PhotoDirector vs Luminar

Do you want to find modern software with the best tools for post-production? Then you need to read our comparative PhotoDirector vs Luminar analysis. These two editors have a similar set of features but with several important differences.

PhotoDirector is a program for image editing that has powerful tools at an affordable price. This photo editing software is very convenient for both fast basic tasks and for creating complex compositions.

Skylum Luminar 4 is a well-known software, which offers an extensive set of useful effects and tools. The program comes with AI-based instruments that automatically analyze a photo, identify objects, and can selectively edit them.

Final Verdict:

Luminar is especially convenient for those users who often work with Adobe products, as its interface is similar to the UI of such programs. This software is a perfect option for correcting colors and editing batches of images. Besides, Luminar is fitted with multiple AI features, which simplify photo processing.

Luminar is the winner>

Luminar Features:

  • Convenient customizable UI
  • AI features
  • Quality color correction
  • A powerful converter of RAW files
  • Great for retouching mages

What Is Luminar?

luminar work with text

Luminar is included on the list of the best AI photo editors, as it offers a great variety of useful AI features that simplify editors’ work.

luminar sky ai

For example, the Atmosphere AI tool automatically adds smoke, fog, or dust to the shot to make it more dramatic. The Sky AI helps improve the sky, add or remove clouds, adjust their color. The Augmented Sky AI can add extra elements (such as the moon, stars, or birds) to the sky.

luminar the clone & stamp tool

Besides, the program offers handy instruments for correcting color and light in a photo. Users can adjust such parameters as shadows, white balance, contrast, exposure, clarity, etc. There is also a range of additional features such as Curve Editing, Denoise, and Remove Color Cast.The Clone & Stamp tool allows you to replace unnecessary or corrupted pixels to get a polished photo. In simple words, this tool copies one part of a photo and pastes it into another area. Therefore, even an inexperienced user can master the program.

Also Luminar offers two fairly rare tools. The Foliage Enhancer is a special filter for adjusting the color of leaves. The Polarizing Filter is a top-notch tool for cutting through haze and creating a rich blue-sky effect. You can manage all the parameters using sliders.

What Is PhotoDirector?

photodirector 360 degree photo manipulating

When deciding which program to choose – PhotoDirector or Luminar, it is important to consider their strong and weak points. PhotoDirector attracts users with useful photo animation features that allow developing interesting and original graphics. The interface is beginner-friendly. Users can edit, systematize, import and export photos directly in PhotoDirector.

photodirector light correction

PhotoDirector offers fairly advanced color correction functions and lighting settings. The program has a separate panel to adjust brightness of an image, select shades, and alter saturation. In general, by using PhotoDirector, you can quickly correct lighting defects or fix an “overexposed” photo.

PhotoDirector also has a number of AI features. They are especially handy for quick photo edits. In particular, you can use these features to fix blurred images, remove fog and haze, improve landscapes. The AI Style Engine allows quick photo conversion with intelligent brushstrokes that make an image lifelike.

photodirector skin tone


photodirector logo
luminar logo
  • Customizable interface
  • Convenient file organization
  • Access to Shutterstock library
  • 360-degree photo manipulation
  • Batch image processing
  • Customizable interface
  • Advanced color correction
  • Convenient files structuring
  • Many AI features
  • Reasonable price


  • photodirector vs luminar price
  • photodirector vs luminar price

    Both members of the PhotoDirector vs Luminar battle are solid programs. However, Luminar comes with a lifetime license, while its competitor presupposes periodical payments. Both PhotDirector and Luminar have trial versions.

    PhotoDirector offers two payment options. The monthly plan costs $14.99 and the price of the annual package is $37.99. Besides, the developers have a special offer: you can pay an extra $20 and get PowerDirector – a tool for editing videos (the individual price is $69,99).

    Luminar 4 costs $89 on a lifetime license. If you already have Luminar Flex, Luminar 3, or earlier, you'll have a $15 upgrade discount. Given the number of built-in features, this price is well justified.

    FixThePhoto Choice

    PhotoDirector is a perfect choice for those, who are interested in advanced manipulations with photos. This is one of the best Photoshop alternatives, which supports batch photo processing.

    Luminar is a Lightroom alternative. This program is more suitable for correcting colors and brightness. The main advantage of this software is the great number of AI features.

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