30 Best Entertainment Blogs You Should Read In 2024

If you like to read compromising information and follow the lifestyle of your favorite actors, musicians and athletes, then you should definitely check out the best entertainment blogs. Subscribe to your favorite entertainment news websites to be the first to know about all the news from the world of Hollywood, TV, and other industries.

Top 30 Best Entertainment Blogs

Currently, there are lots of news blogs but not all of them share the most relevant and interesting news. We have compiled a list of the best entertainment blogs that you can visit to keep up to date with the latest news, scandals, funny stories and achievements in the film, music and TV fields.

1. TMZ

The latest news
  • Mobile app available
  • Lots of photos and videos
  • Range of TOP articles
  • You can order ads from the website
  • Distracting advertising

Verdict: Reading this entertainment blog, you will learn about the life of celebrities, as well as find articles on health, beauty, fashion, and travel. All articles are complemented with video and photos, which is great for people who are bored with text only. The nice thing is that you can also read the TMZ blog directly from your mobile device by downloading the mobile app for Android or iOS.

tmz entertainment blog

2. People

Convenient sections by topic
  • No annoying ads
  • Great font and website design
  • YouTube channel
  • Gifts for audience
  • Paid subscriptions

Verdict: If you don’t mind reading gossip and want to learn the latest news about your favorite actors, musicians, athletes and other people related to show business, then you should definitely check out this blog. Here you will find tons of information about new shows, films and popular books, scandals, confessions, and more. In addition to informative texts, you will surely like the design of the site and fonts used for articles. However, I believe the biggest advantage is the absence of ads.

people entertainment blog

3. Page Six

Variety of articles
  • Access to news via a mobile app
  • Convenient article division
  • Eye-pleasing design
  • Info presented in simple words
  • Few sections with articles

Verdict: Page Six is an established entertainment news blog that has stood the test of time. The articles are devoted to entertainment and events related to show business (films, videos, and music). You are sure to like a convenient division system, so you can easily move to the section with podcasts (with videos) or watch news complemented with photos. You can use an app for iPhone or Android, thus, staying in the loop of the latest news, even being on the go.

page six entertainment blog

4. Hollywood Life

Informative articles
  • Lots of entertainment content
  • Catchy website design
  • Cover modern topics
  • YouTube channel
  • Content for 18+ audience

Verdict: This is another high-quality source of entertainment news aimed at a modern audience over 18 years old. You'll find a dedicated entertainment section that covers a range of interesting topics including show awards, movies, TV, music, sports, sex and relationships, vacations, podcasts, and Oscar contenders. The posts include the most popular viral videos and memes collected from around the web with links to comments from the authors.

hollywood life entertainment blog

5. The A.V. Club

Archive of news starting from 2002
  • Over 24K articles
  • Nice, well-thought-out design
  • Thematic sections with articles
  • Vexing ads
the a v club logo
The A.V. Club

Verdict: AV Club is one of the most popular news and entertainment sites. It is a part of the G/O Media family of sites including The Onion, Gizmodo, Kotaku and more. The best thing about this blog is that it has been around for 20 years, and still keeps the news from 2002, which you can access from a special map and remember those times. There is a large team of experienced writers working on different topics and publishing 100+ articles per month about everything from blog posts for web & graphic designers to new apps reviews.

the a v club entertainment blog

6. Entertainment Tonight

Modern website design
  • A plethora of video content
  • YouTube channel
  • Info is delivered in plain language
  • Inconvenient design when viewed on mobile devices
entertainment tonight logo
Entertainment Tonight

Verdict: This blog is dedicated to geek culture, including info on movies and TV shows, actors and musicians, and the rest of show business. There is a section with opinion articles that reviews book and movie sequel announcements, fashion, collectibles, and more. If you like video content, you can visit the YouTube channel with a lot of interesting and entertaining information.

entertainment tonight blog

7. E! News

Articles in 20+ languages
  • Relevant news
  • Short informative articles
  • Live streams with celebrities
  • Few photo and video materials than analog blogs offer
e news logo
E! News

Verdict: E! News will keep you informed about all Hollywood news including celebrity gossip, interviews and secrets. In addition to simple, short and informative texts, you will find online editions and live streams with your favorite celebrities that will give you a glimpse into their lives. This entertainment news blog covers lots of topics and every article is translated into 20 languages.

e news entertainment blog

8. Vlogtribe

Youtuber & vlogger hub
  • Camera tips & reviews
  • Vlogging ideas & trends
  • Top video maker tips
  • Annoying ads
  • Outdated website design
vlogtribe logo

Verdict: Vlogtribe shines as one of the finest entertainment blogs, catering to the thriving community of vloggers and video enthusiasts. It offers an invaluable resource for those seeking success in the realm of video creation.

