PhotoDirector vs BeFunky

By Eva Williams 19 days ago, Software Reviews

PhotoDirector vs BeFunky: are these two editors different or do they offer the same functionality?

CyberLink PhotoDirector is a photo editing software with a straightforward interface and a robust toolset. Recently, its developers have introduced a sky replacement tool, the ability to work with GIF animations, stock photos, glitch effects, as well as a tool to select people.

BeFunky is a web-based editor with a diverse toolset not only for manipulating images but also for creating graphic projects and picture collages from scratch. Using a vast array of drag-and-drop actions and top-notch templates, you will be able to bring to life most digital graphic projects you have in mind.


photodirector vs befunky interface

In the newest PhotoDirector version, no changes were introduced to the program’s interface, which is, in fact, quite appealing and user-friendly. The main PhotoDirector application makes it possible to import, manage, edit and export pictures.

No matter which PhotoDirector’s mode you enter, you will see a left-side panel. But the options provided there will vary from mode to mode. Within the Library and Adjustment modes, the panel is divided into two tabs. Project and Metadata are on the first tab while Manual and Presets are on the second one.

BeFunky is a full-featured picture editor that may be used straight in the browser. However, it has certain drawbacks, like paid add-ons and annoying advertising all over the page. If you are willing to get past these disadvantages, you will enjoy making quick and qualitative edits that don’t require much effort from your side.

Another drawback is the inability to navigate through the picture after zooming. It complicates the picture editing process as you won’t be able to navigate even by clicking two buttons at once.


PhotoDirector integrates AI capabilities, becoming a go-to program for newbies or those who want to save time on enhancing pictures. In case you own an up-to-date computer with powerful hardware for the smooth operation of the program, try PhotoDirector as one of the best photo editing software for Mac and Windows. Unfortunately, a PhotoDirector mobile or browser app is absent.

Not everyone is eager to dig into different software and learn which of them is compatible with either Mac or Windows or both. In this case, when choosing between BeFunky vs PhotoDirector, consider BeFunky as an online photo modification and graphic design program. As the program is web-based, it works on various OS and is completely free to use. Besides, BeFunky provides its users with a nice mobile photo editor for Android and iOS.

Modification Tools

photodirector vs befunky modification tools

With PhotoDirector, you may tweak all the essential parameters, such as exposure, contrast, white balance and sharpness. If you need to eliminate red eyes and blemishes, you will find local adjustment brushes for this purpose. PhotoDirector will crop and rotate the picture accordingly, demonstrating the final result right away instead of just an outline of the potential crop.

In Guided Mode, you will see a decent toolset, like the People Beautifier, Photos Effects, Improve or Remove, Extract or Compose, Photo Merge, 360° Photo Editor, Frames and Watermarks. Not long ago, Sky Replacement, Glitch, Dispersion, Sparkle and Light Rays were added to the mode. Speaking of the Guided Deblur, it won’t make a blurry shot entirely clear and crisp, but the shot definitely starts looking better.

When working in the “Edit” zone of BeFunky, you will have three toolsets at your disposal: Essentials, Blur & Smooth and Miscellaneous. For vital tools, go to the Essentials set. An asterisk next to the tool implies that it can’t be applied in the free version of a program. You will be able to play around with exposure and contrast, but more exciting parameters, such as Levels or Backgrounds, are unavailable.

Moreover, you may adjust the Layers, modifying the background as a result. It is very disappointing that the program doesn’t come with a detailed guide on the usage of all tools.

Importing Photos

In PhotoDirector, the image import dialog arranges zoomable thumbnails of images on the card by date. You may even pick images for import from these thumbnails. During import, the program lets you apply Auto-tone, Auto-Denoise, as well as effect presets, like B&W Cool, Faux HDR, or Fantasy Pink. If necessary, add keyword tags, copyright notice or use renaming.

PhotoDirector is capable of importing RAW camera files, in Canon’s CR2 and Nikon’s NEF formats. After the initial RAW import, you will notice more realistic colors and excellent RAW conversion detail.

BeFunky grants an opportunity to upload pics from all kinds of sources – Google Drive, Facebook, Dropbox. Or you may open pre-created projects. A feature, which is rare for the majority of analog programs, is the ability to search and upload pictures to BeFunky directly from the picture stock.

AI-Powered Tools

photodirector vs befunky ai tools

In PhotoDirector, you can rely on AI to execute standard picture editing tasks and neutralize defects. With this AI photo editor, you don’t need to worry about the shot being flawless as you can edit it later to achieve the desired result.

The program boasts a smart deblur function that will help you get rid of blurry pics once and for all. It is an excellent remedy to fix your child, sports or pet photography, and just any highly dynamic shot. If you need to eliminate fog, haze or smog, make the landscape shots clearer and crisper, take advantage of the Dehaze slider. To ensure sharpness of the shot, apply the Defringe tool.

