23 Best Technology Blogs To Follow In 2024

By Eva Williams 5 days ago, Inspiration

The only way to be aware of fast-changing tech trends is to subscribe to popular technology blogs that have the highest ranks in Google and Alexa. Checking out these blogs regularly, you will learn the recent news about the just-released gadgets or industry events. These platforms are constantly updated by people who know everything about the technology market and care about providing relevant content to their readers.

Top 23 Best Technology Blogs

  1. Tech Crunch - The best technology blog by editors
  2. Wired - Comprehensive blog not only about technology
  3. CollectiveRay - For web developers and designers
  4. Hongkiat - Run blog since 2007
  5. SolutionHow - Knowledge base website
  6. 3D Tutorials - Everything related to 3D modeling
  7. Best Product Lists.Com - Frequent updates
  8. Tricky Enough - Contains content about development technologies in social media
  9. UXtweak - UX research platform blog
  10. Trusted Malaysia - In-depth technology reviews
  11. Itsreadtime - Optimized navigation
  12. WP Login Lockdown - Instructions from WordPress plugins developers
  13. Lana Gerton - Ultimate tech blog
  14. Engadget - For NASA fans
  15. Tanzania Tech - Well-ordered articles
  16. TheNextWeb - For scientific and technical conferences enthusiasts
  17. Backdroid - Dedicated to Android OS
  18. AptanTech - The latest breaking technology news
  19. The Verge - The best tech reviews for gadgets
  20. TECH Evangelistseo - Full review of 4 major tech giants
  21. Recode - Collaborative blog of influential techno bloggers and writers
  22. VentureBeat - For gamers and gambling addicts
  23. Softlay - Detailed tutorials

Tech enthusiasts, geeks, and companies from a variety of industries are following top technology blogs that deliver the latest news faster than any other source. These tech blogs cover not only high-tech discoveries but also events in the gaming industry and academia, helping readers stay one step ahead of current technology trends.

1. Tech Crunch – Our Choice

10.1M Twitter followers
  • Lots of info about Internet companies and startups
  • Requires subscription for accessing improved researching, reporting, and reading features
  • Built-in search, job board
  • Crunchbase for investors, market research
  • Additional Crunch partner bonuses
  • Graphic content could be better

Verdict: Tech Crunch is one of the leading online technology media on the Internet and a renowned blog dedicated to profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies. It is one of the first publishing platforms to cover business applications and technology startups in the spirit of the best digital marketing blogs.

They publish articles related to Internet portals, reviews and lists of the latest technical products, materials about technology-related companies, analysis of new trends, tech news. This new technologies blog also provides reports on venture capital financing, commodity innovation, and Silicon Valley.

techcrunch technology blog

2. Wired

10.2M Twitter followers
  • Several popular categories
  • Affordable digital and print subscription
  • High-quality publication materials and design
  • Discounts for students and teachers
  • Save cookies
  • Requires registration for full access

Verdict: Wired is a hugely popular digital blog, backed by an illustrated magazine. It provides a visual insight into the world of technology and how it affects culture, economy, and politics. It is one of the best technology blogs that also focuses on other topics, such as entertainment, design, business, science, culture, politics, and social media.

This blog deals with various aspects of the tech industry and covers all questions regarding gadget reviews, current and projected technology trends, and the latest updates. Being one of the top blogs for professionals in every field, Wired writes about the most relevant themes.

wired technology blog

3. CollectiveRay

For web developers and designers
  • Convenient categorization
  • Supports over 20 languages
  • The blog is run by experienced web designers and developers
  • New articles appear regularly
  • No way to subscribe to a newsletter

Verdict: CollectiveRay is an endless source of useful content for webmasters, web designers, Joomla and WordPress users. Web design and administration of your website will become a no-brainer task thanks to the variety of informative and handy articles. The platform contains clear reviews, guides, articles about hosting, WordPress themes and plugins, hiring developers and now also topics related to Android, iOS, Mac and streaming, actionable posts related to web design, WordPress, hosting, etc.

I like that the blog is run by experienced web designers and developers who can share not only theoretical knowledge but also some practical tips. Moreover, the team collaborates with experienced content writers, professional extensions developers, and hosting companies to provide you with the clearest and the most useful content about Joomla, WordPress, and web design.

collectiveray technology blog interface

4. Hongkiat

Run blog since 2007
  • Update the content regularly
  • Helpful tips
  • Categorize articles for smooth navigation
  • Checked info
  • Ads
hongkiat technology blog logo

Verdict: Hongkiat is a fantastic source of inspiration and checked info for web designers, bloggers, graphic designers, entrepreneurs, and web developers. Here you can find articles on a variety of topics, including tech, design, and technology, to name a few. The range of articles is regularly expanded with 8 new posts appearing every week. Navigating the blog, you will see handy tips, techniques, tricks, how-to guides, reviews, and more.

