Canva vs Illustrator

Which program is better for creating vector graphics – Canva vs Illustrator? You’ll get an answer after reading the information below.

Canva is a website loaded with so many simple-to-use features, functions and tutorials that anybody can create unique and engaging designs that gets immediately shared on the Internet.

Illustrator is one of the most popular software which allows users to produce sharp pixel-perfect graphics for websites and printed materials.

Final Verdict:

Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based vector illustration program designed specifically for people involved in digital art. Instead of utilizing bitmap files to store information, this program utilized complex algorithms to draw geometric shapes. This is why the scalable vector graphics produced in Illustrator are easily scalable to any size, without losing their resolution or quality. This ability to create high quality artworks makes it an ideal choice for all tasks referring to visual design.

Illustrator is the winner >

Illustrator Features:

  • Fonts library
  • Perspective drawing tools
  • SVG support
  • Professional various brushes
  • Stock images

What is Canva?

canva interface

The greatest strength of Canva is its capability of being able to quickly create website graphics. In a few clicks you can upload several templates based on your specific needs and requirements. These templates can be further customized and edited according to your preferences and tasks. They offer you many advantages as far as graphic designing is concerned, such as allowing you to easily switch between images and other graphics.

Canva also features other interesting features like allowing users to share photos with others via RSS, email etc. You can collaborate with others, build up your online portfolio, make and share your own design ideas and much more.

There are numerous other useful options that are available with the Canva package such as sharing designs with clients and associates and being able to edit pictures online. This all makes the program a very versatile design tool that can helps you produce amazing graphics in a matter of minutes.

What is Illustrator?

illustrator interface

A great number of tools are available in Illustrator for web designers. The main interface of this application is based on Flexbox technology, which makes it ideal for designing layouts that are not too complicated. Some of the best tools that you get with Adobe Illustrator are: fonts, radial gradient tools, clipping moudres, paintbrush, paths, track, rulers, horizontal axis units, frames, fill shapes, vectors, bounds, perspective and alignments.

In addition to all these tools, the software also offers some specialized ones such as layer styles, smart layers, info tiles and auto shapes. These key commands help you design complex vector drawings that are high quality and unique.

While using Adobe Illustrator, you can easily make any type of vector graphics. You can create lines, shadings, map complex 3D shapes, animate and change the appearance of objects in various manners. It also allows the generation of automatic path segments that are always aligned to the nearest underlying pixel grid.


canva logo
illustrator logo

Canva & Illustrator Features:

  • Multiple photo frames
  • Different image effects
  • Drag-and-drop functions
  • Support for text
  • Variety of design grids
  • GPU acceleration
  • Photo editing features
  • Data recovery options
  • Selection of shapes
  • Third-party plugins

Canva and Illustrator Price:

STARTING PRICE $9.95/month $20.99/month
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FixThePhoto Choice:

The ability to create unlimited vector graphics at Illustrator allows you to experiment and play around with different ideas without having to worry about the time it will take to develop the final piece. After you have finished playing around with the various toolbars and features of Illustrator, you will surely be glad that you decided to download the program.