G.F. Software Music and Audio Apps Review 2024: Pros and Cons

G.F. Software

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  • Platforms: Windows
  • Pricing: Starting at $5/per app

Verdict: If you often record and edit music, you can make good use of GFSoftware music and audio applications. These apps are easy to master and if any question arises, you can check out detailed tutorials. I like that the GFSoftware pack offers a great number of high-quality tools that will surely satisfy creative specialists.

  • Separate suits for different needs
  • User-friendly instruments
  • Multi-format support
  • Video tutorials
  • Old-fashioned UI
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G.F. Software is an organization that develops separate apps for different purposes, like music production, adding creative effects, editing footage, etc. The company was founded by Gabriel Fernández, a computer programmer and music lover.

The GFSoftware suite includes two types of applications ‒ for audio, like Easy Audio Mixer, Just Sing, To M4A Converter, and for music ‒ Little Piano, Guitar and Bass, KB Piano, JamApp.

G.F. Software: Main Features

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The main benefit of the GFSoftware applications is their simplicity. Various apps are designed for deep work with sound. Plus, they are suitable for all expert levels. Here, you can find simple tools to record melodies, songs, or podcast sounds. Some instruments are so intuitive that even children can use them.

At the same time, there are applications with advanced editing options for changing audio tracks. Such apps may interest professional sound producers, musicians, and other creatives working in the sphere. The GFSoftware platform offers all the functions that are usually available in separate DAW software.

Universal Easy Audio Mixer App for Various Purposes

gfsoftware music and audio applications easy audio mixer

If you are currently looking for full-fledged audio mixer software for streaming, presentation creation, podcasting or recording your own voice, Easy Audio Mixer by GFSoftware is exactly what you need. Even if you use audio editing software for the first time, you will easily master this multi-track editor. It is developed specifically for non-professional users without prior audio editing skills.

The UI resembles the one available in professional studio software but it was simplified for average people. With this app, you can record sound from any input device. It is compatible with popular audio formats, like WAV, MP3 MP4, OGG, FLAC, etc. Here, you can export audio to video files. The software has basic editing tools and creative effects that are applied with several mouse clicks.

Ability to Record Songs with the Just Sing Application

gfsoftware music and audio applications just sing

Just Sing is one of the best GFSoftware music and audio applications that can serve as a digital voice recorder. It allows recording songs and creating audio projects. It’s extremely easy to use, so you just have to connect the best microphone and launch the recording process. You can also sync it with the Little Piano app and get a full-featured studio for creating professional songs.

Users can improve recordings with studio equalization and effects. The application is very convenient since you can take several doubles and correct mistakes in any place on the audio track.

Fast Multifunctional to M4A Converter App

gfsoftware music and audio applications to m4a converter

This GFSoftware app is suitable for users who deal with multiple files and convert several folders at the same time. It is an M4A editor for the fast conversion of audio files to the MP4 LC format.

The app offers an A/B comparing of the original and encoded audio files. It allows you to choose the most suitable compression settings for your needs. The application has a batch processing feature and an intuitive user interface.

Multi-Level Piano Apps for Making Music in No Time

gfsoftware music and audio applications little piano

GFSoftware also includes fully functional piano software available in two versions ‒ Little Piano and KB Piano. They are developed for different users.

For instance, Little Piano is more suitable for beginners. It has more than 125 options simulating real keys and other musical instruments. The program has drums patterns of common music styles and 10 channels for recording. You can save results in such popular formats as MIDI and Windows Media Audio.

KB Piano, in turn, is created for professional users. It has more than 128 various sounds. The application provides a Qchords tool that you can use to play chords by pressing only one key. Users can utilize up to 99 channels for recording, and save files in MIDI, WMA, and WAV.

Guitar and Bass for Aspiring Musicians

gfsoftware music and audio applications guitar and bass

Guitar and Bass application can please professional musicians and guitar lovers. Using this tool, you can browse chords, scales, keys, and more. It will work well as reference software for instruments like guitar, bass, banjo, and mandolin. Besides, developers regularly add new instruments to the app.

It is a decent music producing app for working with scale, chords, intervals references, etc. It has a tablature viewer and editor. What’s more, the app provides a great number of exercises to dive deeper into the art of playing the guitar and other instruments. You can also connect your electronic guitar and use the application to create melodies.

Easy-to-Use JamApp Audio Player

gfsoftware music and audio applications jamapp

Apart from audio and music production solutions, the company has developed hi-res audio player software. Such tools can repeat the required part of the song and produce a loop to practice several times.

Using JamApp, you can control the tempo and speed of playing as you like. Besides, it offers pitch control, stereo balance control, a 5-band equalizer, etc. With the app, users can move to various parts of a track by pressing the numeric keys, and practice a specific part of a song.

G.F. Software Prices

All GFSoftware music and audio applications are available as separate products with a specific price. For example, Guitar and Bass application costs $5, while Easy Audio Mixer ‒ $19.50. Little Piano and Just Sing costs $9.50 each. You can purchase the software you like by using a credit card, PayPal, UK Maestro Debit Card, Amazon Checkout, Paysafecard, and even BitPay (Bitcoins).