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 lightworks torrent

lightworks torrent

Trying to find a Lightworks torrent link without damaging your laptop’s system? Dreaming of working with Lightworks software for free? Check out these ways of installing Lightworks for free and, most importantly, legally.

Why Is Lightworks Pro Torrent So Popular?

Lightworks is rightfully called one of the best video editors. It is universal and fully customizable. Lightworks provides you with an ability to perform video post-production for YouTube and other websites efficiently and quickly.

The software is rather user-friendly and won’t occupy much storage space on your computer. To install Lightworks, you need 200MB, which is a small amount in comparison with other first-class programs like Premiere Pro or Vegas Pro.

Why Should You Stop Using Cracked Softwares?

Those who deal with software production and marketing are earning money from each purchase of the program. Thus, the produced software is under copyright law protection.

It means that, without the authorization, no one can copy, reproduce or resell the program. Downloading Lightworks crack, copyrighted software, makes you a real criminal.


You may falsely believe that nobody will find out, but actually, Internet Service Providers are keeping a close eye on users visiting and downloading programs from torrents. They may start with warning you by e-mail, then fining you or even temporarily or completely disconnecting you from the network. If all these measures didn’t help, then the case would be sent to court.

Lightworks Torrent Cons

Users are constantly wondering if Lightworks Pro torrent is really that dangerous and whether it can bring some more problems aside from legal ones. I highly recommend you to take a minute to check out these risks you are exposing yourself to, when you choose to download from torrents.

1. Viruses and Data Leaks

Viruses are frequently embedded in video editing software torrent. The majority of pirated programs are downloaded through Peer-to-Peer (P2P) platform that is created for sharing files with the users.

You don’t know the person who shared the cracked file, therefore, you can’t be sure that the content is absolutely safe. Once you install such software in the device, you may see all kinds of ads popping out of nowhere. The Internet speed may be slowed down or you may not be able to find some of your files.

2. No Updates

Before you download Lightworks free full version illegally, you should know that the updates aren’t included. When the program is upgraded with new features, you need to wait for a pirated version to be updated and reinstall it once again. Don’t try getting updates from the official website, otherwise, you will have to pay a fine.


3. No Customer Support

You may be glad once you get Lightworks Pro free. But I don’t think you will be happy when something goes wrong with the program and you will need help from specialists. Unfortunately, in this case, there is no one to rely on. People from customer support won’t be able to provide assistance as your software is obtained illegally.

4. Bugs

Lightworks Pro crack doesn’t guarantee the smooth operation of the program. It may freeze or crash suddenly, show errors, etc. Besides, due to the improper functioning of the application, you may not manage to achieve the same result as you expected.

How to Get Lightworks Pro License Key for Free?

If you don’t want to risk your own and the computer’s safety, there is a way how to use Lightworks for free without breaking the law. The developers offer users a free trial lasting for 7 days. When it is over, you will be able to decide whether this program meets your requirements or not.

Lightworks Free Trial

To get the free trial, visit the official website. Then, hover over the “Downloads” section. In the drop-down list, pick the suitable OS and click on it.

lightworks torrent download

After that, click on “Download” to initiate the downloading process.

lightworks torrent free trial

Lightworks free trial will last for 7 days since the installation without signing up. Unfortunately, the functionality in a trial version isn’t full. In case you are interested in trying Pro functions, like UHD and HD export, you can get a one-time Pro license at an affordable cost.

Lightworks Pro Torrent Alternatives

If you don’t feel like investing in Lightworks editor download, there is another way out – free alternatives. I have reviewed 3 interesting programs for you, which are absolutely reliable and totally worth checking out.

1. Blender

lightworks pro torrent alternative blender USE BLENDER FOR FREE
  • Extensive functionality
  • 3D animation
  • Numerous file formats support
  • Difficult to master

This 3D-animation software is a decent Lightworks torrent alternative. At first glance, it doesn’t seem very user-friendly and the variety of features may be quite overwhelming.

Thanks to an integrated video sequence editor, it is possible to do simple video splicing or cutting along with complicated manipulations, such as color correction and video masking.

2. Kdenlive

lightworks pro torrent alternative kdenlive USE KDENLIVE FOR FREE
  • Flexibility and ease of use
  • Compatible with various OS
  • Remarkable user support
  • No technical support

KdenLive is free video editing software with an open-source code. It offers everything you need for convenient video post-processing – clip list, editable layout, a multi-track timeline, an ability to edit from two monitors, video transitions and effects.

You can work with numerous file formats from different cameras and camcorders. The program is very popular among beginners.

3. Cinelerra

lightworks pro torrent alternative cinelerra USE CINELERRA FOR FREE
  • Real-time video post-production
  • Intuitive
  • Extensive functionality
  • Available for Linux only

Cinelerra is an open-source and non-linear program designed for video post-processing at a more proficient level. It helps users with video capture, compositing and video editing. You won’t be limited in terms of video resolution – you may work with clips either of standard or HD quality.

Lightworks Pro Free LUTs

These beautiful free LUTs will make your videos look like you are an experienced filmmaker.

Free Wedding LUT "Darken"

lightworks pro free wedding luts lightworks pro free wedding luts

This LUT slightly darkens the photo and adds the contrast, while still creating a realistic and natural result.

Free Color Grading LUT "Vibrant Light"

lightworks pro free color grading luts lightworks pro free color grading luts

This LUT is perfect for action scenes. It will make the colors more vibrant and rich.

Free Cinematic LUT "Matte"

lightworks pro free matte luts lightworks pro free matte luts

Add a beautiful magenta tone to your videos with this LUT. It will also make the photo atmosphere more relaxed and chill.

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