual content
  • Ads and sponsored content

Verdict: Can you envision a realtor blog full of comprehensive articles about real estate investing with minimum funds? Rest assured, such a blog is not a figment of your imagination. It actually exists and it goes by the name of Bigger Pockets.

By visiting this website, you'll uncover an array of guides and tutorials on how to start real estate photography business, refine personal financial management, cultivate wealth through real estate investments, and steer clear of common pitfalls.

To my mind, Bigger Pockets can satisfy not only real estate professionals but anyone seeking to enhance their personal financial situation.

bigger pockets real estate blog website

4. SimpleShowing

Blog covering DIY to investing
  • Easy navigation
  • Informative articles
  • Well-researched content
  • Annoying ads
  • Infrequent real estate updates posted
simpleshowing logo

Verdict: SimpleShowing's blog stands out as one of the best in the real estate industry, offering a wealth of valuable information and insights. In an era where technology has revolutionized the way we buy and sell homes, their tech-powered brokerage approach is a game-changer. Their blog covers a diverse range of topics, from real estate trends and personal finance advice to home improvement tips and DIY projects.

What sets SimpleShowing apart is their commitment to helping consumers save thousands in commissions while still providing full-service agents and a team-based approach. They understand the evolving needs of today's homebuyers and sellers, offering practical advice and innovative solutions. Whether you're a seasoned investor or a first-time homebuyer, their blog is a go-to resource for staying informed and making savvy real estate decisions.

simpleshowing real estate blog

5. E-architect

Worldwide architectural connections
  • Global architectural coverage
  • Diverse range of projects
  • Timely updates
  • Lack of analysis
e-architect logo

Verdict: The E-Architect provides a well-curated collection of architectural articles, offering valuable insights into the latest developments in the field. It's an excellent source for staying updated on architectural trends, whether you're a professional in the industry or simply someone with a passion for design.

Highlighting an array of international projects, it provides a window into the diverse landscape of global architectural innovations, rendering it an invaluable source for those intrigued by the continuously transforming realm of architecture.

e-architecture services image

6. Tom Ferry

Lots of effective tactics
  • Easy-to-navigate
  • Intuitive search
  • Informative articles
  • Tips from experts
  • Few images
  • Many distracting ads
tom ferry real estate blog logo
Tom Ferry

Verdict: Tom, the founder and CEO of Ferry International, holds a prominent position in the real estate industry. His ever-expanding influence has a profound impact on professionals across various domains. People like his rigorous accountability coaching, a popular YouTube channel where he shares insightful real estate tips and real estate video marketing strategies for free. Besides, Tom posts relevant content on a weekly basis, organizes engaging training events, delivers keynote speeches, and has published 2 books.

By following Tom's real estate lifestyle blog, agents can learn his fresh insights. If you're short on time and don't want to spend hours searching multiple websites for the latest information that can enhance your skills as an agent, reading Tom's blog is a worthwhile option.

tom ferry real estate blog website

7. Parametric Architecture

Numerous pieces in one blog
  • Great visual content
  • Subscription available
  • Various courses and workshops
  • More focused on architecture
  • Subscription comes with a cost
parametric architecture logo
Parametric Architecture

Verdict: ParametricArchitecture stands out as a leading real estate blog with a unique and innovative approach. 

But PA isn't just about fancy tech and drool-worthy renderings. They bring the whole ecosystem of architects, designers, and coders to the table. Think in-depth articles that make your brain spin with insights and revelations, interviews with the rockstars of the sustainable habitat scene, and workshops where you can learn to code your own dream house (well, maybe not code it, but at least draw some squiggly lines that vaguely resemble a building).

parametric architecture real estate blog

8. Keeping Current Matters

Great storytelling style
  • Well-arranged site
  • Understandable format
  • Stylish graphics
  • Absolutely free
  • Too many ads
  • No content aimed specifically at home owners
keeping current matters real estate blog logo
Keeping Current Matters

Verdict: Keeping Current Matters specializes in producing real estate content that is doomed to quickly gain popularity on social media. If you're following other agents on platforms like Facebook or Instagram, it's highly likely that you've already come across their sharing of infographics and articles from this real estate agent blog.

Although the blog is available for free, there is also an option to invest and customize the branding of their content when you choose to share it on social media for realtors.

keeping current matters real estate blog website

9. ArchEyes

Architectural projects from around the world
  • Detailed analyses
  • High-quality imagery
  • Practical tips and advice
  • Inspiration for real estate projects
  • A few worldwide news
  • Lack of interactive features
archeyes best real estate blog logo

Verdict: ArchEyes has been an invaluable source for me in my real estate ventures in the world of architectural and design inspiration.

One of the great benefits is that it covers many different styles and projects. From the pioneering modernist designs of the Schindler House to chic, innovative structures like the COA arquitectura Winery Tierra Tinta, the blog plunges into its properties with great breadth and high-resolution images. This has allowed me to draw the key elements and design philosophy that I can infuse into my project to make it a standout in today’s very competitive market.

Also, ArchEyes really portrays the interdependence of aesthetics and function in architecture. Articles such as "5 Tips for Balancing Aesthetics and Functionality in Kitchen Design" give practical tips that can easily be specified under real estate development. I applied those, and I was able to make this property more appealing to further its use, which in turn increases market value and desirability by buyers and tenants.

archeyes best real estate blog

10. Lab Coat Agents

Convenient categorization
  • Well-written articles & guides
  • Informative content
  • Skilled writers
  • Minimum ads
  • New articles appear seldomly
  • Bounded multimedia content
lab coat agents real estate blog logo
Lab Coat Agents

Verdict: Lab Coat Agents (LCA) emerged as a sprawling virtual community dedicated to real estate in 2015. All articles are organized into thematic sections, so visitors can easily find content that fully aligns with their specific needs.

The blog also has a dedicated humor section where they can find entertaining articles. If you are looking for coaching advice, you should head to the corresponding section. Likewise, for individuals aspiring to enhance their professional growth within the real estate industry, there is a specialized section replete with valuable career insights to fuel their progress.

lab coat agents real estate blog website

11. Inman

Tips & tricks from digital marketing experts
  • Cover the latest insights
  • Logical categories
  • Structured website
  • Brief yet informative posts
  • Many articles are paid
  • Articles may contain affiliate advertising
inman real estate blog logo

Verdict: If you want to get access to industry news, useful insights on real estate, and interviews with prominent figures in the field, Inman is one of the best real estate blogs you can find. Moreover, if you have a strong interest in real estate tech, this digital marketing blog is even more appealing.

Simply put, Inman is aimed at informing people about the most recent real estate trends in a timely manner. Although a majority of the articles are accessible through a paid subscription, the value they provide justifies the investment.

inman real estate blog website

12. The National Association of Realtors

Absolutely free
  • Up-to-date information
  • Article written in simple words
  • Covers many topics
  • Useful examples
  • No categorization
  • No regular updates
the national association of realtors real estate blog logo
The National Association of Realtors

Verdict: The Economist's Outlook, a dedicated real estate blog hosted on the National Association of Realtors’ website provides housing statistics and analysis derived from NAR's research experts. This information may be beneficial for realtors that want to discern industry trends.

The blog covers a wide range of topics such as unemployment, strategies for getting listings in real estate, housing affordability, housing sales, and mortgage rates. You can access it without paying a penny but you need to subscribe to receive regular updates.

the national association of realtors real estate blog website