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VSCO Lightroom Presets - 35 Lightroom Film Presets Free

VSCO preset is a group of film emulator tools implemented using filters for Adobe LR. VSCO presets for Lightroom are created exactly for Nikon, Sony cameras, Fuji and Canon bodies. 

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How to make a light leak effect in Adobe LR

In this post we’re not going to teach you how to prevent light leaks, only how to benefit from them.

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Types of photo manipulation– only mind-blowing examples

We have compiled the list of the most overwhelming examples of Photoshop manipulation`s styles. Are you ready to get down into the world of awesome photo manipulations?

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How To Take Food Photography & How To Edit Food Photos In Photoshop

A turkey with a crispy golden skin, a tasty vegetable salad seasoned with olive oil, blueberry or raspberry pancakes, delicious doughnuts with bright glaze and sprinkles...  All these attractive pictures come to mind making the stomach growl and mouth fill with saliva. 

Today we're going to talk about food photography.

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Steps about how to Photograph Sky and how to Edit Night Sky Photos in Photoshop

Many factors affect a good photograph of the sky. It's a beautiful sight, you must properly capture it using the necessary equipment and proper proceeding of photos, for example photo color correction services have really great influence. Let's take a closer look at all the necessary steps to obtain amazing photos of the sky.

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Becoming Your Favorite Character - Game Of Thrones Photoshop Tutorial

Today you will learn how to do a Game of Thrones photoshoot and how to use Photoshop in order to make your photos look like posters.

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How to Double Exposure in Photoshop - easy & fast tutorial

Double exposure in Photoshop is a real piece of cake for photo post production services. Furthermore, a tendency to extra ordinary vision of the world and surrealism over whelming artist have its realisation in double exposure. Visionary kinds of art such as photography and cinema use this kind of imagery composition in their own way. 

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