Top 11 Canvas Printing Services to Address in 2022

If you want to find a great canvas print service that delivers high-quality results, read on to discover which things you need to consider. In this article, I will review the best companies on the market that provide affordable services and create pro-grade prints on canvases. They have a quick turnaround, which allows you to get the result in no time.

Top 11 Canvas Printing Services

  1. Mixbook - The best printing quality
  2. CanvasPop - The best materials for crafting
  3. Pictorem - Team of professional designers
  4. Sutterfly - Easy to create your own design
  5. CanvasHQ - Trusted by photographers
  6. TheCanvasPrints - Picture improving service included
  7. Photobucket Printshop - Frame finished prints
  8. Snapfish - Environment-friendly production
  9. Elephant Stock - Good customization options
  10. CanvasChamp - Over 4 billion prints sold
  11. Great Big Canvas - Lots of designing tools

If you want to order canvas prints online, select a service that allows you to place an order quickly. The best platforms make it easy for you to upload your images. Some companies also have online support and allow you to select custom sizes for your prints or add text.

To make the right choice, read these reviews of the best canvas printing services available today to select the company that suits your budget and needs best. All of them provide top-level printing services and produce high-quality prints. Select a company with a responsive customer support team that allows you to order prints of various sizes and select different materials.

1. Mixbook – Our Choice

The best printing quality
  • Custom designs
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to place an order
  • Gallery-framed art
  • Quite expensive

Verdict: Mixbook is a widely used platform that provides photo printing services and creates stunning photo books. Their prints are known for their high quality. The company specializes in producing gallery-grade textured canvases. It uses sag-resistant print fabric and allows you to select frames of different colors.

Thanks to its solid-front construction, you can don’t need to worry that your canvas will get stretched. To make it match the interior, you can select various frames.

The company sends prints with mounting brackets, which will save you much time and allow you to hang your wall art more quickly. You will quickly figure out how to use its tools. It enables you to choose various frames of different shapes and sizes. Besides, the company offers a choice of floating frames. You can choose frames of white, black, or brown colors.

mixbook canvas printing service interface

2. CanvasPop

The best materials for crafting
  • Handmade canvas prints
  • Responsive customer service
  • Allows placing orders quickly
  • Easy to mount
  • The packaging looks pretty basic

Verdict: CanvasPop provides a variety of services and creates beautiful canvas prints that will help you decorate your room. The key advantage of this company is that you can order many services on one platform.

It can transfer a picture to canvas while taking into account all your requirements, which makes it the best canvas print company in its niche. You can select a frame and enhance your images before printing them.

CanvasPop has a team of experts who will edit your image like a pro. You can perform various edits to get canvas prints that meet all your requirements. The company uses only the best materials and can print poly-cotton blend matte canvas. The materials are OBA- and acid-free. They don’t contain any additives. The prints are covered by a pH coating.

canvaspop canvas printing service interface

3. Pictorem

Team of professional designers
  • Free shipping
  • Includes a volume rebate
  • Has an ICC profile
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Delivery only to the US and Canada

Verdict: Pictorem lets you order custom canvas prints. This is a great solution for those who need to get a gallery-quality textured canvas with rich and perfectly saturated colors. Thanks to the special coating, the colors in these prints will remain the same for 200 years. The company prints images at 300 dpi and performs file optimization. Besides, it can enhance your image if necessary.

This platform is popular among photographers, designers, and business owners who value high canvas quality. You can select various frames, pick the most suitable mounting hardware, as well as choose a floating or wooden frame that will fit your interior.

Besides standard photo sizes, the company allows you to choose 30+ custom size options. You can order either a single or multiple panels. Besides, they print wall art using 5 finishes. For instance, you can ask them to print your image on a semi-gloss surface. In addition, you can order acrylic, metal, fine art paper prints, and mural prints. The latter are quite large and cover the entire wall.

pictorem canvas printing service interface

4. Shutterfly

Easy to create your own design
  • High-quality delivery packaging
  • Intuitive website layout
  • Allows selecting various gifts
  • Prints custom text
  • Some signs of blur in test photos
shutterfly canvas printing service

Verdict: Shutterfly allows you to order a wide choice of prints. Visit its website if you want to get a beautiful canvas print for decorating your room. It’s convenient to use and enables you to preview designs in 3D.

The company is known for its high-quality printing services. You won’t notice any signs of pixelation or other issues in your prints since it uses UV and fade-resistant inks. While wall arts are prone to getting bleaker over time, this canvas print service uses a special coating that delays discoloring.

What makes it different from various Shutterfly alternatives is that it allows you to print your images on various surfaces, including cards, stationery, calendars, personalized gifts, home décor, etc. You can also print photos on mugs, magnets, and posters as well as create thoughtful gifts, such as flowerpots, blankets, cellphone cases, pillows, shower curtains, and many other objects.

shutterfly canvas printing service interface

5. CanvasHQ

Trusted by photographers
  • A lifetime warranty
  • Shipping process is quite simple
  • Allows tracking orders
  • A range of print sizes
  • There is no international shipping
canvashq canvas printing service

Verdict: CanvasHQ has 10 years of experience. Over this time, the company established strong relationships with thousands of satisfied customers. This family-owned business values its clients and does everything to ensure their satisfaction, which makes it one of the best canvas printing services available today.

The company creates only canvas prints. You can quickly upload your images from your laptop, social media profile, or Dropbox. This service also allows you to drag and drop them just like in other photo printing apps. You can select one of 5 finishes, such as iridescent and vintage. Besides, you can enhance your photos by applying 9 effects to turn them black and white or tweak colors in the pictures of landscapes.

