Sony Vegas vs Adobe Premiere

Sony Vegas vs Adobe Premiere

Sony Vegas vs Adobe Premiere – a lot of beginners face difficulties while choosing between these two video editing softwares. Both programs have a lot of useful functions and tools as well as a nice-looking and ergonomic interface. In this article, I will help you choose the one that will meet all your requirements.

sony vegas vs adobe premiere

Sony Vegas vs Adobe Premiere Comparison

Adobe Premiere Pro

  Vegas Pro Adobe Premiere Pro
  • More intuitive interface for beginners
  • Excellent audio editing
  • Works with scripting technology
  • Features High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Batch Rendering
  • Less resource-intensive software
  • Compatible with all Adobe softwares
  • Best video stabilizer
  • Creates slow-motion effects using Optical flow
  • Is capable of working with several projects simultaneously
  • Excellent Virtual Reality (VR) support
Recommended for Beginners, enthusiasts, small projects Professionals, large projects and movies
Operating System Windows Windows/Mac
Price $399/a single payment $20.99/month


Both participants of Vegas vs Premiere battle offer a possibility to customize the interface. This is a big advantage of these video editors. If it comes to Adobe Premiere Pro, it is rather confusing for the novice user to find the necessary tool. The reason is that Premiere is designed to work with hotkeys while Sony Vegas is quite simple and straightforward.

premiere pro interface

When you run Premiere Pro for the first time, its interface may seem rather complicated for the inexperienced user because of a large number of various windows, tabs, menus, etc. However, there is no reason to worry about it. You will get used to such an interface very fast. Moreover, it is fully customizable, and everyone can make adjustments according to their needs.

vegas pro interface

Vegas has a little simpler interface. The user can see a minimum number of windows, several tabs and toolbars with tools. Due to its minimalistic design, most beginner video editors prefer Vegas in their work. It is easier to understand, and there is no need to tinker with a bunch of settings. It is a little problematic to customize interface but still possible.


vegas pro vs premiere pro timeline

Comparing Adobe Premiere Pro vs Sony Vegas in terms of timeline, most users note that in Vegas Pro, this feature is more convenient to use. The first thing you notice when working in Vegas is the frames being displayed on the video track. It makes easier to cut a video. Working with audio is also more convenient because you see the timeline of the entire track and you can easily adjust it, even without listening to the same track for 100 times.

Also, to apply various effects like fading and transitions, you need to do the simplest mouse manipulations without using any tools and hotkeys.

Premiere Pro is more useful when it comes to working with effects and keyframes. It is handy because your timeline is duplicated in the effects window. There you can individually adjust the duration of each effect and mix it with the rest. In Vegas Pro, not only the timeline is duplicated but also the Preview window.


vegas pro vs premiere pro effects

In my Sony Vegas Pro vs Adobe Premiere Pro review, I would like to talk about effects in details. In Sony Vegas, such tools as color correction and grading are considered to be effects. They should be applied to each clip. There is a wide range of correction and grading tools like Curves, Saturation/Hue and Brightness/Contrast. However, it may be rather inconvenient to receive a good grade.

Premiere features a separate tab for the various color tools, which makes it possible to use a completely color-focused interface. It is possible to adjust colors to your needs due to basic color properties. There are many color effects that you can add either to a certain clip or to the entire timeline.

If you want to apply motion, animation, and other complex effects to your project, think about the platform where you can perform your work effectively. That shows the power of Adobe products. Different software, the company releases, work great together. If you work with Premiere and After Effects together, you will achieve amazing and high-quality results.

Working with Audio

vegas pro vs premiere pro audio

In addition to a wide range of color tools, Premiere features an arsenal of all necessary audio editing instruments, which are very easy to find and use. The handy workspace makes it possible to efficiently work with the sound.

If you use Vegas, your workflow may seem a bit awkward and slow because some audio editing tools are simply hidden. Also, most of the audio editing manipulations should be performed with the help of effects without using any special tools.

Additional Opportunities

Regardless of what software you choose, Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas, if the standard video editing tools aren’t enough, then you can add with additional ones.

Compatibility with Other Programs

vegas pro vs premiere pro with other programs

The big advantage of Premiere is that it can easily work together with other Adobe products: for example, After Effects or Photoshop. Vegas is inferior to Premiere and After Effects in this regard.


vegas pro vs premiere pro plugins

If you want to enhance programs’ capabilities, it is possible to download and install various plug-ins. It will help you effectively improve your content without buying and learning another video editing application.

In Vegas, you can use several plug-ins. However, they allow you to apply transitions or effects that you can already use in Adobe Premiere.

If you work with Adobe software, you can find a great variety of plug-ins. For instance, it is possible to download LUTs (Look Up Tables). These tools allow you to add different color effects in such programs like Premiere, Photoshop, and After Effects.


Let us consider Adobe Premiere vs. Vegas pricing. A yearly payment for Premiere licensed version will start with $20.99. An annual plan will cost $239.99. It's a considerable amount of money, and, for some people, it is rather difficult to afford to buy a program every year.


As for Vegas, the most affordable version such as the Pro Edit will cost $399, and the Pro version will cost $599. Most importantly, the license for Vegas is not limited in time, so there is no need to pay for it annually.


Free LUTs for Vegas Pro and Premiere Pro

Fortunately, most video editors, including Premiere Pro and Vegas Pro, work with LUTs for easy color grading of your clips. Our specialists have selected excellent LUTs and you can download them absolutely for free.

Free LUTs "Creamy Sun"

free luts for video editing creamy sun before and after free luts for video editing creamy sun before and after

This LUT gives the clip warmer shades and creates the illusion of a sunny day, even if it was cloudy outside. Videos taken at night will get color in the shadows and a slight vibrance.

Free LUTs "Breeze"

free luts for video editing breeze before and after free luts for video editing breeze before and after

It is rather difficult to shoot a spectacular landscape, even if you have the best drone and camera. Everything depends on the weather conditions and on day/night light. With this LUT, you no longer have to make hundreds of adjustments to make water, forest and mountains in the video look organic. Leave it for this plug-in.

Free LUTs "Warm Light"

free luts for video editing warm light before and after free luts for video editing warm light before and after

The film effect is popular if you need to imitate a slightly faded film with different color gradients. This LUT is designed to reproduce the film effect and is perfect for any kind of clips.

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