11 Best Health Apps For Android in 2024

By Tani Adams 20 days ago, Apps and Software

The best health apps for Android include exercise apps, calorie counters, activity tracking apps, or combo options. Such applications help you control your nourishment and analyze your activity during the day. Using these apps, you can lead a healthy lifestyle by working out, eating healthy food and meditating.

Top 11 Health Apps For Android

  1. MyFitnessPal - For food tracking
  2. Headspace - Meditation app
  3. Fooducate - Teaches about products
  4. Google Fit - Great for smartwatch
  5. Meditative Mind - Exclusive meditation and sleep music
  6. Lifesum - Diets & exercises
  7. MindTastik - Guided meditation app
  8. Insight Timer - 100+ new meditations each day
  9. Instant Heart Rate - For pulse measurement
  10. mySugr - For diabetics
  11. MyTherapy - Pill reminder app

Moreover, Android health applications may monitor heart rate, track sleep, create workouts, keep tabs on your calorie intake and burning, etc. Compiling a list of the best health apps for Android, I considered such aspects as price, simplicity of use and the possibility to generate an individual workout program.

1. MyFitnessPal - Our Choice

For food tracking
  • Calorie counting
  • Information about six million foods
  • Notifications throughout the day
  • Integrates with fitness apps
  • None

Verdict: One of the most exciting features of MyFitnessPal is that it integrates with Google Fit. You can sign up for the free account and start tracking your activities. It displays everything you do on a graphic overview on your Android screen, including calories burned, distance traveled, average speed, and time spent exercising.

With this fitness app, you can also get personalized tips from fitness experts and track everything you do online. If you feel that you need some training or if your workout routine needs a few adjustments, you can directly speak to a professional fitness expert in the MyFitnessPal community and ask him or her to guide you.

myfitnesspal health app for android interface

2. Headspace

Meditation app
  • Includes guided meditations
  • With emergency SOS
  • With at-home workouts
  • Has sleep music library
  • Expensive advanced features

Verdict: Headspace is a free app, which offer you numerous tools such as the ability to export data, view medical reports, and create reminder calls to remind you to take vitamins or supplements. You can even keep track of your food intake and plan and organize your meals accordingly.

One of the best things about the Headspace is the one-on-one support it provides to its users. Whether you have a question about a specific feature or have a concern about how a feature works, the people behind the project will be sure to respond and provide assistance.

headspace health app for android interface

3. Fooducate

Teaches about products
  • Tracks your exercise
  • Health professionals support
  • With a personalized nutrition grade
  • All features in Pro version

Verdict: Fooducate helps to lose weight by monitoring nutrition. The app provides you with a detailed analysis of your current health and the ways you can improve your health condition. It gives you a simple to understand menu which will help you find the right food to eat and the amount to eat for losing weight and developing a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, the app will also guide you through exercises.

Fooducate app for Android helps you to cook nutritious and delicious recipes for losing weight. The users are provided with detailed analysis about the food they eat that they can use to make healthy meals themselves.

fooducate health app for android interface

4. Google Fit

Great for smartwatch
  • Integrates with any Android Wear
  • Tools for analyzing statistics
  • Connects with favorite apps and devices
  • Sometimes doesn't show tracked work out
google fit health app for android logo
Google Fit

Verdict: The Google Fit health app for Android was developed with the intention of integrating the platform with personal fitness devices. It enables users to manage their health and fitness through a single interface. Users can keep track of their body metrics such as blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate and calories burned through the app. They can also see what they have achieved based on their fitness level through the interactive workout section.

This app offers easy access to various exercise guides and compatible work out plans through a single screen. It can be used to manage multiple fitness profiles including strength training, cardio workouts, and resistance exercises. It also provides users with detailed information about their current fitness routine and has a number of workout options, which include the calories that one needs to burn per session.

google fit health app for android interface

5. Meditative Mind

Exclusive meditation and sleep music
  • Sleep timer and autoloop features
  • Great search & filtering
  • Background playback and lock screen playback
  • Offline downloading
  • Quick streaming
  • 3-track download limit in a free version
meditative mind health app for android logo
Meditative Mind

Verdict: Meditative Mind contains a rich collection of music and chants for meditation. Here you can find audio for chakra healing, sound therapy, and yoga practice. In total, there are over 1000 tracks if you are a premium member. That collection includes 70+ files for free streaming and download. The bragging point of the service is that the library is extended with free and premium music on a weekly basis.

