Luminar vs Photolemur: What Program to Install

By Eva Williams 17 days ago, Software Reviews

The choice between Luminar vs Photolemur is rather difficult since both programs from Skylum are great for manipulation with photos.

Luminar comes with a powerful photo processing toolkit, a simple interface, and a convenient layout. Thus, even beginners can easily master the software.

Photolemur is designed for aspiring photographers, so it's easy to use. The program automatically converts photos using AI technology, which makes it suitable for professional photographers as well.

What Is Luminar?

luminar logo

Luminar is user-friendly software designed for quick manipulation. In the updated version of Luminar 4, you can organize photos, view thumbnails, and automatically apply the same settings to batches of files. Such well-elaborated functionality makes this program a perfect choice for experienced users.

Luminar can work as a standalone program or a plug-in for Lightroom and Photoshop, expanding their capabilities. For example, it allows you to customize your workflow, use batch editing and work with layers.

  • luminar interface
  • luminar interface

    Luminar: Strengths and Weaknesses

    Customizable interface. Luminar has fully customizable panels and tools, so you can add, drag and drop tools to a specific panel to speed up the photo processing.

    Good photo organization. Luminar stands out in the Luminar vs Photolemur comparison due to the ability to effectively manage images. You can organize photos by day, month, and year. Thus, you can quickly find any image in each category.

    With a file browser and a database included in the library, you can examine templates and thumbnails without any hassle.

    Convenient thumbnail preview. The library comprises a database and a file browser. You can add folders to the library and the program will scan them and create thumbnails for streamlined preview.

    Windows and Mac compatibility. Luminar is one of the best photo editing software for PC and Mac users. You can get a license for 1 and 2 computers. Each package is priced separately.

    Effective batch editing. Luminar supports batch image fixing due to its precise and fast RAW Develop Engine. It allows you to work with RAW images, apply different presets and filters to multiple photos simultaneously, adjust their parameters, and even more.

    Flexible software. This program is supplied on the market as a standalone version or a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Apple Photos. Also, you can work with Luminar and Lightroom at the same time. Besides, you can use Luminar alone or with other Macphun programs. 

    Automatic enhancement. With this program, you can apply custom tweaks to a bundle of images. Once you improve one picture, you can apply the same settings to other photos.

    The program immediately adds these adjustments to all selected images. Thus, you can considerably save time while editing multiple shots.

    Easy portrait correction. The program is one of the top-rated AI photo editors. It opens up ample opportunities for improving portraits using artificial intelligence. There are more than 60 powerful, one-click tools to enhance your image in a quick way.

    It is possible to remove red-eye effect, eliminate blemishes and spots, etc. You can drag sliders to get the perfect look in your portraits.

    Unique settings. If you don’t know which program to choose, Luminar or Photolemur, this may be a decisive point. The former can reduce noise, restore, crop, filter, and modify photos. You can also adjust the necessary parameters to establish your unique style.

    The program incorporates layers, customizable brushes for selective editing, masks, and dozens of editable filters. It also contains the world's most intelligent image enhancer, Accent AI Filter.

    Automatic saving of changes. Luminar adds a "lens distortion" effect to RAW images once you import them for photo processing. It is impossible to disable this feature in the software settings. Nevertheless, you can do it manually every time you don’t need this feature.

    Slow process of thumbnails creation. The biggest downside of the software is that it can’t resize thumbnails other than the Small, Medium, Large, and Largest. The process of thumbnail creation is too slow. The preview takes about 10 seconds.

    Problems with speed and reliability. Users often complain about program’s crashes. Also, Luminar has slow performance, especially when working with layers.

    What Is Photolemur?

    photolemur logo

    Photolemur is powerful and easy-to-use photo editing software for beginners. It employs AI technology to automatically edit images. The program can analyze problem areas in photos and apply necessary corrections.

    Photolemur has good enhancement algorithms, so even beginners can master them. It supports multiple file formats, including RAW, JPEG, TIFF, or PNG. Photolemur adopts drag-and-drop functionality and has an AI system to analyze elements in a photo, and then adjust them during post-processing.

    • photolemur interface
    • photolemur interface

      Photolemur: Strengths and Weaknesses

      Convenient for beginners. The simplicity of Photolemur is one of its main advantages that gives this product a point in a Luminar vs Photolemur stand-off. It has a clean and intuitive interface, so you can enjoy almost instant results.

      You don't need any guidelines to learn how to use the software. Everything is clear from the moment you launch the program. Even if you an amateur, you can easily understand its features.

      AI support. Photolemur is one of the best automatic photo editors thanks to its powerful AI functionality. The program can recognize different types of images and objects in images, such as mountains, foliage, buildings, faces, and people.

      Numerous tools. Although the program seems relatively advanced, it has a straightforward toolkit layout. You can make the most out of the image scaling, segmentation, auto-enhancement, and tagging features. It is possible to change saturation, exposure, brightness, sharpness, reduce noise, and more.

      Batch processing. With this software, you can perform batch editing and work with RAW files (a raw photograph taken on a digital camera and saved in a particular format that is supported by the camera manufacturer).

      When you open Photolemur, you can select multiple images at once instead of just one shot. Just press SHIFT + left click and select "Open".

      Works as a plug-in. Photolemur can work as a plug-in for more advanced software like Adobe Photoshop. It also works with Lightroom.

      Advanced filters. Photolemur includes such filters as Foliage enhancement, Color recovery, Sky enhancement, Exposure compensation, and RAW processing. Moreover, you can change the color, saturation, and hue of your photos using different styles that emulate Instagram filters such as Evolve, Apollo, Mono, Fall, Noble, and Spirited.

      Flexible pricing policy. Unlike other high-performance programs that are mostly subscription-based, you can buy Photolemur for Windows or Mac OS with a single payment at an affordable price. If you avail of a Setapp subscription, you can get Photolemur without extra charges. 

      No full-screen mode. Once you import a photo, the interface expands based on the aspect ratio of the image. However, the program can't zoom in or switch to the full-screen mode.

      Poor tech support. While the developer provides tech support via email, you need to browse the “What Can We Help You With” section to find it. You will receive a response containing only the information already available on the site.

      In general, support is available, but it is too basic. It is easier to view the FAQ and tutorial pages on the website instead of emailing the support team.

      Luminar vs Photolemur: Price

      luminar vs photolemur battle price

      To get Luminar, you need to pay once and use it for an unlimited period, with the ability to receive free new features and various add-ons. The price of licenses for 1 PC and 2 PCs is different.

      Luminar developers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Also, you can use Luminar discounts and a free trial. Photolemur provides a one-time subscription for $35 for a single license and $55 for a family license. With the latter, you can use the software on up to 5 computers.

      Luminar vs Photolemur – Who Wins?

      Both programs have advanced AI tools, a batch editing feature and are suitable for beginners. However, Luminar has broader functionality and is more convenient to use.

      Luminar allows users to select quick AI tools and enhance pics without any hassle. It has a simple interface, well-elaborated automatic features, and cloud photo processing capabilities that Photolemur lacks. However, the stability of Luminar leaves much to be desired.

      Photolemur uses AI technology to automatically edit uploaded photos with one click. Photolemur, like Luminar, has simple and basic exporting options, but Photolemur can export more formats, while Luminar is limited to standard exporting formats.

      Bonus Tools

      bonus tools for luminar vs photolemur

      Luminar supports presets to tweak images and facilitate your workflow. With these presets, you can fix landscape photos, get vivid and crisp colors in wedding photos, and even smooth tones in a few clicks.

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