This dynamic platform covers a spectrum of topics, from unbiased reviews of vlogging equipment to insightful analysis of YouTube trends. Vlogtribe doesn't just scratch the surface; it delves deep into providing detailed tips and ideas for aspiring vloggers. The blog's commitment to helping individuals embark on their video-making journey is evident through its expert recommendations and a well-structured approach to gear reviews.

vlogtribe entertainment blog

9. Digital Spy

Informative guides
  • Nice interface
  • Modern design
  • Fresh news every day
  • Issues when unsubscribing
digital spy logo
Digital Spy

Verdict: This is an informative blog with a special focus on the news and entertainment that can interest people living in the UK. Here you will find daily articles about the most popular shows, actors, as well as articles about famous corporate and political players. Those searching for technology blogs, will definitely like a new section about technologies and games. There you can find news on games, guides, tutorials, etc.

digital spy entertainment blog

10. Toofab

The latest news
  • Lots of video reports
  • Define the TOP articles every day
  • Run a YouTube channel
  • Clutter website interface
toofab logo

Verdict: This is one of the best entertainment blogs if you want to get timely info about the lives of celebrities, popular TV shows, everything in the world of film and music, as well as fashion shows. You will find not only text articles, but also video reports and interviews about the most influential people in Hollywood and beyond. There is also a short TOP of the articles for today, so you can keep abreast of the most relevant news.

toofab entertainment blog

11. theGrio

Interesting political section
  • Convenient division by topics
  • Great design
  • Informative articles
  • Articles lack photos
thegrio logo

Verdict: Here you can find tons of articles and videos about the latest news in the film, music, television, and fashion industries. You can watch podcasts related to a business blog and read informative articles about lifestyle. I also like the "opinion" section, where celebrities dwell on different news, trends, and movements. If you are interested in politics, you can go to the appropriate section and read the latest and most unbiased news.

thegrio entertainment blog

12. Perez Hilton

“Star Seeker” feature
  • Jaw-dropping news
  • Sleek design
  • Unique website
  • Few topics
perez hilton logo
Perez Hilton

Verdict: If you want to know the most staggering news about celebrities and modern lifestyle, crime, and fashion, then this entertainment news website is for you. The authors like to intrigue and evoke different emotions in readers by sharing the most interesting info. I also like that there is a separate section with “Viral News”.

The highlight of this blog is the “Star Seeker” feature. This is a so-called search by stars, where you can quickly find insidious news and compromising evidence on any actor or person from show business.

perez hilton entertainment blog

13. Variety

TOP of articles
  • Updated YouTube channel
  • The most reliable source of info
  • Great interface
  • Advertising
variety logo

Verdict: Variety is the world's most trusted entertainment & business news source. You'll find entertainment news, movie reviews, info on awards, film festivals, box office hits, tops, comparisons, and entertainment industry conferences. Moreover, if you live in Asia or the USA and prefer to read content related to your country, you can choose the appropriate section.

variety entertainment blog

14. Access

Great article division
  • YouTube channel
  • Many unique articles
  • Stylish web design
  • Lots of annoying ads
access logo

Verdict: Reading news on Access, you will always know about trends in TV, movies, music and modern fashion. All articles are unique and with a focus on celebrity lifestyles. If you favor online content, you can go to their YouTube channel and learn about all the world news. The only thing that may spoil your experience is pop-up ads from customers.

access entertainment blog

15. Reality Tea

Have their own merch
  • Dark and light themes
  • The most relevant news
  • Lots of photo and video content
  • Too colorless website interface
reality tea logo
Reality Tea

Verdict: RealityTea provides up-to-date news to die-hard fans of reality shows and movies. You'll find loads of gossip, episode reviews with a touch of humor. Every article comes with supporting photos, videos and live broadcasts. There is a merch for true fans, where you can buy basic clothes, such as T-shirts, caps, and socks.

