PhotoDirector vs GIMP

Choose the best editing tool among PhotoDirector vs GIMP. The information below will help you a lot with this task.

PhotoDirector is relatively new software, which manages to provide a lot of features while still being extremely easy to use for all skill levels.

GIMP is an open source and free visual editing tool for Internet. It is used by millions of users worldwide to edit digital images like photos, paintings, illustrations and text.

Final Verdict:

GIMP, a free, open source, raster image editing software is the best way to edit digital photos. It is a powerful tool to create professional, unique and personal images. The major advantage of GIMP over other similar software is that it allows easy processing and retouching of photos.

GIMP is the winner >

GIMP Features:

  • Painting capabilities
  • Animation support
  • Text editing
  • Conversion options
  • Free online tutorials

What is PhotoDirector?

photodirector interface

PhotoDirector allows to access a number of photo editing features that allow to fix common problems and make photo editing even easier. It enables your pictures to look like they were taken with an aperture priority mode. This means that pictures will look like they were taken with a professional camera instead of just another amateur photographer's images.

Another great feature of Cyberlink PhotoDirector is the fact that it allows to adjust focal length without having to move the camera any closer or farther from your subject. This makes portrait shots look much more interesting than they would without this simple addition.

The program also offers a brand new effect called ultra-blur. It adds extra blur to every picture to give it a completely new look. It works great when trying to cut a picture or remove background clutter. Some of other effects include depth of field and highlights. These two options really enhance photographs and can be used to draw the viewer's attention to certain parts of the photo.

What is GIMP?

gimp interface

GIMP is widely used for simple photo editing tasks like retouching and enhancing photos. But it can also be used for complex editing projects such as photo realistic rendering and animation. GIMP also allows you to combine different visual formats, which enables you to create a collage of pictures with unique images and effects.

Photo editing options of GIMP include: photo retouching such as background removal, elimination of red eye, removal of spot colors, or subtractive blend which can be used to make the final picture brighter or more vibrant. Some advanced features of GIMP are also available to enhance the quality of the photos, such as scaling, brightening, or contrast enhancement.

GIMP offers various advanced features that are useful in editing digital photographs. Apart from the image correction tools like adjusting contrast and colors, you can make a nice image with the help of GIMP by applying some simple tricks such as renaming layers, creating backgrounds, modifying light and color intensity or playing with different themes.


photodirector logo
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PhotoDirector & GIMP Features:

  • GIF files creation
  • 360-degree photo editing
  • Presets collection
  • Simple image manipulation
  • Photo organization options
  • Customizable functions
  • Photo enhancement tools
  • Color correction options
  • Graphic design elements
  • Different file formats

PhotoDirector and GIMP Price:

STARTING PRICE $19.99/month Free
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FixThePhoto Choice:

For a casual photographer PhotoDirector provides a great base for advance editing skills, and its simplicity means that even the most technically-challenged user can still produce quality work.

There are many advantages of using GIMP as compared to other image editing programs. For example, it has better image formatting capabilities as it supports many different file formats.