Filmora Portable

Filmora Portable

Filmora Portable isn’t a certified product, Wondershare company never produced a portable version of this video editing program. Make sure you know what Filmora Portable is in reality and avoid great troubles in case you’ve been misinformed.

What Is Filmora Portable?

Like in most cases of programs that have the word “Portable” in the name, this software is actually an illegal copy made by pirates. In this way, people can use any licensed program without paying or even installing it.

Such software can be launched from a USB key or a similar storage item. Filmora Portable might sound like the perfect solution. But the errors and viruses that such programs are filled with will not feel like fun once you start fighting them.

Filmora Portable or License Version?

filmora portable vs license

Read through the list of common problems that you are almost guaranteed to face and discover the benefits of various licensed versions of this program or its free alternatives.

Filmora Portable Disadvantages:

  • It is against the law. Downloading and using pirated programs is an actual crime and you can be heavily fined for committing it.
  • It may contain viruses. Any cracked software, to which Filmora Wondershare Portable belongs too, may contain such harmful elements as viruses or spyware. The trick is that no one bears responsibility for any damage you might have suffered due to illegal use of the software. So when something goes wrong, you will have to fight your own battle.
  • No access to updates. As you are not buying the legal version, you do not gain access to the official supplier’s updates. Thus, you will be cut off from any new features and tools as well as fixes for any bugs that developers might have missed.
  • Incorrect operation of some functions. No matter how carefully you perform the Filmora setup, if you are working with a pirated copy, it will never show flawless performance. Due to the changes that hackers had to make to the software, various errors, lags and crashes appear, certain tools misbehave and each video takes a lot to process.

Filmora License Advantages:

  • Possibility of regular updates. When you pay for a personal license number, you are subscribed to all the free improvements that the developer provides, those including brand-new tools and features or elimination of bugs.
  • Software stability. Unlike those who made the Filmora Portable knock-off, the official developers care for their brand’s reputation. This is why, when you pay the money, you can rely on the purchased product to be secure, protected from hacker attacks, and perform all functions well.
  • User support. Any altered version of the official program cuts you off from the assistance of the tech support. Using the proper software, you can address the official representatives any time, quickly and effortlessly solve whatever issue you might have encountered.

What Filmora Version Should I Use?

In case you’ve decided to stay safe and avoid using illegal software, you will need to select the appropriate version of the official program to cover your needs. Now I will explain to you the difference between all the official versions and give you a proper Wondershare Filmora download full version link.

1. Filmora 9

  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: Free trial or $39.99/year
  • FixThePhoto Editors’ Rating

This basic version is capable of producing spectacular videos with the help of intelligent filters and effects. You can benefit from using professional 3D LUTs, customize the features and preview quality to your tastes, as well as use fast processing and proxy files to obtain the most stunning results with the least effort. Filmora 9 makes self-expression even more enjoyable, especially if you have interesting effects in your collection.

2. Filmora Pro

  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: Free trial or $89.99/year
  • FixThePhoto Editors’ Rating

As the name might suggest, this version has additional, higher-level features and tools that allow you to make the overall result look more professional. Among those options, you will find functions connected with audio, such as automatic synchronization, a compressor, reduction of noise, transitions. Several other things in Filmora Pro, like auto-correction, additional controls and customizable animations, will contribute to the quality level of your work, making it easier and faster to perform, giving you more freedom to pursue highly ambitious projects.

3. Filmora Scrn

  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: Free trial or $19.99/year
  • FixThePhoto Editors’ Rating

This version is designed to record screen in high quality and subsequently edit the results. So it has specific features for such tasks. The program is fairly easy to learn so mastering it is not time-consuming. This is stable yet powerful software that can provide uninterrupted recording without a hitch and then help you edit the result into a professionally-looking video.

Filmora Portable Alternatives

You can avoid any risks by starting an official download. It also allows you to create great videos but they will have the software’s watermark and a few features will be absent. Those who can’t accept such conditions or don’t want to use pirated software should try downloading an alternative program in free public access. Here is a list of them for you.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  • Ability to edit in real time
  • Upscale video and audio editing
  • Allows to do non-linear editing
  • Runs on powerful computers
  • Only 30-day use without payment

This company’s software has been leading for many years due to the great and constantly improved or added features. With its help, you can make a video from scratch, edit the footage, share or store files through the Creative Cloud. The latter can be used to interact with other installed Adobe software as well.


  • Supports 4k
  • Easy to master
  • Separate interface for recording screen
  • Deep color grading
  • Supports several audio tracks
  • Complicated in use
  • Lagging occurs

For all Windows users, the best substitution of Filmora Portable is this program. It is entirely free, performs non-linear video editing, has a large toolkit with professional instruments. You have access to such features as deep light correction, Chroma key, layers, filters and effects, color LUTs, etc.

This program can help you combine a few clips into a proper video, make one out of an audio track, or from a bundle of Full HD pictures shown at a 30 fps rate.

3. Blender

  • Large selection of tools
  • Open-source code
  • Built-in rendering engine
  • Requires no payments
  • Hard to learn
  • Tutorials mostly cover 3D animation

Another popular option is this open-source software which is largely aimed at such things as visualizations and animations. But it has serious tools for making improvements to the footage as well. You will be able to trim clips, splice them, include audio or labels and use popular filters. In case you need more professional features, some of them are included, for instance, masking.

Filmora Freebies

If you are only hoping to save money with Filmora Portable, it will be better to pay for the official software and save on these great color LUTs instead. They are available for free and will make video editing easier and more professional-looking for you.


film luts for filmora film luts for filmora

For a brighter, more vivid video that will capture the attention of the audience, this LUT would be the best option.

Color Grading

grading luts for filmora grading luts for filmora

If you’re often filming nature, the image will be more satisfying and deep with this LUT. It brings out the best green shades for your eyes to enjoy.


cinematic luts for filmora cinematic luts for filmora

Many videographers prefer warm colors and this LUT is perfect for obtaining them. It gives the footage the perfect balance of highlights and shades, bringing out the important details and enriching the image.

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