reality tea entertainment blog

16. In Touch Weekly

An archive of irrelevant news
  • Website pays for rumors
  • Straightforward interface
  • Easy-to-understand articles
  • Limited number of topics for news
in touch weekly logo
In Touch Weekly

Verdict: Reading this blog, you can find out more about the world of beauty, trends, fashion, entertainment, as well as the life of the most famous celebrities. Besides, you’ll get access to exclusive news and rumors related to show business. The blog stands out from other entertainment news websites is with its pay-for-rumor system. So, if you know titbit that writers can include in an article, you will get a financial reward. The company will pay even for interesting content they can share on their travel photography blog. If you feel nostalgic about the past, you can check out an archive with old, irrelevant articles.

in touch weekly entertainment blog

17. MarkMeets Media

Lots of reviews
  • Blog on YouTube
  • Informative articles
  • Time-tested platform
  • Dated website design
markmeets media logo
MarkMeets Media

Verdict: MarkMeets Media is the UK's leading blog that sheds light on red carpet events and show business in general. Recognized worldwide, this online magazine contains overviews of the most important news in the film (news, reviews, releases, trailers) and music (news, concert reviews, releases and features) fields, TV highlights, listings, reviews, photos, rumors). You will find such sections as Fashion, Showbiz, and Lifestyle with celebrity interviews, starting with 2004.

markmeets media entertainment blog

18. Wonderwall

An abundance of video content
  • Lots of relevant news
  • Convenient division on topics
  • Bright design
  • Newsletter with delays
wonderwall logo

Verdict: Wonderwall's online magazine offers current news about celebrities as well as gossip. You can also have a better idea of how famous people live, looking through photo galleries, fashion and style sections, extending your knowledge about awards and events in the film and music industries. There is also an interesting section dedicated to popular actors of the past and how they are doing now. If you have little time to read articles, you can always watch live interviews and special videos with celebrities.

wonderwall entertainment blog

19. The Geekiary

Large selection of entertaining articles
  • Separate Asian media section
  • Simple and user-friendly design
  • The latest, interesting news
  • Some articles are difficult to read
the geekiary logo
The Geekiary

Verdict: The Geekiary is an entertainment news blog created by geeks for fans. Here you will find information on the latest topics in politics, lifestyle, comics, TV, movies, computer culture and more. There is also a separate section with Asian media with a lot of entertainment information on manga, anime, etc.

the geekiary entertainment blog

20. Heat World

Purchase a service or product at a discount
  • Modern website design
  • Short informative articles
  • Many sections
  • Paid subscription
heat world logo
Heat World

Verdict: Heat World provides readers with daily, unique content, exclusive interviews, and overviews of the latest events in Hollywood. Here, writers share gossip and describe scandals in the media, so you definitely won't get bored. Articles also cover beauty, fashion and modern lifestyle. It is worth mentioning that this online magazine cooperates with many brands, thanks to which you can purchase any service or product at a discount by going to the appropriate section.

heat world entertainment blog

21. Celebrity Insider

Launching notification from the site
  • The best entertaining news
  • Free newsletter
  • Great topic-based division
  • Outdated website design
celebrity insider logo
Celebrity Insider

Verdict: This is an Emmy award-winning source of entertainment news. Here you will find a wealth of information on Hollywood, culture, lifestyle, TV shows and movies, fashion and sports. Also, writers actively follow the GRAMMYs and other awards, and political activities. It is also nice that you can subscribe to a completely free newsletter and receive notifications about the latest news.

celebrity insider entertainment blog

22. Entertainment Daily

Writers work seven days a week
  • Latest political news
  • Bright interface
  • Daily article posting
  • Design may seem inconvenient
entertainment daily logo
Entertainment Daily

Verdict: If you want to keep tabs on the latest TV and Showbiz news from the most popular shows and celebrities in the UK, this is one of the best entertainment blogs you can find. These guys believe that readers deserve to learn honest news and reviews on every show regardless of its fame. Besides, writers work 7 days/week, so you always get the latest news of Showbiz even on holidays.