The blog was created in 2007 and since then it has been proliferating. The team behind this blog toils to supply readers with fresh overviews of powerful plugins, advanced tools, geeky gadgets, desktop & mobile apps, off-kilter gift ideas, and more. Currently, they are working on an eCommerce section t in order to reach startups and thriving companies, as well as those running businesses on social networks.

hongkiat technology blog website

5. SolutionHow

Knowledge base website
  • Great navigation
  • Useful articles
  • Popular categories
  • Frequent updates
  • Little visual content
solutionhow technology blog logo

Verdict: SolutionHow is a knowledge base website with info on the latest technology updates and tools that you can use to solve different problems. A large community of contributors adds new articles on a regular basis.

I like that all articles are conveniently grouped into categories, including AI, Apple, Instagram, Business, etc. Visiting the platform, you can keep up with the latest technological trends in sciences, finance, business, app development, and more.

solutionhow technology blog website

6. 3D Tutorials

Everything related to 3D modeling
  • Useful tips and suggestions for beginners
  • Tutorials from leading 3D artists
  • Comprehensive video guides
  • Tutorials for such popular software as Maya and Blender
  • Unappealing interface
3d tutorials technology blog logo
3D Tutorials

Verdict: 3D Tutorials offers a large selection of tutorials for users who want to take up 3D modeling. The platform contains video guides on the latest software and techniques while also providing suggestions and tricks for beginners. Here you’ll find tutorials for software like Cinema 4D, Maya, ZBrush, 3ds Max, Blender, Houdini, and so on.

3d tutorials technology blog interface

7. Best Product Lists.Com

Frequent updates
  • Up-to-date roundups
  • Accessible language
  • Helpful practical tips
  • Doesn’t require a subscription
  • Credible information
  • No categorization
best product lists.com technology blogs logo
Best Product Lists.Com

Verdict: Best Product Lists is a must-read if you are looking for honest and unbiased product reviews of desktop, mobile, web applications, as well as up-to-date compilations of technology products. The blog covers a wide range of topics, including blockchain, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, and more.

By reading this blog you’ll be able to evaluate new tech, and learn how to solve common tech problems. I really like that even complex information is written in an accessible language, so even those who are new to tech will understand it. Another advantage is that the info on their website in 100% credible, since all of it is derived from life experience, and reviews of other customers.

best product lists.com technology blogs interface

8. Tricky Enough

Info about technologies in social media
  • Info is well structured
  • Relevant content for different industries
  • Great tools for business development
  • Easy-to-comprehend technical articles
  • Lacks detailed search filters
tricky enough technology blog logo
Tricky Enough

Verdict: Tricky Enough is a technology-focused blog with relevant information about search engine optimization, WordPress development, digital marketing, blogging, and related spheres. The articles mainly cover various technologies that are developed in these areas of activity, as well as on popular social platforms.

All info is logically divided into 2 groups – Most Viewed and Latest Post. Besides, all content is thematically structured, so you can easily find data you are interested in (SMO, apps, coding, Internet, and the like). What’s more, Tricky Enough allows readers to start their own blog on the website. Or, you can become a member of a growing community and write expert articles for a technical blog.

tricky enough technology blog interface

9. UXtweak

UX research platform blog
  • Useful tips on UX design
  • Subscribers are the first to learn about new tools developed by the company
  • Articles are divided into categories
  • New articles are posted regularly
  • New articles are posted regularly
uxtweak technology blog logo

Verdict: The UXtweak blog features articles that cover the topics of Information Architecture, Usability Testing, and User Research. It also allows you to view currently open job positions, a portfolio of the company’s past projects, and UX tips from industry experts. Other than that, the blog has a separate section for company news and new product reviews.

This blog will be of use to UX designers, UX researchers, and graphic designers. The articles are written by professional authors who rely on the experience and knowledge shared by the company’s experts. You can also subscribe to the UXtweak newsletter to keep track of all the blog's updates. If you want to learn even more news from the design world, you should visit the RJDesignz website.

uxtweak technology blog interface

10. Trusted Malaysia

In-depth technology reviews
  • Ad-free
  • Handy search
  • Checked info
  • Technical articles written in simple words
  • Well-organized content
  • Rare uploads
trusted malaysia technology blog logo
Trusted Malaysia

Verdict: Trusted Malaysia is a reliable source of technical information that has been out there for over 8 years. Run by digital marketing specialists, it has become the main platform with product reviews, as well as overviews of restaurants, construction services, financial tools, etc., for all Malaysian consumers.

