Photodirector Vs Coreldraw: Which Software Is Better

By Eva Williams 19 days ago, Software Reviews

PhotoDirector or CorelDRAW – what software is better? Each program comes with basic tools and advanced functions for editing, working with graphics, photos, designs, and websites. Using these products, you can achieve amazing results. They are similar in terms of features, yet, some aspects are different.

PhotoDirector isn’t a professional photo editing software; however, it has great raw editing capabilities. It offers guided edits, which help users perform complex tasks fast and trouble-free. You don’t always have ideal results, but it depends on what changes you make to your photo.

CorelDRAW is a professional graphics design software and offers many handy tools for creating graphics, layouts, illustrations, tracing, web images, and art. It has Clone, artistic media, Shadow, Spiral, Smooth, and Smear tools so that you can easily work with vector illustration, page layouts, etc.

What Is PhotoDirector?

photodirector logo

PhotoDirector is a universal software, using which you can work with any type of imaginative art. It offers plenty of useful tools to convert RAW files and edit TIFFs, PNGs, PHI, and JPEGs.

Using this photo animation software, you can make animated GIFs and share them on social networks. Besides, it can freeze scenes while keeping the movement in others to create “live” pictures from videos.

It has 6 modules: adjustments, edit, library, slideshows, layers, and print, which show amazing capabilities thanks to new and innovative tools. For example, the Layer Module is designed to support blend modes, which simplifies merging a few photos into one.

  • photodirector interface
  • photodirector interface

    PhotoDirector: Pros and Cons

     Full folder structure. This software allows you to make collections and albums, search and add tags (you can do it if you add metadata tags to pictures).

    Advanced filtering and sorting. It has top-notch search tools and filters such as colors, star ratings, flag picks, and tags.

    Has presets. The software offers ready-to-use presets to add different effects to your images. You can use landscape, portrait, split toning, black and white effect, etc. Each category also comes with individual presets. It is possible to adjust the settings manually.

    Step-by-step editing. If you are new to editing and graphics, you can use a Guided tab. There are many tools for various styles of photos and tips on how to edit them. For instance, there is a “people beautifier” option, using which, you can automatically enhance the quality of your portraits. Also, you may want to use photo retouching services to get professionally edited photos in a matter of several hours.

    Constantly updated. With PhotoDirector 365, you will always have the latest image editing features, which are added every three months!

    Helpful customer support. If you need to contact the Customer Support team, you can do it via PhotoDirector app. This option is available in the 365 version.

    Doesn't work with RAW files from the latest mirrorless cameras.

    What Is CorelDRAW?

    coreldraw logo

    CorelDRAW is vector graphics software that brags about simple optimization, increased operational efficiency, many advanced features, and reliability. Using it, you can design logos, flyers, edit images and videos, work with graphics and web designs at a good price.

    The program provides robust stylus enhancements. Using the natural surface studio, you can get lifelike photos. The tablet mode ensures the best results.

    There are interactive sliders, using which you can fill objects, adjust transparency, shadows, extrusions, blending, contours, etc.

    • coreldraw interface
    • coreldraw interface

      CorelDRAW: Pros and Cons

      Customizable design space. The software allows you to adjust the design space with different tools, custom desktop, icon size, and window border color. Besides, you can download plugins, apps, font packs, and extensions and create a large collection of go-to tools.

      GU touch interface. This function is available in the tablet version and helps you draw sketches and perform minor changes. Also, you can resize your images and zoom them in one click.

      The Live Sketch tool. Using this tool, you can bring your ideas to life when you get inspired. There is a stylus for simple and fast sketching. It also saves you more time by finding the perfect fonts for your tasks.

      Fast start with projects. The program has intuitive tools, so you can get down to work immediately. There are also tutorials on how to perform complex tasks. If you don’t have much time for creating a project, you can use ready-made templates to design brochures, posters, cards, social media images, etc.

      Custom node shape. This option allows you to give your picture a shape or curve.

      Multi-monitor mode. The software supports multi-monitor mode and 4K resolution. Thanks to the added control from the Windows Real-Time Stylus pen-compatible tablets, your workflow will be even more efficient. In this aspect, this software gets another point in the PhotoDirector vs CorelDRAW battle.

      Page layout. This feature lets you make layouts for brochures, multi-page documents, etc. Work with rulers, grids, and guides to place objects the way you want.

      The trial version has few features.

      PhotoDirector vs CorelDRAW: Price

      photodirector vs coreldraw price

      PhotoDirector is available via a one-time license and on a subscription basis. Lifetime license has just one level - Ultra. There’s also a 30-day free trial version that comes at the price of your email address.

      CorelDRAW is compatible with Windows and macOS. You can use a 15-day free trial to test its capabilities. Then, you can purchase a full license for $885. If the subscription variant is more convenient for you, get a 1-year plan for $ 399.

      • PhotoDirector 12 Ultra costs $99.99 and comes with unique image editing tools, including AI Style, Glitch Effects, Photo Dispersion & Light Ray Effects.
      • PhotoDirector 12 Ultra & PowerDirector 19 Ultimate costs $169.99. You can get it with the video editor.
      • PhotoDirector 365 costs $14.99 per month and provides full access to PhotoDirector 12. It also offers 50GB of cloud storage and constant product updates. In this version, you have the possibility to use plug-ins and Shutterstock library and add background music.
      • Director Suite 365 costs $29.99 per month or $129.99 per year and comes with all CyberLink media software, plug-ins, content packs, and 100GB of cloud storage.
      • CorelDRAW costs $885 and includes all the necessary tools for creating stunning illustrations, signboards, logos, etc.

      PhotoDirector vs CorelDRAW: Who Wins?

      To understand what program suits you more in the PhotoDirector vs CorelDRAW competition, you need to define your goals and demands. The first software is great for beginners and allows them to perform qualitative editing and organize pictures. It’s affordable and simple to use. Its main disadvantage is the limited number of professional editing tools.

      CorelDRAW is suitable for professional web and graphic designers, who are interested in advanced software to work with vector graphics and perform more complex tasks. It comes with plenty of robust features for the best results.

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