Adobe Premiere Alternative

Adobe Premiere Alternative

Why so many filmmakers and animators are looking for Adobe Premiere alternatives? What’s wrong with Premiere Pro? Read more about top 12 cheap and free alternatives to Adobe Premiere which functions are close to this video editing software.

adobe premiere alternatives

Why Not Adobe Premiere Pro?

There are several reasons why people are looking for free alternatives to Adobe Premiere. One of them is the cost. Adobe Premiere costs $20.99 per month for a single app or $52.99 as part of the more full-featured Adobe Creative-Cloud service.

In addition, Adobe Premiere Pro is very resource demanding program, which means that you can use it only on a powerful computer.

Another important thing is that Adobe Premiere Pro has compatibility issues with Mac OS. A new bug was discovered just a few months ago. It caused chaos, as new Mac computers started to overheat.

Top 12 Adobe Premiere Pro Alternatives

Fortunately, there are many cheap or free alternatives to Adobe Premiere. You can find basic video editing apps and even professional softwares for deeper video editing. Choose any of them and start working.

1. HitFilm Express

hitfilm express


Price: Free

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS

  • Many manuals and tutorials
  • Optimized for simple tasks
  • Work with complex visual effects
  • For advanced video editing, you have to pay

HitFilm Express is a free version of a paid video editor that can be used for personal and commercial purposes, but only on one computer. HitFilm is a good alternative to Adobe Premiere.

This professional video editor has a user-friendly interface and high speed of work. This program may seem too complex for an inexperienced user, but it is not as difficult to understand, as you may think.

HitFilm Express includes many standard video filters. Moreover, it supports OpenFX video plug-ins. In addition to other export features, the video editor supports video export directly to YouTube.

2. VideoPad Video Editor

videopad video editor


Price: Free

Platforms: Windows

  • Batch video editing
  • 2D to 3D converting
  • Full HD
  • Supports many file formats
  • Limited functionality in a free version
  • Errors may occur when working with GIF files

VideoPad Video Editor is another Adobe Premiere alternative that is good for filmmakers. The app is free for non-commercial home use. It allows using videos, images (including animated ones) and audio tracks as source files for a project.

The program supports different formats. It means that a user does not need to use video or audio converters to prepare the material for editing.

There is the possibility of advanced work with clips by changing such basic video parameters as brightness, contrast, and gamma, playback speed in a selected area, turning the video at any angle in three-dimensional measurement, narrowing and stretching a video within a given size, transparency and much more.

3. Apple iMovie

apple imovie


Price: Free

Platforms: Mac OS, iOS

  • Great user interface
  • Easy to edit and create trailers
  • Frames" freezing" and clips dividing
  • Many sound effects
  • The selected song duration cannot be changed
  • Can’t sync with iMovie on other devices
  • Can’t use movies that were imported to iPhone/iPad from iTunes

iMovie is a part of the Apple iLife software for iPhone and iPad. The video editing screen is similar to iMovie for Mac and is divided into three different screens.

It is very easy to create films using this Adobe Premiere alternative. Clips can be viewed by simply dragging them with your finger. Before adding videos to the project, you can crop them.

If you want to divide a clip, you need to set the cursor, select the clip and drag it down along the cursor. To change the time interval of the clip (or frame) in the film, drag the ends of the clip (frame) in the appropriate direction.

4. Lightworks



Price: Free or $24.99 per month

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

  • Cross-platform app
  • Masks option
  • 3D video processing
  • Multichannel video editing
  • Complicated operating system
  • Maximum 720p resolution in a free version

Lightworks is a powerful video editing software that supports all popular formats and can be a nice alternative to Premiere Pro. The free version contains many useful options from paid analogs, such as masks, a vectorscope for processing and controlling audio tracks, 3D video processing, etc.

However, according to many users, Lightworks has one significant drawback. Its interface is very difficult to use and to understand. Moreover, you have to spend a lot of time installing the program.

5. Shotcut



Price: Free

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable toolbar
  • Supports almost all multimedia formats
  • Triple color correction option
  • Work with multichannel videos
  • Unstable filters work
  • Bugs

We can compare Shotcut with Lightworks and put them on one level thanks to the smooth video editing system, user-friendly interface, and an adaptable toolbar, regardless of the significant differences in the operating and organization of the program itself.

Firstly, Shotcut has the function of saving the stages of video project creation, thanks to which you can return to any point of video editing. Another advantage of Shotcut is multi-channel video editing features, which are not available in many free apps.

Libraries allow this video editor to support multiple video formats with a huge list of valid codecs, as well as process TIFF, PNG, GIF, SVG, and TGA files.

6. VSDC Free Video Editor

vsdc free video editor


Price: Free

Platforms: Windows

  • Unlimited functionality
  • High working speed
  • Stability
  • Low system requirements
  • Non-linear video processing
  • It is impossible to work with an online stream
  • Difficult terminology
  • A narrow set of features

It will not require you to buy a license in the middle of a project or limit the duration of the track, as other programs do.

The video editor is not a copy of Adobe Premiere. It was made from scratch in its own environment. High-speed processing of large tracks and reduced installation system requirements are great for those who do not have powerful computers.

