Free Photo Courses in London to Participate in 2023

If you want to become a photographer or improve your professional skills while staying in the UK, visit one of the relevant free photography courses in London. You can find courses in over 10 suggested genres of photography, such as wedding, portrait, or product. To date, there are 350+ courses, among which you are sure to find what suits you most.

We have prepared a list of the most popular classes and classified them by type of photography and by skill level for your convenience. So, depending on your skills, you can choose from training events for beginners, advanced or professional photographers.

1. Beginners Photography Courses in Central London

photography courses london beginners in central

Address: Photoion Photography School, 14 Lower Marsh, London

There are great extensive photography classes in London for novices. In just two days, beginning photographers will gain a basic understanding of photography in general, composition, the importance of lighting, and the fundamentals of proper framing.

What’s more, students will get information about technical photographic equipment: DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, compact cameras, mobile phone cameras, bridge, etc. They will explore such concepts as focal length and learn how to properly use lenses based on the peculiarities of each genre.

2. London Beginners Photography Workshop

photography courses london beginners workshop

Address: London Photo Tours and Workshops, 6 Creekside Deptford London

This digital photography class in London is also developed for novices, where they will master the fundamentals of the art of photography and learn how to manage various processes. Unlike online photography courses, offline courses are more effective due to real-life communication with teachers and other photographers.

In the master class, you will try to shoot in a variety of locations while instructors will tell you about all sorts of technical details of the photography art. You will find out how to use your camera, what each button is responsible for, learn more about menu functions and various settings. Teachers will explain to you what the correct exposure and shutter speed are, how to set the aperture, how to use fill-in flash, what ISO is and how it affects the shutter and aperture. The master class also includes lessons on camera color settings.

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3. Beginner Course by the 36exp Photographer’s School

photography courses london 36exp school

Address: 80-83 Long Ln, London

Among the variety of courses available, I also want to highlight the Beginner Photography Course. The instructors offer a full day of training, the Fundamentals of Photography eBook, as well as access to online photography courses in London. The group consists of up to 8 people, so it will be convenient for everyone to study and practice.

In this introductory mini course, you’ll learn how to set up your camera, what stands behind each dial and button, and how to properly use settings during a photoshoot. You will expand your knowledge of using different shooting modes and depth of field control, learn how to blur the background in a picture, and control exposure and compensation so that resulting photos look beautiful. After completing this course, you will understand what composition and white balance are, and how all this is reflected in your images.

4. Lensbaby Photowalk

product photography courses london lensbaby photowalk

Address: Saint Paul's Churchyard

Among all the free photography courses in London, there is an unusual one – it takes the form of a photo walk with the shooting practice under the guidance of an experienced photographer Robert Pugh. Such an exciting lesson will appeal to everyone who likes to learn something new in a group, who is eager to create exceptional art, and who would like to get to know the Lensbaby photography school better.

During the workshop, photographers will be able to shoot lifestyle, landscapes, portraits, scenes, and other genres of photography. You will learn how to set up a camera to suit a specific type, what additional equipment can be used, and what to do if such equipment is not available. Participants will learn the secrets of framing and composition, working with light, and how the shooting angle affects the final picture.

5. Family Photography Workshop

product photography courses london family workshop

Address: Shears Green Community Centre, 9 Westcott Avenue

If you want to dedicate yourself to the art of family photography, then this digital photography class in London is what you need. Benjamin Film and Photography offers you a workshop in the form of a practical photoshoot, after which your perception of the world will turn upside down. What’s more, you don’t need any super cool equipment, even the most ordinary camera will be enough.

The event is suitable for photographers with any expertise or photo enthusiasts who want to take eye-catching shots. In this master class, participants will be able to learn how to set up a camera, what camera settings for portraits are, and which ones are suitable for landscapes and other outdoor photos.

6. The Trained Eye Wedding Workshop

photography courses london wedding by trained eye

Address: The Studios, Luckings Estate, Magpie Lane, Coleshill, Amersham

This wedding photography class is perfect for those who want to start their professional wedding photography journey or even for those who are already in the industry but want to improve their skills and knowledge. On the course, you will enjoy the process of photographing two real weddings, as well as the corresponding festive vibe and scenery. Most importantly, you will also take an in-depth digital photography class in London for beginners, as well as training in the basics of marketing and business, taking into account the photography peculiarities.

This workshop lasts three days, during which you will come to know the fundamentals of setting up a camera and other photographic equipment. What’s more, you will receive invaluable advice from professional wedding photographers with extensive experience in this field on how to properly prepare for shooting such a solemn event and how to satisfy the wishes of your clients.

7. London Workshops at St Georges Church, Bloomsbury

photography courses london workshop at st georges church

Address: Bloomsbury Way, London

Today you can feel the whole vibe of a wedding celebration and learn something new at the same time with this photography workshop. The photography classes in London are held in one of the most beautiful churches – the St. George Church. Models in wedding dresses and tuxedos will help you practice shooting.

During the two-day workshop at the church, aspiring wedding photographers will gain the practical skills needed to take professional photographs, even in low light conditions. All participants will have the opportunity to take ceremony wedding shots independently.

8. DSLR Photography Course in London

photography courses london dslr photography

Address: Wimbledon Art Studio, 10 Riverside Rd, London

Another wedding workshop among the top free photography courses in London is DSLR Photography. It will suit all those beginners who are just about to become a professional photographer, focusing on the wedding genre.