entertainment daily entertainment blog

23. Forces of Geek

Informative blog
  • Without ads
  • Easy-to-understand texts
  • An archive with old articles
  • Articles aren’t posted every day
forces of geek logo
Forces of Geek

Verdict: Forces of Geek entertainment blog has articles on Hollywood news with a focus on TV stars of reality series and true crime. In addition to interesting articles, there is also a useful archive where you can quickly find any news from last year or from the last holiday. They also often organize prize draws, so you can win tickets to various movies and fan events. If you are interested in activities related to Canada, namely, its capital, you can check out the Best in Ottawa blog.

forces of geek entertainment blog

24. Reality Blurb

Lots of info on celebrities’ earnings
  • The most popular news
  • Simple design
  • Lots of photo and video content
  • Few sections
reality blurb logo
Reality Blurb

Verdict: Reality Blurb is built on gossip, rumors and news from the most popular shows, series and movies of the last decades. Here you will find a lot of information on how much this or that actor/actress earned, how his/her career changed after starring, and other secrets. You can read all articles in a row or examine the news line of the most popular posts.

reality blurb entertainment blog

25. OMG Blog

Comprehensible articles
  • Relevant news and podcasts
  • LGBTIQ themes
  • Modern website design
  • 16+ content
omg logo
OMG Blog

Verdict: The OMG blog is aimed at readers over 16 years old. Here you’ll find videos, photos, and podcasts from the richest and most famous people. You can read articles on pop culture, sports, business, entertainment, and fashion, and take advantage of lifestyle tips. This is one of the few news and entertainments sites that openly shares information about LGBTQ+, including interesting stories and entrenched traditions.

omg entertainment blog

26. Celebuzz

A separate section with exclusive material
  • The latest news
  • Useful sports section
  • Celebrities’ secrets
  • No video content
celebuzz logo

Verdict: Celebuzz includes relevant news about the latest events in the world of TV shows, games, and media technologies. In addition to the possibility to follow the most popular celebrities in television, film, and music spheres, you also get access to the sports section and materials for new mothers. I also like an exclusives section with the latest news and secrets, which means you can be the first to know about upcoming film releases.

celebuzz entertainment blog

27. Who Magazine

Reveal the main secrets of celebrities
  • Eye-pleasing website design
  • Exclusive news
  • No ads
  • Inconvenient scrolling
who magazine logo
Who Magazine

Verdict: If you want to follow the life of celebrities outside of your favorite series, shows and movies, then this is a perfect entertainment blog for you. Here you will find your favorite actors and can learn more about them via photo galleries. The articles cover their lifestyles, secrets, family and plans for the future. Also, you can find interviews with stars and be among the first to find out unique information about them.

who magazine entertainment blog

28. Hollywoodmask

Up-to-date blog design
  • Convenient topic layout
  • The LGBTIQ section
  • The most scandalous news
  • Outdated design
hollywoodmask logo

Verdict: Hollywoodmask is a popular online magazine where readers can find content related to pop culture and Western entertainment. This is a wonderful source of scandals, interesting and unique facts about stars, etc. There is also an LGBTIQ+ section with secrets of Hollywood actors and musicians revealed.

hollywoodmask entertainment blog

29. Pop Culture Beast

Rundown of the latest news
  • Minimalistic interface
  • Informative podcasts
  • Articles from independent writers
  • Annoying ads
pop culture beast logo
Pop Culture Beast

Verdict: Pop Culture Beast shares info on the film industry, TV shows and broadcasts, stage and music, cutting-edge technology, gaming, and podcasts. Here you will find gossip, testimonials, interviews, and secrets. The articles are not commissioned but come from a wide range of independent writers to offer an in-depth and objective overview of the Hollywood elite.

pop culture beast entertainment blog

30. Deadline

Lots of unfiltered news
  • YouTube channel
  • Over 270 articles/week
  • Great blog design
  • Few images in articles

Verdict: Deadline.com is always the first to publish the latest entertainment, Hollywood and media news with unfiltered and uncompromising analysis of events. This entertainment news blog is a source for the latest news on TV, movies, media and other topics. Those who like reading news will find a lot of information here. They post 270+ articles on various topics every week. If you live in Ireland and want to learn the latest news of your region, you should check out the Best in Ireland website.

deadline entertainment blog