PhotoDirector’s AI Style Engine carries out an in-depth analysis of the image and detects its various elements. The engine sensibly adds brushstrokes that transform the image into the one painted by a skilled artist.

BeFunky is also AI-based, enabling you to turn the shots into real masterpieces quickly and conveniently. Within a single click, the program will balance the exposure, tweak shadows and contrast, boost colors in moderation so that they don’t appear too vibrant.

BeFunky’s Portrait Enhancer appeals to many portrait photographers. Powered by AI, this tool will please you with professional headshot retouching results, with just one click required. The tool enhances exposure, minimizes blemishes and fine lines while beauty marks and freckles are left untouched.

Background Removing

With the Guided Mode tool in PhotoDirector, it won’t be an issue to get rid of the background or even manipulate it. The latest Sky Replacement option will replace the current sky with a more appealing one in an instant.

You will find multiple preloaded skies in the program, or you may download more. Some skies have moving clouds to be used in videos or GIFs. The added skies are customizable – you can tweak the feather and horizon for the desired effect, modify the color cast of the land and the sky’s exposure.

Background removal software from BeFunky offers its users the simplest way to eliminate backgrounds from shots. Its AI-based tool identifies the subject in the shot and deletes the background surrounding it.

Using the Background Remover, you will replace the existing background with a single-color or transparent one. The process is entirely automatic, so you don’t need to have any special skills. Besides, BeFunky lets you eliminate redundant objects from the shot for a seamless look.


photodirector vs befunky effects

The Guided mode of PhotoDirector presents plenty of effects, for instance, the Glitch Effect that makes the picture resemble an artistic misprint. Although this doesn’t seem enticing, in fact, the final result will look stunning. The controls help you shift the effect in a vertical or horizontal position, as well as modify the fade or transparency.

With any of the Guided effects, you may choose to leave a subject in the photo untouched or apply the edit only to this subject. PhotoDirector is also notable for its Multiple Exposure Effect, letting you create multiple exposures in pictures.

In PhotoDirector, you can add a fade-in or fade-out effect to the sequence. Also, the program enables you to lower the number of exposures from a drop-down, instead of recreating the merge.

Comparing PhotoDirector vs BeFunky, the array of effects and filters provided in the latter program is no less vast. As a matter of fact, it is hard to find an online editor that has just as many effects as BeFunky does. Enjoy vintage and chromatic effects, filters that apply Van Gogh’s style of paintings to shots and whatnot.

You have full freedom of combining various effects and filters in BeFunky and tweak them to your liking – the whole process is fun and not at all complicated!


photodirector vs befunky prices

PhotoDirector is compatible with Windows (7 SP1 and later) and macOS (10.11 and later). Among the system requirements for both versions are a 64-bit processor and at least 4GB of RAM. The program is sold at one level, Ultra, at a price of $99.99 although you may often come across discounts online. Consider getting PhotoDirector with our Editors’ Choice consumer video editor, PowerDirector, in tow for $169.99.

The second option is Director Suite 365, a $29.99 monthly ($129.99 per year) subscription plan that comprises all of CyberLink’s media software, all plug-ins, content packs and 100GB of cloud storage. With a PhotoDirector 365 subscription that costs $54.99 yearly, you will get the standalone program, as well as regular updates and content packs.

BeFunky is completely free to use, which gives it an advantage in the PhotoDirector vs BeFunky comparison. But mind that the free version doesn’t offer a full feature-set and has a lot of advertising.

For a full version of BeFunky without any ads, get ready to pay $8.99 monthly or $54.99 yearly at a discount.

PhotoDirector Vs BeFunky – Who Wins?

Initially, CyberLink’s PhotoDirector has been developed as a decent analog to Adobe Lightroom. Nowadays, the program offers some of the functionality from Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, becoming a versatile image editor for users of different skill levels.

CyberLink constantly expands the program’s toolset, adding adjustment layers, masks, painterly AI filters, text kerning and guided edits. The newest PhotoDirector version proves that the program keeps apace with progressive image editors, offering AI sky replacement, people masking, GIF animation and numerous cool effects.

BeFunky is an online application intended for improving pictures at a standard level, performing color correction, creating collages and graphic designs. It presents 10 modules for editing, which are arranged in the form of a side panel.

Many users claim to enjoy the ability to create layouts of their works, import pictures, manipulate them in different ways, and then modify the layout without overwhelming the pictures. This is extremely handy for creating collages.

BeFunky will be a perfect fit for novices, but its functionality is insufficient for more experienced users. Note that the program’s free version has over 30% of limited tools and annoying advertising.

So, if you are new to image editing, the choice between PhotoDirector or BeFunky is obvious. But if you aspire to become a professional photographer, BeFunky won’t give you any of the sophisticated functions. In this case, I suggest getting PhotoDirector that will fully satisfy your image editing needs.