I like that finding a specific song is a quick and easy process thanks to a well-designed search. Besides, it is possible to filter tracks and series based on categories. You can configure any song to play endlessly, as well as set a timer for meditation or calm sleep. Thanks to background playback and lock screen playback, you can enjoy calming rhythms, while using another app or puttering around. This feature is also great in terms of saving battery charge.

meditative mind health app for android interface

6. Lifesum

Diets & exercises
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Has social media features
  • With recipes and meal planner
  • Limited number of recipes
lifesum health app for android logo

Verdict: Besides keeping track of your cholesterol readings, this application also allows you to set your target weight, as well as keeping track of calories burned as a result. The features are extensive and cover a wide range of topics including weight loss, fitness, and much more.

This health care app for Android is the most comprehensive and complete resource available, whether you need to learn about diet and exercise habits, track your weight, or get tips for improving your overall health. If you are ready to take control of your health, and if you want to make the most of your health insurance coverage, then you may want to consider purchasing this health care app for Android.

lifesum health app for android interface

7. MindTastik

Guided meditation app
  • Over 1,000 meditations
  • Handy search feature
  • Mood and progress trackers
  • Versions for iOS and Android devices
  • The functionality of the free version is limited
  • Occasional bugs
mindtastik health app for android logo

Verdict: MindTastik comes with a set of handy tools for improving your mood, reducing stress, restoring healthy sleep patterns, etc. This application was created for beginners and experienced users alike. Using it, you can select a suitable meditation, the duration of which ranges from 5 to 60 minutes. Select the most suitable option for your needs depending on the time of day and your mood.

You can find a suitable meditation manually by browsing the categories or using the search tools. In addition, you may use the music library with a collection of tracks. It can be accessed without a phone. The app is available for free.

mindtastik health app for android interface

8. Insight Timer

100+ new meditations each day
  • Over 6,000 hours of guided meditations
  • Thousands of music tracks
  • Bedtime tales and sleep meditations
  • Doesn't work in offline mode
insight timer health app for android logo
Insight Timer

Verdict: Insight Timer allows the user to track their health and fitness via smartphone. This app integrates with Google Fit, providing users with access to their own personal health data feed from multiple health and fitness websites in the real-time.

This app has different categories such as cardio workouts, strength training, fitness activities, weight loss, etc. and provide relevant content on each category, as well as allowing the user to change their privacy settings. Also this app has a library with thousands tracks, and you may need workout headphones to listen to music during your workout.

insight timer health app for android interface

9. Instant Heart Rate

For pulse measurement
  • Connects with Google Fit
  • Has PPG graph reports section
  • Cardio workout monitoring
  • Intrusive ads
instant heart ratehealth app for android logo
Instant Heart Rate

Verdict: With its heart-monitoring ability, Instant Heart Rate will track your pulse rate and give you details of your exercise intensity and calories burned during your session. It also comes with a number of useful features including a calorie counter, a clock, and many more. It has a calendar feature similar to option in the calendar apps.

You can set up a target goal by entering your age and gender to the fitness interface of the app. Moreover, you can track your cardio health score, average pace, number of sessions per week and the number of calories you burn in each session. With the impressive collection of over 150 recipes for delicious and nutritious meals, you can manage your diet and fitness.

instant heart rate health app for android interface

10. mySugr

For diabetics
  • Tracks blood sugar
  • Integrates with some existing hardware
  • Insulin calculator
  • You can sync only one hardware
mysugr health app for android logo

Verdict: Users can track their workout sessions, view their progress and create workout profiles to organize their workouts with mySugr. The fitness applications include an interface for users to export their workout details to an external application. The MySugr health app is also capable of tracking the calories that users burn while they are exercising, measure their heart rate and display their speed.

For instance, if users want to lose some weight, they can input their weekly target weight loss and the mySugr health app will generate a fitness plan based on the number of calories that users have burned during their workouts. Users can purchase additional add-ons from the mySugr. Some of these add-ons include workout guides, nutrition plans and motivational videos that provide detailed workout routines for users to follow. The mySugr health app for Android also provides users with customer support and online exercise classes.

mysugr health app for android interface

11. MyTherapy

Pill reminder app
  • Tracks chronic conditions
  • Great health journal
  • Family sharing
  • Lack of some basic features
mytherapy health app for android logo

Verdict: Whether you are looking to cut down on medical bills, or are in search of a new health insurance provider, MyTherapy can help you out. It's fast and simple to use. You simply download it onto your phone and you can instantly access any health information you may need in a matter of minutes.

No longer do you need to carry around paperwork when going to see a doctor, there is no need to fill out endless forms when getting your blood pressure checked or when you go to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions. The information you need to stay healthy and prevent disease are right at your fingertips.

mytherapy health app for android interface