Woww Expert WordPress Services Review 2023

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Verdict: Woww is a professional WordPress development studio that also specializes in brand development, search engine optimization and visitor conversions. Its headquarters is located in Cape Town, South Africa.

Their team can create both simple and complex websites for photographers, artists, bloggers and others, depending on your needs. You can ask them to design your personal blog or create an e-commerce platform with a CMS.

  • Responsive web design
  • For any budget
  • A large library of photography themes
  • Client-oriented approach
  • Reliable solutions
  • Great portfolio
  • Only WordPress
woww services interface

Woww can build a WordPress-based website with a well-thought-out interface in one week. With them, you can quickly start your blog, open an e-commerce platform, create a professional portfolio or a company website.

What I like the most about this service is the high quality of the websites they create. Besides, they are quite affordable, which makes their services a great value for money.

Woww Services and Features

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More than a quarter of all websites are based on WordPress. Besides, this platform dominates over three-quarters of the CMS market. If you want to opt for this platform, it’s better to contact a professional company that provides WordPress web design services.

In South Africa, Woww has already established itself as a market leader. It can quickly build a website using a set of professional web-development tools. The main advantage of this service is that it can create websites for any budget.

Impressive Portfolio

woww services portfolio

I was also impressed by their portfolio. On their website, you can find a lot of examples of their projects. For instance, here, you can see fashion, web designer, copywriter, artist, and photography portfolios.

Besides, their professionals can analyze your brand and build a website that matches your signature style. Whether you are an artist or designer, you can ask them to create your professional portfolio. The websites that they have created are easy to use and SEO optimized.

Wide Range of Services

woww services

While most clients contact them to create a reliable website with a responsive design, Woww offers a variety of other services as well. Their team includes Adwords certified PPC experts, skillful copywriters and digital marketing professionals.

If you want to improve search engine optimization and your Google search rank, you can fully rely on this team. Besides websites, their designers can quickly create a new brand logo or engaging video. The company has a network of fast and secure servers with the best WordPress host in the world. They can also create an online e-commerce platform powered by Woocommerce.

Structured Development Process

woww services process

If you want to find a reliable company that specializes in web development, look no further. While most other companies are good only at frontend development, Woww professionals are good at backend development as well. They can write code in HTML, Javascript and PHP to ensure that your website will function smoothly.

They use CSS tools to make a website more convenient to use. Besides, they can set up your website on a server, select the right domain and protect your website with SSL.

Their team follows strict development guidelines to ensure that you will get your project on time. They work with small and large companies alike, regardless of the budget. Each project is implemented by their development team that includes, a graphics designer, an SEO expert, front and backend web developers, and a lead manager.

Extensive Library of Themes and Plugins

On their platform, you will find plenty of beautiful WordPress photography themes and business-related themes that will help you to improve the design of your website. For instance, you can select such themes as Bridge, Divi, Salient, Flatsome, Avada, etc.

The developers will customize each theme and add the best plugins for your needs. All the plugins are taken from the free WordPress Codex (such as Contact Form 7 & Woocommerce) library. You can also opt for more advanced plugins, such as Codecanyon and Gravity Forms.

Optimized Web Design

woww services mobile devices

One of the main advantages of WordPress is that you can easily adapt them for tablets and smartphones. This company uses professional web design software to create a responsive design and ensure that your website will be viewable from any device.

For instance, you can access any website from a personal computer, tablet or smartphone. It allows you to save money and minimize maintenance costs. The websites can be viewed from all the popular browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera.

Famous Clients

woww services clients

When selecting a reliable web design service, make sure to check a list of its clients as it will help you understand what results you can expect.

I was impressed by the fact that this company has already worked with Panasonic, Nelson Mandela Foundation, and the University of Johannesburg. It means that it is trusted both by corporations and institutions. All these companies used Woww services because they wanted to build a great website with convenient navigation. A good website is a prerequisite of your success since it allows people to learn more about your company and purchase your products.

Continued Maintenance and Support

Another advantage is that this company offers website maintenance services and has a responsive support team. They will quickly fix any issue with your website. Thanks to regular check-ins, it will always run without any problems. Besides, you will get regular Google analytics reports, which will help you analyze your traffic.

This company creates websites with a custom design and offers content packages. Their team can create content for a blog to make it more engaging. Owners of e-commerce platforms can contact this service if they need to update the information about their products.

Woww Services Prices

To use Woww services, you need to pay a base fee and the calculated total cost of the project. The final price depends on the complexity of the projects as they multiply the total time by an hourly rate.

For instance, it might take them up to 20 hours to create a standard website, which means that you will need to pay $1000 besides the fixed cost. They offer three standard subscription plans:

Budget - $210+. This plan is perfect for those who want to create a simple website or personal blog. This price also includes website maintenance and content management, which makes it perfect for clients with a limited budget.

Standard - $350+. This option is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. You will get a high-traffic website with a portfolio page and a well-thought-out interface, which makes it perfect for e-commerce website owners and startup creators.

Premium - $700+. If you need to create a corporate website with a unique design, this subscription plan is for you.

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