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Were you looking for DaVinci Resolve torrent? Don’t be so quick to download it expecting that your budget will say “thank you Are you sure that torrent files are safe for your PC and you will not get into trouble using them? Read on and you will know about all the challenges DaVinci Resolve torrent has hidden.

Why People Use Torrents?

Frankly speaking, it’s easy to guess why people look for DaVinci Resolve torrent versions ‒ they are completely free.

The official version of DaVinci Resolve is created by Blackmagic Design.


The greatest benefit of this video editor is that it supports multi-user cooperation. In other words, several professionals may simultaneously work on the same project. For example, editors, assistants, colorists, VFX artists, and sound designers may launch the software and edit one video simultaneously. Moreover, the upgraded program is very convenient and its cut page allows you to easily control the deadlines.

Why Should You Stop Using Illegal Software?

Purchasing an original licensed program, you are completely sure that it is a qualitative product containing no viruses. Moreover, such software will be regularly updated and supported. Downloading DaVinci Resolve Studio free torrent, you can’t be sure that it is safe and won’t damage your computer.

In America, the government is very strict when it comes to piracy issues. It has developed a specific algorithm for dealing with such illegal users.

If you have dared to download DaVinci Resolve torrent, your Internet provider will send you an email asking to stop using illegal software and delete DaVinci torrent. If you ignore this requirement, your Internet access will be disabled.

DaVinciResolve Torrent Disadvantages

An official version is well-designed software developed by professionals. When software is already released, the team continues working on updates and improvements that also require additional financing. That is why the program is not free.

Mind that you may face the following problems if you use DaVinci Resolve torrent.

1. Viruses

Installing DaVinci Resolve crack, you probably know that it may infect your OS with viruses and damage your computer. Moreover, there are many cases known when users downloaded DaVinci Resolve torrent and all the processes on their computers failed to work.

In addition, no one is eager to get spam on a PC. When DaVinci Resolve crack is already installed on your computer, each time you launch the program, it will ask you to insert an activation key.

2. No Updates

DaVinci Resolve is regularly updated since the developers continue working on its improvement even after release. New effects, options and tools are added to make your video editing experience even more convenient. Of course, DaVinci Resolve Studio free torrent won’t give you the latest updates.


3. No Customer’s Support

If you are a new user of DaVinci Resolve, you probably have many questions about the software. For today, there are many free lessons that may greatly help you out but sometimes you can’t do without professional advice. Mind that in case you choose DaVinci Resolve torrent, you will not get any technical support.

4. Bugs

The moment when you launch a hacked DaVinci Resolve torrent, you will understand that it was a mistake to do it. Constant failures and lags will occur and you will have to reinstall the program again and again. No doubt that when you delete a pirated program, the situation will improve but are you sure that your PC wasn’t infected with viruses? They may remain on your computer even after you delete the software.

How to Get DaVinci Resolve without Paying?

If you aren’t sure whether you need DaVinci Resolve or you lack money to buy it right now, go to the official website and test a free trial version. You can try all the options and tools and see if this software is worth paying for.


DaVinci Resolve Torrent Free Alternatives

I hope you’ve understood that downloading DaVinci Resolve torrent isn’t a good idea and I recommend considering the following DaVinci alternatives. Check out the list of the video editors offering similar options for free.

1. Kdenlive

  • Compatible with Mac and Linux
  • Basic toolset
  • The possibility to adjust parameters of functions
  • Interface isn’t intuitive
  • Suitable only for multi-camera shoot
  • No in-built text feature

This is a multi-track video editor ideal for work with multiple cameras. However, if you have to combine several videos together with transitions, it is not the best program for the task, as it is a little complicated. For such purposes, I recommend using original DaVinci Resolve.

Due to its complexity, users didn’t like this video editor but the latest version tuned out to be very convenient and simple. Personally, I admire its logical structure of functions, stability and professional toolset. Moreover, the developers constantly update the program.

2. OpenShot

  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Cross-platform
  • User-friendly interface
  • Many motion and time effects
  • Editing long videos (5 min+) causes bugs
  • Standard feature set
  • Absence of regular updates

OpenShot is a perfect variant for newbies, allowing users to improve short clips and audio tracks. However, if you have to edit longer videos or add some extra effects, it is recommended to use DaVinci Resolve.

OpenShot is a decent open-source program that works smoothly on Windows, Mac and Linux. Using this program, you may work with 3D animated titles, perform audio mixing/editing, set frame accuracy, clip resizing, desktop integration, etc.

3. Avidemux

  • Works smoothly on Linux and Mac
  • Task automation
  • Covers the whole video editing process
  • Offers video conversion
  • Supports several video formats
  • Only basic set of features
  • Lacks program support
  • Troublesome timeline

Avidemux is a decent alternative to DaVinci Resolve torrent enabling you to perform basic video editing.

If you install this program, you will be able to cut, encode and filter your video clips. These are the basic features offered by Avidemux. Cutting implies such operations as copying, pasting, saving or deletion of videos. These features are very helpful when you want to remove commercials from the recently recorded TV show or want to edit a small piece of a clip.

Speaking about encoding, it allows you to convert a video file from one format to another.

Filtering involves such actions as adding subtitles and color profiles, deinterlacing, resizing and sharpening the picture of a video, and increasing or decreasing the overall volume of audio.


If you decide to get DaVinci Resolve from an official site you won’t regret it since the licensed program offers numerous benefits. Among them is the possibility to use freebies that will greatly improve the working process and save your time.


freebies for davinci resolve brightness freebies for davinci resolve brightness

Having applied this LUT, your video clip will shine with interesting color transitions and new hues.

Landscape Magic

freebies for davinci resolve landscape magic freebies for davinci resolve landscape magic

If you are interested in landscape videos, this LUT is exactly what you need. It will highlight nature colors and shapes showing the beauty of the world.


freebies for davinci resolve wedding freebies for davinci resolve wedding

This tool is a must-have for wedding videographers. It is perfect to highlight sincere feelings and emotions in the frame.

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