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Adobe Premiere Pro Portable has recently become an active program for editing videos. Many users still think that Adobe Company has developed this software. However, Adobe has never released programs called Portable. I have prepared an explanation of what Adobe Premier Portable is, what drawbacks it has and why it’s better to use a licensed version of Premiere Pro.

Software marked as Portable are free pirate programs which have been hacked. In such a way, people get the opportunity to use Adobe licensed programs without installing it. The software may be launched via a USB or other disks. In fact, software like Premiere Pro Portable is full of errors and viruses.

Adobe Premiere Pro Features:

adobe premiere pro interface
Customizable UI
The startup view provides you with the quickest way to create a new project, continue working on a previous one or search Adobe Stock. The dark interface design helps to fully concentrate on the clips and quickly find the necessary function (Audio, Color Effects, Assembly, Titles and Editing).
It is possible to customize the default UI layout or create your own workspaces from scratch. If needed, you can relocate the panels on the display(s) in the most convenient way.
360 VR Video
The 360 VR video editing feature with the possibility to change the field of view and angle is truly remarkable. The program allows watching the content in the anaglyphic form, which somehow resembles the way you view it in 3D using red&blue glasses. You can also view your video track on a head-mounted display.
One of the most helpful upgrades of Premiere Pro is the collaboration feature. You can manage and organize assets online in the Create Cloud Libraries, and use the beta Team Projects feature to work in After Effects together with your team members in real time.
You can easily sync settings to Creative Cloud and later edit videos from anywhere and at any time.
Trimming Clips in Your Project
The types of edits available in Premiere Pro have waterpark-themed names, and that is probably a unique feature of this video editor. So, you can Roll, Ripple, Slip and Slide, as well as use a Regular Trim mod.
All the edits are located on the timeline in the left part of the window. You can easily figure out which kind of edit is switched on thanks to a peculiar color and cursor shape.

System Requirements

Operation System Windows: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) version 1703 or later
Apple: macOS v10.12 or later (v10.13 or later required for hardware-acceleration)
Processor Intel® Intel 6thGen or newer CPU – or AMD equivalent
Storage Fast internal SSD for app installation and cache
Additional high-speed drive(s) for media
RAM 16 GB of RAM for HD media
32 GB for 4K media or higher
Graphics processor 4 GB of GPU VRAM
Monitor resolution 1920 x 1080 or greater

Windows Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022

Filename: adobe_premiere_pro_cc_2022_for_windows.exe (download)
Filesize: 47.2 MB

Mac Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022

Filename: adobe_premiere_pro_cc_2022_for_mac.dmg (download)
Filesize: 57.3 MB

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022 Tools Part 1

Filename: adobe_premiere_pro_cc_2022_tools_part1 (download)
Filesize: 102 MB

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022 Tools Part 2

Filename: adobe_premiere_pro_cc_2022_tools_part2 (download)
Filesize: 66.3 MB

Free Video Editor

Filename: (download)
Filesize: 1 MB

What Is Adobe Premiere Pro Portable?

Software marked as Portable are free pirate programs which have been hacked. In such a way, people get the opportunity to use Adobe licensed programs without installing it. The software may be launched via a USB or other disks. In fact, software like Premiere Pro Portable is full of errors and viruses.


Adobe Premiere Pro Portable or License?

adobe premiere pro portable or adobe premiere pro license

Using Adobe Premier Portable, you may face many issues complicating your activities. So, if you plan to use this program illegally, be ready to take all the consequences. I have prepared the info about the disadvantages this software brings and will also explain why the ideal variant is a licensed version.

Premiere Pro Portable Disadvantages:

  • Viruses. Pirated programs like Adobe Premier Portable have viruses and other malware. An antivirus program frequently marks an installation file of a video editing program burnt on a disk as a virus. In the process of video editing, it turns out that a virus has been installed on your computer together with the software. As a result, bugs and errors will appear and it will take much time to upload the video itself. Besides, it may lead to more serious consequences.
  • No updates. Adobe Company updates Premiere Pro quite often, adding the newest functions, such as video editing with 8k resolution or in the form of virtual reality. However, hacked programs are not official products and full of errors. Due to the lack of updates, you will not be able to edit video files properly as well as get important information for the security system.
  • Performance failures. Hacked software often contains bugs which may cause serious problems. All tools will not operate to the full extent. Premiere Portable will not interact with other programs like After Effects and Adobe Audition. Besides, the software will not work correctly, the video will be processed very slowly, therefore, bringing inconveniences and taking much time.
  • Violation of the law. Many of you don’t even know that people are punished for downloading pirated software. Installing programs in such a way, you become one of those criminals who buy up licenses with a stolen bank card and you may be filed with charges.