Despite its simplicity, VSDC Free Video Editor can work with several video tracks, and animation (with some limitations), as well as with simple filters. However, you should keep in mind one thing. The programmers decided to add a list of unnecessary browser utilities and other software that can be installed together with the video editor. Be attentive.

7. Windows Movie Maker

windows movie maker


Price: Free

Platforms: Windows

  • Classic interface
  • Different export formats
  • Ideal for basic video editing tasks
  • Only basic functions
  • WordArt resources and design are outdated

Why are we talking about this simple program here? Though it offers some modest capabilities, some users don’t need a large and complex program like Lightworks or HitFilm Express. They just want to transfer the video to the hard drive, edit it, add music or photos, a couple of simple transitions and then save the file, or record the film to a disc.

This famous app was created for Windows XP operating systems, in which it was installed by default. Today, Microsoft no longer supports this program, but it still has wide popularity all over the world. It has almost perfect stability and works especially well, when it comes to copping videos and audios, adding transitions, etc.

8. Kdenlive



Price: Free

Platforms: Windows, Linux

  • Open source
  • Free plug-ins via the Kdenlive platform
  • Full-fledged video and audio editing tools
  • Not easy for quick video editing

Kdenlive is a full-fledged multi-platform program that is suitable for both newbies and experienced users. There are many creative plugins available via the add-ons installer, which is a unique advantage. Like other open source creative programs, Kdenlive does not suit those people who have no video editing experience.

You need to spend some time to get good results. However, if you do this, this Adobe Premiere alternative will reward you with everything that you need for video editing.

9. Vegas Pro

vegas pro


Price: $300

Platforms: Windows

  • Clear, easy to learn interface
  • Various purchase options
  • Intel Quick Sync and HEVC support
  • Expensive

Sony Vegas Pro is one of the best alternatives to Adobe Premiere. The program combines easy-to-use video editing tools with many additional features, making it Adobe Premiere competitor with the one-time purchase option. VEGAS Pro modern interface is fully customizable and allows you to set up the program according to your needs.

VEGAS is designed to support efficient workflows based on a fast, built-in timeline. Adjacent frames will be displayed on the timeline with the possibility of moving them with the mouse or keyboard. You can work with individual frames even during playback with the help of cyclic video editing.

10. Pinnacle Studio

pinnacle studio


Price: $120

Platforms: Windows

  • User-friendly interface
  • Many professional video editing features
  • Huge library of Hollywood Effects
  • High system requirements

Pinnacle Studio is Pinnacle's flagship product, which offers a lot of video editing features, precise processing controls and premium effects for outstanding professional-grade projects.

The new version of Pinnacle Studio has an updated interface and built-in 64-bit computing platforms support. The full version will be interesting to those, who need the most effective tool for non-linear video editing.

Using the program, you can perform smart video conversion to the ultra-high resolution 4K Ultra HD Smart Encoding format. Moreover, this Adobe Premiere alternative has XAVC S video cameras support (for HD and 4K HD).

11. DaVinci Resolve

davinci resolve


Price: Free or $300

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

  • For professionals
  • Multi-channel video editing
  • Curves and advanced filters
  • Too complicated interface for beginners

This program has a unique collaboration mode that allows retouchers, color correctors, sound designers, and other creative professionals to work simultaneously in one program session. DaVinci Resolve is a fairly complex program that meets professional requirements, but it has a free version with many advanced features too.

It is a good free Adobe Premiere alternative. DaVinci Resolve may cause some difficulties for those, who have never used video editing softwares before. Its interface may seem confusing if you open if for the first time. However, it can become the only video editor you ever need. In addition, the price of the full version is quite reasonable.

12. Аdobe Premiere Elements

аdobe premiere elements


Price: $99.99

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS

  • Single purchase
  • Intuitive interface
  • Many useful tools
  • High stability of work
  • Does not match the usual Mac look
  • Switching from Expert Mode to Fast Mode can be confusing

Premiere Elements is a limited version of Adobe Premiere Pro, which is focused on the needs of amateurs and enthusiasts. It was designed to help you create short films, automating many processes.

At the same time, the program allows you to make your project really creative. The default interface is very simple and requires no explanation due to the large prompts written next to each layer, such as “Drop Title,” “Record Narration”, etc.

Adobe Premiere Elements combines simple video capture and DVD recording with advanced video editing features. Since many functions are automated, a user can concentrate his/her attention on creating visual special effects and adding transitions, while less creative operations will be performed in a couple of clicks.

Free LUTs for Video Editing

There is the possibility of using LUTs for color correction almost in every popular program. These are pre-prepared settings that you can apply to your videos. Look through these free LUTs, download and use them for free in any Adobe Premiere alternative from my list above.

Cinematic LUTs

This set is perfect for creating vivid videos with a cinematic effect. Each LUT can change the brightness, saturation, and contrast of your clips, no matter what app you use.

Color Grading LUTs

This is a great collection suitable for landscape video shooting. Such LUTs can add saturation to individual colors, as well as give new, bold effects for your videos.



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