Filmora Torrent

Filmora Torrent

Do you visit unofficial sources to download Filmora torrent trying to save $59.99? Go on reading and find out about the legal ways to get Filmora Pro FREE via an official website without violating the copyright of its holder.

Why Is Filmora Torrent So Popular?

Filmora is one of the best desktop programs for fast and deep video editing. You may work with high resolution, including 4K, 60fps. The range of tools is almost equal to Adobe Premiere: deep color correction, 3D LUTs, a dozen audio tracks, well-designed mixers, etc.

However, because of a high price, many users try to use Filmora torrent download without understanding possible consequences.

Why Should You Stop Using Illegal Softwares?

Downloading and using pirated softwares is forbidden at the legislative level all across the USA. If you use illegal software for the first time, you will be warned with an e-mail letter. It will describe the possible consequences. If you download Filmora torrent for the second time, your Internet provider will have to cut you off from the network.


The last warning will not be so painless. The courier will deliver you a letter with an invitation to the court. In most cases, you will not be detained but you will have to pay a fine in the amount from $1000 to $250000.

Filmora Torrent Disadvantages

Using unofficial programs is the illegal copying of software. The professional program just cannot be free since it requires enormous monthly costs: salaries for employees, development and testing new functions, etc.

In general, the expenses are covered by the users who benefit from applying the working tool and help the developers not to let the software freeze.

It is Punishable

Depending on the size of the company, the court will assess the damage caused and may decide to fine you in the amount up to $250000, or deprive freedom for the period of up to 5 years. Now think what is better ‒ to buy or to pay a fine?


Unstable Performance / Failures

Illegal software like Wondershare Filmora torrent will definitely have the broken source code which means that afterward, you will not omit various failures.

No Updates

The pirated software is autonomous and does not have a reserved code, which makes it unsupported. You will never get updates like a legal user. Moreover, you will not be able to download them from the official website and update the program manually.



Torrent is just a platform, the third party between you and software. The developers directly claim that they are not responsible for this or that file. Therefore, more than 60 % of pirated files, like Filmora crack torrent, are infected with viruses. These may be simple advertising ones or more serious, like Trojan.

How to Get Filmora Pro for Free?

Filmora is slightly different from the majority of video editors. The developers decided to present the users with a free and paid version. The thing is that the free version is not a trial one.

It has some restrictions, for example, only 720p export. You may use one of the professional versions of a video editor all the time completely free of charge:

Variant #1 – Filmora Pro Free

Visit an official Filmora page and open the “Product” tab. Choose “Filmora Pro”. In the opened tab, scroll down the page, click on “Free Download” or use the direct link.


It should be mentioned that it is not necessary to create an account or authorize, the video editor may be downloaded and installed anonymously.

Variant #2 – Filmora 9 Free

Filmora 9 download free

Go to the official page and get the software by pressing on the button “Free Download”. Filmora 9 version will be available on the main page.


If you have visited the main page but haven’t found the button, repeat the steps from the previous variant again. Open the “Product” tab, choose the “Filmora” section, scroll down and click “Free Download”.

Versions for Mac OS are hidden somehow. You may find direct download links scrolling down the page to the bottom.

Filmora Free Alternatives

Perhaps, you will not be satisfied with a free Filmora version since it is slightly restricted in functionality. For this reason, I have prepared several alternatives equal in effectiveness.


vsdc logo USE VSDC FREE
  • 4K support
  • Simple learning curve
  • Deep color correction
  • Additional interface to record the screen
  • Failures appear
  • Only for Windows

VSDC is the best video editor for Windows and a decent Filmora full crack alternative. It is a non-linear program full of professional tools, for example, deep color correction, Chroma key support, layers, various filters and effects, color LUTs, etc. Using VSDC, you may create video projects from video clips combinations, audio files or motionless photos with Full HD resolution, 30 fps.

2. HitFilm Express

hitfilm express logo USE HITFILM FREE
  • Optimized
  • Decent timeline functionality
  • Fast performance
  • Absence of some special effects due to playback features
  • Slow export

This program, like Filmora, has two versions. The free one is slightly limited in functionality. Using the free version, you may perform almost all basic operations, for example, crop, merge videos, add music, create a transition, add titles, masks and various effects, as well as correct colors.

3. iMovie

iMovie logo USE iMovie FREE
  • Good collection of effects
  • High-resolution support
  • 4k 60 fps support
  • Only for Mac OS
  • Interface is not customizable

iMovie video editor is one of the best programs for beginners targeted at amateurs. It includes great tools for multimedia organization, color gradation, speed, green-screen effects, narration and sound of your digital movies. This Filmora torrent alternative supports 4K but not 360-degree video.

Free Filmora LUTs for Color Grading

Filmora is an advanced video editor and even the free version supports LUTs. Having applied them, you can enhance your travel video beyond recognition in several mouse clicks. It will become bright and vibrant.

1. Free Filmora LUTs “Retro Frame”

free filmora luts free filmora luts

Create a retro vibe in the frame using this free color LUT. It is suitable for any shooting style and helps make a video more atmospheric. Background colors will become slightly blurred while the tiniest details in the foreground will be clearly visible.

2. Free Filmora LUTs “Nature”

free filmora luts free filmora luts

This LUT was specifically designed to make the video warm and bright. It turns the colors into more saturated and vibrant ones. The LUT is primarily used for outdoor videos recorded in sunny days, for travel and landscape/beach videos.

3. Free Filmora LUTs “Blush”

free filmora luts free filmora luts

This LUT is a great helper if you want to add a slight red mist to the frame. The general color gamut will not change and the main focus will be on the sky. Almost transparent clouds will be clearly seen.

4. Free Filmora LUTs “Hipster Look”

free filmora luts free filmora luts

This LUT adds warm and neutral colors with beige tones, creates a saturated and stylish look. It perfectly underlines bright details on the calm background, making the frame look professional.

5. Free Filmora LUTs “Moment”

free filmora luts free filmora luts

Using this free LUT, you will improve the color gamut making the colors brighter. The video becomes warmer with the correct white balance. Apply it to portrait and album footage to minimize the level of noise.

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