Experienced teachers will share with you all the necessary information required for your future professional activities, including the basics of photography marketing. Coaches will tell you where to draw inspiration from, how to run a photoblog, dwell on search engine algorithms and how to fit existing material to search engine ranking requirements, give recommendations on building your content team, and many other useful things.

9. Darkroom Course | Black & White Photographic Printing

photography courses london black and white printing

Address: Electric Ln, Brixton, London

This in-depth darkroom workshop will give you an idea of how black and white photo printing works, from basic knowledge to more professional techniques used by experts to produce exhibition-level prints. Such photography classes in London will be useful for anyone who wants to plunge into the world of black and white printing, whether it be a beginner or even a specialist who can learn something new here.

Black and white film processing, printing contact sheets, making test strips, and their further evaluation regarding paper grade and exposure – all this will be within your power after the one-day course. What’s more, you will know how to create your own prints on resin and fiber paper. You will learn all about applying dodgers, brightening print zones, spotting prints, burning prints to enhance them properly, and many other useful techniques.

10. Introduction to the Darkroom

photography courses london introduction darkroom

Address: 15 Hackney Road, Shoreditch, London

If you are not experienced in the field of printing photos but want to fill the gaps in knowledge, this course is just for you. Here you can learn all the secrets of black and white photography, as well as the fundamental methods of darkroom working.

The instructors of the course will tell you how to properly control the colors in pictures, as well as how to create and process special effects. They will also tell you how and where to submit your photos for processing and printing. Despite such a short training period, novice photographers will receive comprehensive information about types and sizes of film, exposure metering, chemicals needed for developing film, washing and fixing, manufacturing contact prints, printing using enlargers, dodging and burning, multigrade filters, drying and mounting prints, proper handling of negatives, and more.

11. Photoion Product Workshops in Central London

photography courses london product workshops central london

Address: Photoion Photography School, 14 Lower Marsh, London

For beginners who would like to master the genre of product photography, there is an excellent digital photography class in London. Here you will learn about the main methods of this genre, as well as the basics of product retouching. Teachers will go into detail about the fundamentals of product photography, existing genres of photography, the distinctive features of shooting different products for various resources, be it websites, online stores, or advertising campaigns.

After this product photography class, you will understand how your camera works, how to properly set it up, how to set the light depending on what product you are shooting, and how to place it in the frame. You will elaborate on what is macro photography of small subjects. What’s more, you will get a practical lesson, after which you will learn how to choose a background for your photoshoot, what additional props and decorations you should use, master various retouching techniques, etc.

12. Introduction to Product Shooting

photography courses london introduction to product photography

Address: Wimbledon Art Studios, Studio 131 10 Riverside Yard, Riverside Road London

The first stage of these free photography courses in London is preparing for a product photo session and mastering the fundamentals of macro photo genre, you will learn how to control your camera, set the light and build the composition of a photo. Coaches will teach you how to work with shadows and eliminate their destruction during picture processing, and how to avoid shadows to get eye-catching shots with a white background. You will also receive a lot of practical tips for shooting on reflective surfaces.

After the course, you will be knowledgeable enough to choose decent lens and other equipment. Moreover, at the seminar, you will have the opportunity to put all this knowledge into practice, as well as learn how to use the equipment. Rest assured, upon completion of the course, you will be ready to start a photography business.

13. Photography Course London: Product

product photography courses london

Address: 15 Hackney Road, Shoreditch, London

At the first stage of this digital photography class in London, you will be told about the camera technology, basic settings, light correction, and other important aspects of photography. Next, you will master the stages of a professional photoshoot and get practical advice from experts. What’s more, you will also take part in a photo editing workshop, where you will learn how to properly remove unnecessary objects from a photo, such as labels, as well as learn how to change the background.

Coaches will teach you how to apply light tents and tell you about the functionality of Photoshop. You will learn how to correct colors, remove defects, cut a product out and place it on a different background, use clipping path, and many other useful tricks.

14. London School of Photography: Portrait

photography courses london portrait

Address: 19-21 Hatton Garden, London

Portrait photography is a very complex genre, and even professionals believe that honing skills is a must. The teachers of this course are the most talented portrait photographers who will share knowledge on how to properly set up the light and use a camera, give practical advice on how to arrange your work on location and gain confidence in your skills.

This 4-day photography class in London will give you everything you need to know about lighting: peculiarities of natural and artificial types, how to manage them, how to combine them correctly, and the fundamentals of composition and backgrounds. As part of the course, you will learn how to shoot different types of portraits, such as candid, environmental, corporate, formal, and ceremonial portraits.

15. Portrait Workshop (Summer Evenings)

photography courses london portrait summer evenings

Address: Granary Square, Kings Cross, London

Improve your knowledge of portrait type with this digital photography class in London. Here you can learn the details of pro-grade processes, find out how to create an eye-catching and personalized photography portfolio, and more.

You will learn how to use reflectors and flashes in a real photo session, and discern the basic techniques for working with natural light and professional lighting equipment. The teachers will dwell on how to choose the best cameras for portraits, as well as tell you how to set up and use them properly. After the course, you will know the top portrait techniques, practical tips for comfortable interaction with a model, and learn where to get inspiration for your portrait photography ideas.

Bonus Tools

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To enhance all your pictures taken at the workshops in the shortest possible time, try ready-made presets. They will help you remove skin blemishes, a red-eye effect, and distortion. With them, you can easily adjust the white balance, contrast, as well as balance of light and shadow. You will be surprised how expertly presets will improve the color gamut of your pictures, giving them brightness and fullness, while maintaining natural hues.