These experts strive to provide readers with trustworthy and timely data, so they always conduct meticulous market research and product analysis for every item that appears in their reviews. Finding the needed info is a no-brainer task, as all articles are divided into categories – Electronics, Computers, Services, Investments, etc. What’s more, you can type a keyword in the search and get a list of suitable articles.

trusted malaysia technology blog interface

11. Itsreadtime

Optimized navigation
  • Presents brand new technology media companies
  • No ads
  • Verified data
  • Plenty of common categories
  • There could have been more visuals in the articles
itsreadtime technology blog logo

Verdict: At Itsreadtime you can get the latest news on a huge range of topics from technology to fashion, from the government to health, from culture to the media, and more, and engage in a heated discussion with other readers. This is a new word in the world of technology companies, not only providing users with relevant and important news but also allowing them to express themselves creatively instead of focusing on page views and time spent on the website.

In this blog, you will always find only verified and up-to-date reviews about each product that has undergone thorough analysis and market research. Finding the required article will not make it difficult for you, since the developers have divided all the articles into appropriate categories.

itsreadtime technology blog website

12. WP Login Lockdown

Instructions from WordPress plugins developers
  • Articles covering the latest technological trends
  • Safety tips from experts
  • Search bar to quickly find articles
  • Trusted by over 150,000 users
  • No categorization
  • Only a few articles published per month
wp login lockdown technology blog logo
WP Login Lockdown

Verdict: WP Login Lockdown is widely regarded as one of the best technology blogs as it contains loads of useful articles to any taste. Here you’ll find info about the latest trends in the world of technology, guides for WordPress users, notes on online security and protection against hackers, as well as a selection of useful tools.

Five new articles appear in the blog every month. They are well-structured and contain only useful information on the topic. If something is unclear, you can leave your comment under the article.

wp login lockdown technology blog interface

13. Lana Gerton

Ultimate tech blog
  • Trending sections
  • Fresh posts often
  • Free access
  • Missing advanced filters
  • Fewer tech-related articles
lana gerton logo
Lana Gerton

Verdict: Lana Gerton's blog stands out as a remarkable technology haven that intertwines personal narrative with professional prowess. A versatile individual with titles ranging from AI startup VP of Engineering to Data Science graduate, Lana exudes authenticity that resonates through her content.

What sets Lana's blog apart is its relatability and genuine mission. It's about empowering readers to navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape. Whether demystifying data science or delving into AI's potential, Lana's thoughtful approach creates a learning space that resonates with beginners and tech aficionados alike.

lana gerton technology blog

14. Engadget

2.3M Twitter followers
  • Variety of popular categories
  • Covers NASA technology
  • Archival and reference information
  • Separate sections with videos and podcasts
  • Expensive premium subscription
engadget logo

Verdict Engadget provides its subscribers with the latest reviews and news on hardware, gadgets, entertainment, and games. This is one of the best tech blogs to explore the archives of the best early technical publications. It can be a comprehensive guide to online life. If you want to combine such knowledge with relevant information about web design, you should also check out Web Design Dev.

engadget technology blog

15. Tanzania Tech

Well-ordered articles
  • Authors with extensive experience
  • Regular content updating
  • Useful tips and tricks
  • Extensive collaboration with startups
  • Publications lack visuals
  • Charmless UI
tanzania tech technology blog logo
Tanzania Tech

Verdict: The goal of the Tanzania Tech writing team is to keep their readers up to date with all the latest developments and trends in the world of technology.

The blog covers many topics related to modern technology – from gadgets, smartphones, and PCs to network services and software – and aims to provide a comprehensive amount of information with high accuracy. This fast-paced and dynamic industry requires a lot of care and professionalism in the preparation of publications, reviews, and news, and a dedicated team excels at this.

The blog audience is quite diverse, including technical amateurs, specialists, and ordinary users, and the authors do everything to ensure that users receive only reliable and verified data. Each reader comes to their blog with a specific request and is pleased with the responses they receive, whether on consumer electronics, technological advances, enterprise solutions, and more.

tanzania tech technology blog interface

16. TheNextWeb

1.6M Twitter followers
  • Conducts TNW conferences and events
  • More than 10M views and 7M visits per month
  • Publishes recipes for traditional dishes and desserts
  • Clothes and fashion reviews are also available
  • Big Spam news lettering can be confusing
thenextweb logo

Verdict: TheNextWeb is a popular digital platform that provides insight into the world of technology, the Internet, development, programming, infrastructure, security, and cloud services. This new technologies blog brings together techno fans through media, events, and services.

It mainly covers guides and topics related to business, culture, and technology. It also publishes useful articles on various gadgets and future releases, coupons and deals, such as ExpressVPN discounts, with the best offers from partners.

thenextweb technology blog

17. Backdroid

Dedicated to Android OS
  • All articles about Android
  • Selection of games to download on Android
  • Options for solving problems with social networks
  • Tutorials and detailed instructions
  • Articles are organized in the old way
backdroid technology blog logo

Verdict: Backdroid is a blog dedicated entirely to everything related to the Android operating system. Users can go here for help in solving any problems with Android. To do this, there are a bunch of articles and tutorials on solving plenty of problems. However, if it doesn’t help, then you can get help from technical support.

