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Verdict: PoweredTemplate is a third-party resource full of high-quality PowerPoint themes, catchy backgrounds, charts, diagrams, website templates, and clip arts. I think the main advantage of this digital media library is the availability of both paid and free files.

Besides, I like that here you can find really terrific PPT templates and other visual objects, that can serve as a basis for your presentation. Thus, you can deliver your ideas in an understandable manner and engage your audience with memorable presentations.

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  • Few free templates
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If you are looking for materials for your presentation, you should definitely visit PoweredTemplate library. It contains an abundance of customizable templates that can be used to dwell on different business topics. You can download one or several templates, spruce them up with related elements, and save the result as a full-featured presentation in your favorite program.

PoweredTemplate Website

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PoweredTemplate digital media library is a popular website with lots of templates for business and creative presentations. The variety of files is constantly growing, so you are sure to find here the needed diagrams and charts, templates, printable materials, and more. All elements match the widely accepted quality standards and allow delivering any message to your audience.

Most templates are rather affordable and you can use them for commercial purposes. What’s more, there is a collection of totally free templates, which is great for users with limited funds.

Professional Presentation Templates with Different Themes

poweredtemplate digital media library powerpoint templates

Visiting the website, you will see many templates of premium quality, including templates for photography marketing, as well as free options that are regularly updated. Thus, you can download free templates to figure out whether their paid counterparts are worth investing in.

All templates stored here are eye-pleasing, points focused, neatly designed, and text-visibility enabled. Besides, there are so many options that you are sure to find a suitable template for your presentation. The best part is that text on the slides and graphical elements are well coordinated. PoweredTemplate representatives pay special attention to this aspect.

In addition to a plethora of top-notch templates, there are also lots of PPT background designs that can be adjusted the way you want. You only need to choose those backgrounds that let you express your concepts in straightforward and memorable ways.

Stunning Stock Images for Your Business Needs

poweredtemplate digital media library stock photos

Taking praiseworthy photos isn’t a simple task, so many people look for websites where they can find such images and download them at a reasonable cost. PoweredTemplate digital media library also has a separate section with stock photos covering different phenomena. The quality of visual content plays even a more important role if you are an influencer and need to share catchy posts on a regular basis.

Bloggers and websites owners also frequently search for catchy pictures on stock photography sites, trying to complement their written material with matching photos. In fact, breaking text blocks with proper images can help you greatly increase the number of followers/readers.

Moreover, by jazzing up articles with related visuals, you can convey a specific concept more accurately. Commercial designers can make good use of PoweredTemplate stock photos, turning them into a base for ad campaigns and employing them as means for expressing unique graphic design ideas.

Customizable Design Templates to Create a Unique Style

poweredtemplate digital media library website design

The website is awash with different photography brochure templates, business card templates, flyers, postcards, posters and even letterhead templates. They are all available for instant download.

Such print designs are in high demand among businesses that need to present their new products & services as promptly as possible. Thus, you can choose a fitting business brochure template, fill it out with the info, and share it with potential clients or partners.

Moreover, the PoweredTemplate platform contains sleek website templates. The most popular options are website templates with information-first pages. You can use them for the entire site or separate pages, e.g., landing pages for conversion.

If you are looking for more sophisticated templates, you definitely need to check out the paid section. In this case, you can choose the template you like, purchase it and use it as many times as you want. Besides, if you are looking for a marketing template, you can get any without worrying about hidden fees – such materials are royalty-free.

Lots of Amazing Graphic Objects for Any Needs

poweredtemplate digital media library icons

The demand for clip arts, especially buckshee, is constantly growing, but few websites provide access to such files. That’s when PoweredTemplate comes to the stage and surpasses numerous analog platforms. Here you can find an amazing selection of vector clip arts that serve both personal and commercial purposes.

While creating a PowerPoint presentation, you shouldn’t settle for standard components only. If you want to be noticed, you need to share something interesting and captivating. Fortunately, PoweredTemplate digital media library has add-ons in the form of Charts & Diagrams. Look through the files, choose suitable elements, and make attention-grabbing presentations without resorting to diagram software.

The best part is that charts and diagrams come in different shapes. For instance, you can download cubes, ladders, blocks, and kore depending on your presentation style.

Modern Graphic Design Templates for Printing Products

poweredtemplate digital media library brochure

Those engaged in the sphere of graphic design often have to spend many hours in a row on a single task. This feels grueling, so no wonder, people are searching for ready-to-use design templates that allow for customization.

With a well-designed template at hand, you can easily give your concept a visual form and deliver a particular message to a broad audience. The PoweredTemplate resource offers many first-class design templates for printing products that can be quickly modified in accordance with your business specifics.

This stock icons site is favored by both novice and seasoned graphic designers, who are striving to make their workflow faster and more efficient. Just choose a template that will work for your current project, make edits, and print out the result. Simple like that.

Personalized and Individual Design Word Documents

The PoweredTemplate team constantly ramps up collections of templates. Besides, presentation templates, you can download those crafted for Microsoft Word and turn the process of designing documents and cover pages into an enjoyable activity. All templates have high-quality images with click-to-input text facility for easy editing.

Using such templates, you can create memorable and informative Word cover pages. They are made for quick text input and personalized touches if needed. Thus, you can produce a Word doc with an individual design, built-in images, and text styles without going the extra mile.

What’s more, you can use these templates for designing a magazine with further printing out. So, making unique documents that convey your viewpoints and have catchy illustrations is no longer an arduous task.

PoweredTemplate Prices

Subscription plans at PoweredTemplate are rather flexible – you can pay every month, year, or go for demand rates. If you don’t know how long you’ll need templates and other graphic elements, you should choose the Monthly Plan. In this case, you get 100 downloads per month and 10 downloads per day. It costs $19.

Annual Unlimited Plan is priced at $119/year. Choosing it, you get unlimited access to the entire library with your team (up to 10 members), shared access, and unlimited downloads.

With the Annual Basic Plan, you can save more than 55%. It costs $99 and includes 200 downloads per month and 50 downloads per day.

If you want to get templates on demand and download them within a year, there is On Demand Plan that includes prepaid template packs. For example, 10 downloads costs $24.95, 50 downloads – $59.95, 150 downloads – $99.95 per year.

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