After Effects Portable

after effects portable

after effects portable

Since After Effects Portable is actively distributed on the net, many users perceive it as another product created by Adobe Co. But the truth is that Adobe developers have nothing to do with this software and they have never released any version of their legal program with the label “Portable”.

So what is Adobe After Effects Portable and how it appeared? Are there any risks of using it? What are pros and cons? Is this another way of how to get Adobe After Effects for free? To clear things out and decide whether this program is worth trying, I recommend you to read this thorough review. There is also a pleasant bonus waiting for you at the end of the post.

What Is After Effects Portable?

If you are a loyal Adobe user, you have probably got curious once you heard about Adobe After Effects Portable. It seems like the company has modifiedits program attaching the word “Portable” to its name, so why not test it out?

Don’t hurry up, as this software isn’t of Adobe origin, but a cracked version that may cause harm to you and your computer. Hackers broke its code and modified the way they wanted, so now you don’t need to install it, but use directly from a USB flash drive (that’s how the marker “Portable” appeared). It may sound tempting, but let’s learn all the nuances!


After Effects Portable or License Version?

after effects portable or after effects license

There is a whole range of serious risks that are often overlooked by users, who intentionally pick pirated software for their work. That’s why, I want to specify the risks you put yourself at every time you use an illegal program. Besides, I will try to explain why paying for an official version is a smart decision. Go on reading!

After Effects Portable - Disadvantages:

  • Viruses. Hacked programs, e.g. Adobe After Effects CC Portable, are distributed on disks of a poor quality. It often happens that an anti-virus program recognizes a software installation file written to disk as a virus. That’s why, people, who share such softwarealmost alwaysadvise to disable antiviruses, which in the end, can lead to irreparable consequences.
  • No Updates. Often hacked software is not an official release and may contain defects. Of course, it isn’t updated by a developer, so all the features and tools it comes with won’t become better or extended.
  • Malfunctions. When hacking a licensed product, hackers often change the module codes. Therefore, After Effects Portable does not work correctly, and you have to be very attentive all the time and monitor its functioning.
  • Lack of educational materials. When downloading Adobe After Effects Portable, you don’t receive any manual or educational materials that can help you with installation and mastering the software. You won’t get a step-by-step guide on how to customize the program to your needs, so you may feel not only confused by also frustrated. Besides, it will take you a lot of time to learn each available feature.

After Effects License - Advantages

  • Reputation. If you have a serious project to bring to life or cooperate with international organizations, using pirated software is unacceptable. Foreign partners will refuse to work with you if you don’t abide by the law or violate copyright, so you need to demonstrate certificates (licenses) for the software you use.
  • Regular Updates. It is really pleasant to know that your software will get even more efficient with the next upgrade. Most developers offer updates on a free basis at certain time intervals. There is hardly the software that is 100% perfect, as there is always room for improvement. Buying a licensed product you can be surethat malfunctions and errors will be fixed by professionals and you will enjoy smooth functioning.
  • Support. If something happens to the official program, Adobe specialists are there to help you out. If you use Adobe After Effects Portable, you are one on one with the problem.

What Version Should I Use?

If I have convinced you to stick to official Adobe products, but you don’t know how to download them – read the following info.

On the Adobe website, you may find several plans, namely Single App (comprises Adobe After Effects + a couple of additional applications) and All Apps (features all Adobe products). Once you decide on the plan, you need to think about the size of the cloud storage. The starting amount is 100GB, but you can increase it.

1. Single App Plan

Adobe After Effects

  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: $20.99/month
  • FixThePhoto Editors’ Rating

Using this plan, you will get After Effects + 100GB of cloud storage, Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts, and Adobe Spark. I advise you to purchase this plan if you do not need many programs and you need this particular one. It seems to me that the price is quite normal for legal software and you won’t worry about using piracy software.

2. All Apps Plan

Creative Cloud + Adobe After Effects

  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: $52.99/month
  • FixThePhoto Editors’ Rating

Trying this plan, you will get After Effects and etc. + 100GB Cloud Storage, the entire collection of 20+ creative desktop and mobile apps including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe XD. If you use many programs from Adobe, you are welcome to use this package. By the way, you will receive all updates of all programs.

After Effects Portable Alternatives

If you can’t afford to buy the official version or use After Effects torrent is no longer an option, look through this list of alternative programs. These are really reliable software to edit footage.

1. Blender

after effects portable blender free alternative USE BLENDER
  • You can create cool animation effects
  • Support for all types of visual effects - modeling, sculpt, VFX and drawing
  • True-to-life rendering
  • Differs a lot from After Effects, so you need to spend some time to get used to it

Blender proves that a free program doesn’t mean a bad program. It is open-source software that you can download without spending a cent to create animations, visual effects, interactive 3D applications and even video games. This program stands out with the possibility to simulate smoke and fluid, edit footage, unwrap UV and more.

This video editor is really small (a few tens of megabytes) if compared with other alternative options. The biggest advantage of Blender is the cross-platform structure. It works efficiently on Windows and Mac OS and can pleasantly surprise you with decent operation even on weak PCs, netbooks included.

2. Natron

after effects portable natron free alternative USE NATRON
  • A cross-platform program to create visual effects
  • 250+ plug-ins
  • GPU rendering for acceleration
  • You can make 2D/2.5D effects, but the possibility to create 3D effects is absent

If you want to be in full control over the way the program functions and be able to adjust the UI to suit your needs, Natron is your match. Unlike After Effects Portable and even the official version, this software offers better OpenFX architecture management. Natron is an open-source, cross-platform video editor that you can use on Linux, Windows and Mac devices.

All in all, Natron makes a good impression. A rich functionality, a well thought-over module UI with dark grey design, 4K video support makes this program very appealing.

3. Wax

after effects portable wax free alternative USE WAX
  • It is possible to extend the plugin collection with Transition and Plugin SDK feature
  • Lots of built-in presets
  • You can create 2D/3D video effects
  • Can function as a plug-in for Premiere
  • AVI and WAV export format only

This is a free alternative to After Effects for Windows users. Wax offers features for compositing and creating special effects. It may be used as an independent video editor or as a plug-in for other software, e.g. Sony Vegas. There is a Plug-in Adapter, so you can use Movie Maker presets and other similar filters. The weakness of this app is a bit old-fashioned look. This is really a serious disadvantage for some users.


Using diverse freebies while editing footage in After Effects is an easy way to achieve quality results without much effort. I have prepared some filters for you below.

1. Cinematic Flavin

free luts for after effectsfree luts for after effects

Using this LUT, you will get a beautiful picture with afilm effect. This option also adds a bit of saturation to the video.

2. Film Blue Night

free luts for after effectsfree luts for after effects

This filter regulates white balance and controls temperature.

3. High Tide

free luts for after effectsfree luts for after effects

This is a very handy tool if you need to add expressiveness to the footage.

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