Premiere Pro License Advantages

  • Your own reputation. Official developers are interested in creating a program that will suit every user. That is why when you buy a licensed version, the company guarantees the maximum protection of the used software from hacker attacks and follows all the laws and copyrights.
  • Constant updates. Licensed software provides free updates during a specific period. It will help you be informed of the basic novelties and new capabilities of the app.
  • Support team. When you use Adobe Premiere Pro Portable, you will not get any help in case you face problems with video editing. But if you have issues working with a licensed version ‒ Adobe Support Team will instantly help solve them.

What Version Should I Use?

If you want to download the program in the right way, you are probably wondering where and how to do that. For you to get Adobe Premiere Pro officially and legally, I have prepared the helpful method.

Single App

Adobe Premiere Pro 2022

  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: $20.99/month
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

If you subscribe to this plan, you will get Premiere Pro + 100 GB of cloud storage. In general, it is one application that provides access only to Adobe software. If you do not need other programs but Premiere Pro only, I recommend using this plan.

Adobe Premiere Pro + Creative Cloud

Lightroom Classic CC 9.0

  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: $52.99/month
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

With this plan, apart from Premiere Pro, you will get 20 desktop and mobile apps, 100 GB of cloud storage, a website portfolio and premium fonts. The plan offers 100 GB of cloud storage but you may enlarge it through additional settings. If you subscribe to this plan, you will get updates to all programs.

Premiere Pro Portable Alternatives

If you need a good program to edit your videos but you can’t afford to buy a licensed one, I recommend using free alternatives to Premiere Pro.

1. ShotCut

adobe premiere pro portable alternative ShotCut USE FREE SHOTCUT
  • Open-source app
  • Good filters
  • Module user interface simplifies the working process
  • Official documents are not enough

Shotcut is a free video editor. It supports many video, audio and graphic formats thanks to FFmpeg. Using an open-source code in the program, you may correct mistakes and improve the functionality. This program also supports several types of audio and video filters, and you may adjust many settings. It is a decent video editor featuring diverse functionality even for creating a small movie. In general, it is a decent alternative to Portable Adobe Premiere.

2. DaVinci Resolve 16

adobe premiere pro portable alternative DaVinci Resolve 16 USE FREE DAVINCI RESOLVE
  • Bright classification colors
  • Simple and powerful interface 
  • Video and audio synchronization is available
  • Requires a powerful computer

DaVinci Resolve 16 is a simpler version of the paid DaVinci Resolve video editor. This program is created to correct colors and perform non-linear video editing for Mac OS, Windows and Linux. DaVinci Resolve does not include many video filters but OpenFX solves this problem. You have the possibility to download and install additional video filters. NewBlueFX or Red Giant filters are suitable for this program.

3. Splice

adobe premiere pro portable alternative Splice USE FREE SPLICE
  • Possibility to upload videos directly to YouTube, Facebook or Instagram
  • Extremely easy to use 
  • Huge audio library
  • Some music is protected by the copyright

Splice is a great free video editor for Mac OS and Windows. This app allows you to quickly create a movie from the files you have. The program has a big music library which may be used in your video. You may also download music directly from iTunes. Using this application, it is possible to crop the video, add filters and signs. The most important feature of this software is that you may instantly share the video on social networks.


To get more professional results in Premiere Pro, try free LUTs. I have listed some of them below to help you get qualitative videos and save much time.

Cinematic Flavin

freebies for adobe premiere pro portable freebies for adobe premiere pro portable

Apply this LUT to get a beautiful picture with a cool film effect. You will also improve saturation and contrast.

Film Blue Night

freebies for adobe premiere pro portable freebies for adobe premiere pro portable

This LUT automatically improves white balance and temperature control in the frame. As a result, you will get a great video with a dramatic effect.

High Tide

freebies for adobe premiere pro portable freebies for adobe premiere pro portable

This LUT will add beauty and saturation to your video. In such a way, it will become more distinct and eye-catching.

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