Calculator Online - Universal Calculation Tool Review 2023

Calculator Online

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Verdict: Calculator Online is a verified platform designed for individuals who want to perform anything from simple multiplication to complex calculations online. As a user, the thing I liked the most was the huge number (over 400) of calculation categories and types. Other than that, the platform offers an array of completely free online calculators that are suitable for all possible uses.

  • Over 400 advanced calculators
  • Over 1500 online calculators
  • Available completely for free
  • Instant calculations
  • Includes rare calculation types
  • Contains ads
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Calculator Online divides its tools into multiple primary categories including healthcare, education, finance, and informative. Regardless of where you are in the world, you can freely access any of those to perform the necessary calculations online and the platform even has some region-specific tools that are relevant for specific countries.

Calculator Online Review: Main Features

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The creators of this platform are constantly trying to improve the experience you get when using the provided free calculators. Having hundreds of thousands of visitors each week, this website has become the go-to calculation resource for students, professors, businesspeople, and regular individuals from around the globe.

Finance Calculator to Achieve Your Business Goals

calculator online business

It’s common for everyone to run into problems when setting their next financial goal. Regardless if you're planning a vehicle loan, investment, mortgage, taxes, discount rates, EMI, debt management, or other types of financial operations, you can significantly benefit from using the tools provided on this platform to determine how much money you have to save or allocate.

Calculator Online offers financial calculators that allow you to handle your finances and ensure future stability, regardless of whether you're involved in retail, manufacturing or something like photography marketing. Such tools are also handy for quick tax rate calculations, managing your home budget, and properly planning your financial goals.

Simply type in the quantity, existing price, and tax percentage into the calculator and instantly receive the required tax price value to ensure you don’t make any mistakes. Straightforward and dependable, the Sales Tax tool is also perfect for determining the needed discount rates and prices for products that go on sale in a matter of seconds.

Advanced Math Calculator for Any Possible Needs

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Due to the current technological environment, educational establishments from around the world are quickly evolving to keep up with all the recently imposed economic and development requirements. Moreover, the huge technological leaps made during the last decade, have completely changed the way people both teach and study.

Calculator online educational calculator offer over 160 types of mathematic calculations. The provided tools have proven to deliver instant, accurate results while being suitable for all educational purposes. Recent studies suggest that the usage of similar calculators is only beneficial for teachers and students, as they go on their journey of mathematical exploration and experimentation.

For instance, the Math calculator lets you handle basic math functions and operations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplications, Division, and Percentage. The Fraction calculator is designed for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing the fractions with like and unlike denominators. Lastly, the Integral Calculator is useful for integrating definite and indefinite integrals (antiderivatives).

Professional Tools for Informative Calculation

There’s nothing wrong about wanting to perform some calculations just for fun, especially if they are connected to your interests or hobbies. To help such people and facilitate their enjoyment of informative and engaging calculations, this platform provides an array of accurate and fast calculators that can simplify various tasks and boost your productivity.

The Distance calculator allows you to convert various distance measurements (miles, meters, feet, yards, etc.) with maximum accuracy. The PPI tool is aimed primarily at graphic designers who want to determine the specific size of an image without having to download and open graphic design software.

Another handy tool is the Mulch calculator that allows you to determine the amount of mulch you require for a specific construction project. The Asphalt calculator serves a similar purpose and can save you a lot of money on purchasing an unnecessary amount of asphalt for construction. Lastly, the offered Vorici tool lets you determine the craft type, average cost, standard deviation, and success chance of Chromatic Orb.

Calculators that Help You to Monitor Your Health

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There's not a single person on Earth who doesn't want to become and stay fit and healthy. Physical and mental health is extremely important for having an enjoyable lifestyle and achieving success in both your personal and professional life. Not being able to maintain a healthy fitness schedule can lead to a ton of issues and diseases so it's always a good idea to keep your body in check.

Thankfully, Calculator Online offers an array of straightforward, reliable health calculators that can help you monitor various health issues without having to pay for health apps. Simply employ the included health status calculator to keep track of your current state but be certain to consult your healthcare provider regularly instead of fully relying on the results provided by this fitness tool.

The platform also features a Pregnancy calculator for women who need a straightforward tool for monitoring their pregnancy and determining its current stage. The BMI calculator is used for establishing your BMI (Body Mass Index), which is handy if you want to learn what body shape category you belong to. Simply type in your Weight and Height and receive the result instantly. Lastly, the Water Intake tool is a convenient utility that lets you know how much water you have to drink each day.

Physics Calculator for Scientists and Common People

Physics is an inseparable part of our day-to-day life so the need to do physics-based calculations can pop up regularly even if your work doesn’t have anything to do with science. Regardless of whether you want to determine the car acceleration speed, the friction force of walking, the amount of energy that is needed to perform a specific task, or the force of attraction between charges, Calculator Online has just the tools you need.

While you might feel wary of attempting to perform calculations that deal with physics equations and formulas, the truth is you don’t need to have a scientific background to use most of the calculators featured on this platform. It offers an array of tools for both beginners and experts in their fields that will help anyone solve their complex problems. Moreover, some calculators even break down the process into individual steps to help you understand how specific formulas resulted in a certain value.

For instance, the Ohms Law Calculator allows you to determine the power, current, voltage, and resistance by simply typing in 2 known values, as the tool calculates everything else automatically. Another example is the Momentum calculator that lets you estimate the momentum of an object that is moving in a circular path.

Calculator Online Prices

Calculator Online offers free access to all its calculators. That said, the free version contains quite a bit of ads. If you want to use this service without seeing ads, then you have to purchase a subscription. It’s available either for $4.99 a month or $39.99 a year.

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