Here you can also find a list of interesting games and useful apps that you can download. A separate block here is the Instagram guide section. It tells how to solve any problems that have arisen with your account and others. Being conveniently organized, this section contains everything you need to manage this social network properly.

backdroid technology blog site

18. AptanTech

The latest breaking technology news
  • Well-structured content
  • Information about technologies used in different industries
  • Allows publishing ads on the site
  • Concise language, entertaining content
  • No search filters
aptantech technology blog logo

Verdict: AptanTech was created for those who want to receive updates on recent news and read detailed reviews about the latest advancements in the field of information and communication technology. This blog will be especially useful for people who are interested in the situation in Kenya, Africa, and global issues. Here, you will find the newest information about technology advancements and recent releases. The authors of this site also often post materials that will be useful for business and personal needs.

This blog is well structured, so you will quickly find the necessary information. All the articles are organized by categories. On the main page, you can see the first paragraphs of each text, which allows you to understand whether you need this content or not. Besides, on this site, you will find regularly published announcements about upcoming events, which makes it especially useful for those who are interested in technologies. Here, you will also find illustrated news and entertaining materials that you can view in your free time.

aptantech technology blog website

19. The Verge

17.4K Twitter followers
  • Variety of content formats
  • The intersection of technology, science, art, and culture
  • Detailed reports and feature articles
  • Excellent shots, unique tips
  • Built-in search and targeted mailing
  • Requires you to accept their cookies policy
the verge logo
The Verge

Verdict: VOX Media has created one of the leading blogs about technology covering a wide variety of topics. Here you can read about the best Internet services in Edmonton, promising startups in Ottawa, global enterprises, etc. The blog authors are not only aware of all the new products, but they are also well-informed about the products that are just getting ready for release.

The Verge is one of the most knowledgeable websites on current trends and products. It is an ambitious multimedia platform to explore how technology will change lives for a huge mainstream audience. Besides, it includes interesting guides about technology and its impact on society.

the verge technology blog

20. TECH Evangelistseo

Full review of 4 major tech giants
  • Great rating of products
  • Detailed reviews of 4 main tech giants
  • Useful tips
  • Free article for optimization
  • Frequent publications
  • Advertisings
tech evangelistseo logo
TECH Evangelistseo

Verdict: Tech Evangelistseo is another modern tech blog with articles on Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung. The team consists of specialists who understand the technological processes of different companies and technicians. You will find helpful tips, instructions on how to use different devices, ratings of the best smartphones, PCs and tablets, operating system updates, and more.

They also post other interesting articles about search engine optimization, so you can learn different methods of promoting your business, recommendations, and tricks. All info is available for free. The team also offers useful iCloud unlock services, helping you unlock your iPhone if you forgot a password. If you want to delve into the technological world even deeper, check out the Top Most Blog website.

tech evangelistseo best technology blogs

21. Recode

375.5K Twitter followers
  • Independent tech news, reviews, and analytics
  • Collect donations to transfer to the free model
  • In-house writers with their own unique style
  • Podcasts available
  • Requires you to accept the cookies policy
recode logo

Verdict: Being an outstanding brand in technology, media and business, Recode by Vox Media publishes trends analysis, the latest technology news, and reviews written by the most reputable authors as well as media and technology bloggers. This is the best tech blog about Silicon Valley business that reveals and explains how the digital world is changing lives.

recode technology blog

22. VentureBeat

703.6K Twitter followers
  • Many popular categories
  • Built-in search
  • Multiple membership options
  • Organization of major events on innovative technologies
  • The website layout is not very user-friendly
venturebeat logo

Verdict: VentureBeat Media Company is the leading source of news, groundbreaking research and technological innovation perspectives. Plus, it is one of the best technology blogs full of detailed information about the gaming industry, including articles on various AR, AI, and VR.

The blog contains a series of articles on technology, general and business news, newsletters, etc. VentureBeat focuses on in-depth coverage of the technology revolution, sharing interesting posts about innovative technology and gaming companies, the incredible people behind them, and the money that fuels it all.

venturebeat technology blog

23. Softlay

Detailed tutorials
  • Community engagement
  • Free resources
  • Troubleshooting assistance
  • Software recommendations
  • Limited interactivity
  • Inconsistent content quality
softlay best technology blog logo

Verdict: This blog on Softlay has definitely been a lifesaver as relates to technology. Step-by-step guides available on their website have enlightened me on how to solve myriads of operating system problems, matters related to software installation, or even common errors.

The reviews done for the software and services provided by Softlay have really been helpful tools at pinpointing the right choice to be made in certain tasks. With them, I have a highly rated VPN service and tools to check the CPU temperature, so my laptop certainly works much better, and I can count on my web security.

softlay best technology blog