Script Reader Pro Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 22 days ago, Apps and Software

Script Reader Pro

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Verdict: If you are tired of vague and unhelpful screenwriting software and looking for a top-grade service where you can get feedback from real, working screenwriters then Script Reader Pro is what you need. I like that it was clear that my chosen reader really understood my script and offered some great advice that has gotten me excited to tackle the rewrite.

  • Step-by-step advice for writers on how to improve their scripts
  • Team of professional screenwriters
  • Offers Screenwriting Mentorship programs and rewrite/polish services
  • Flawless quality feedback
  • Slightly longer turnaround for some pros
  • There are cheaper services out there
script reader pro website

Script Reader Pro is a team of highly skilled industry-focused consultants who know how to help writers sell their scripts and start their careers in the film and TV industry.

Script Reader Pro: Main Features

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This is the only industry-specific agency that allows clients to choose their own pro screenwriter, depending on the genre in which he or she works. After studying their specialization and experience, you can choose the screenwriter that you consider the most suitable for your script.

Script Coverage for Getting Pro-Grade Results

script reader pro coverage services

Impeccable script coverage services will come in handy if you’re having trouble writing scripts, can’t tailor a story to script requirements or don’t know how to market your work. If you’ve used any automated services like Adobe Story alternatives or book writing apps, you’ve probably experienced affectation.

You can solve these problems with the help of experienced scriptwriters from Script Reader Pro who can help with building character dialogues, improving the structure, prescribing acts in an integral style, etc.

Rewriting Ready-Made Scripts to Increase Product Value

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Whether you want to rewrite, polish, or ghostwrite your script, their script doctor services will cover all your needs. Unlike the services described above, where you get a pro-level opinion on your script and advice on how to improve it, here the pro scriptwriters will make the necessary edits themselves.

Before he/she starts working on your brainchild, you will receive a detailed description of how exactly the specialist is going to work with your script.

Depending on your wishes, rewriting and polishing your script can be light, medium, or heavy. As far as ghostwriting is concerned, this is a comprehensive rewriting of your finished script (or creating an entirely new draft from your initial idea). Many people know this service as “page one rewrite”, after which you end up with a radically new project, adapted to your instructions.

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I like the idea of keeping the copyright of the script yours and not transferring it to Script Reader Pro or any of its writers. The good news is that all payment for services is transparent and you will not face any extra commissions or fees.

Screenwriting & Marketing Mentorship to Drive Creative Ideas

script reader pro screenwriting mentorship

If you only have the idea of creating a script, treatment/synopsis, a story that should form the basis, but you don’t know how to implement it, an individual mentorship will suit you, where you can communicate one-on-one with a prowriter and work under their leadership.

During the mentorship program from Script Reader Pro, you will plunge into various effective strategies for writing scripts and learn how to choose and implement them.

Mentors will point out your weaknesses in script and tell you how to improve them, whether it’s the characters, story, structure, writing style, dialogue, and so on.

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It will take you only 6 or 12 weeks to complete this Mentorship program and you will end up as a confident screenwriter with a much better grasp on how to write a script that’ll sell.

What’s more, for those writers with a script that’s ready to sell, they also have a 3-week Marketing Mentorship in which you’ll be able to have all your marketing questions answered and developed an individual step-by-step marketing strategy.

Script Reader Pro Prices

The prices for Script Reader Pro’s script coverage and editing services are on the website. For example, Classic Feature Coverage costs $169 for 4+ pages of feedback and Classic TV Coverage will cost you $149.

For the script doctor rewrite/polish service, however, you will not be able to find out in advance the cost since the team needs to first analyze your script with an Initial Assessment before giving you a quote.


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