On the website, you can quickly place your order. Before printing it, they will send you an email with a file so that you could preview your image and make adjustments if it is necessary. If you are looking for a service that prints top-quality canvases, this is the best option to consider.

canvashq canvas printing service interface

6. TheCanvasPrints

Picture improving service included
  • Top-quality photo canvas
  • Deliver canvas within 2-5 days
  • Free editing service included
  • Money-back guarantee
  • High price
thecanvasprints canvas printing service logo

Verdict: TheCanvasPrints offers lots of canvas prints that can be further customized based on clients’ needs. For instance, they can make a single-image canvas print, wall display package and a collage, and print one photo on several canvases. Thanks to a broad range of options, you can create unique decorations for your home.

The service delivers canvases of the highest quality of 320 gsm, using 100% cotton surfaces. Thanks to high cotton density, you can be sure your canvas won’t lose its initial look over time.

You can send your own photos or use any image you like with high resolution. In addition to printing services, the company offers free editing options. What’s more, you can choose from multiple sizes, colors, and styles.

thecanvasprints canvas printing service interface

7. Photobucket Printshop

Frame finished prints
  • Prints in different sizes
  • Manifold printing options
  • You can order printing with frames
  • Reasonably priced services
  • No free samples
photobucket printshop canvas printing service logo
Photobucket Printshop

Verdict: Photobucket Printshop is a reputable printing service, where you can order photo printing on canvas as well as other objects (glass, cups, business cards, fabric, wallets, etc.). They offer prints of different sizes and styles, so getting a bespoke project is no problem here.

The collection of prints is amazing with wrap canvas, easel back canvas, floating frame canvas, and wood frame canvas being the most popular options. Besides, this photo printing service can create and print collages. There are actually 2 variants - wrapped collage canvas or floating frame collage.

The process is absolutely straightforward. Open Print Shop Lab and import your images. Select the needed parameters, crop photos if you want and use an online canvas maker for locating the subjects in a proper manner. It is also possible to choose another background for a creative outcome.

photobucket printshop canvas printing service website

8. Snapfish

Environment-friendly production
  • Affordable
  • Advanced editing tools
  • A variety of print surfaces
  • Sharing options
  • Poor-quality shipping packaging
snapfish canvas printing service

Verdict: Snapfish allows you to order high-quality prints at an affordable price. This service has a website with a well-thought-out interface. If you want to find a unique gift for your loved ones, you can select from a variety of options to print your pictures on. This service is perfect for budget-conscious people that are looking for a service that supports top-notch quality and has an easy-to-navigate platform.

Even if you have never used similar services before, you will easily figure out how to use this website and upload your pictures from social media. You can also edit them if necessary. However, this service has only basic photo enhancement options. If you are looking for more advanced tools, make sure to use professional photo editors.

Snapfish creates prints using environmentally friendly materials. It’s the only company on this list that can print your images on satin. While there is no information on their website whether their 12 water-based inks are resistant to fading, they are likely protected by a special spray since this technology is used by other companies in this field.

snapfish canvas printing service interface

9. Elephant Stock

Good customization options
  • Free shipping for the USA and Canada
  • Delivery time is 3–4 business days
  • 90-day return
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Doesn’t allow selecting frames and finish
elephant stock canvas printing service
Elephant Stock

Verdict: Elephant Stock is a well-established service that became one of the most popular wall-art retailers in the world. On this platform, you can buy prints created by artists from all over the world. Visit this site if you want to buy amazing artwork to complement your interior.

The company mostly sells wall art. However, you can also order a custom canvas print that will help you decorate your home. You can select one of 5 layouts, such as panoramic, horizontal, vertical, or square. This service also allows you to print one image on several canvases to make them look more unique.

This canvas print service uses pro-level photo editing software, which allows it to print up to 80×40-inch canvases. Besides canvas prints, Elephant Stock produces beautiful collages, hexagon-shaped and foam tile prints.

elephant stock canvas printing service interface

10. CanvasChamp

Over 4 billion prints sold
  • A 99-year warranty
  • An impressive choice of canvas prints
  • Ships outside the USA
  • Students are eligible for discounts
  • Digital proofs cost extra
canvaschamp canvas printing service

Verdict: CanvasChamp will be especially useful for those who need to print large canvas prints and hang them on the wall without spending loads of money. This company provides affordable services, which makes it perfect for budget-conscious people.

After selecting the type of print and the size of your canvas, you just need to upload your photo or add a link to one of the images posted on Facebook or Instagram. This service also has an extensive collection of stock prints that are perfectly suitable for basic interiors.

The company provides custom solutions. Besides canvas, you can order banners, pop art, bus roll, word art, etc. You can customize your canvases by adding text. The size of the canvas should be up to 54×54 inches. You can select a variety of frames and borders. For an additional price, you can order caricatures, pixel paintings, or images in the style of Andy Warhol.

canvaschamp canvas printing service interface

11. Great Big Canvas

Lots of design tools
  • Streamlined interface
  • Pro-level quality
  • A range of frames
  • Intuitive features
  • Not the most affordable option
great big canvas printing service
Great Big Canvas

Verdict: Unlike some other services, Great Big Canvas is extremely easy to use. Thanks to this company, you can quickly order a custom canvas print. The platform is easy to navigate, so it will take you only a few clicks to place an order, which makes it one of the best canvas printing services for those who need to save time.

You will be assigned a personal assistant who will help you design a stunning canvas print. Even if you have never ordered anything from this company before, you can be sure that you will receive high-quality results.

Great Big Canvas comes with a set of tools that you will master in no time. Its interface is pretty streamlined. You just need to upload a photo to see how it will look in different rooms. The available sizes will depend on the print type.

grumpicon svg converter interface