CadenceSEO Agency Review to Drive Traffic to Your Website

By Kate Gross 9 days ago, Apps and Software


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  • Price: From $1500/mo

Verdict: CadenceSEO helped me to drive more organic traffic to my site by improving the domain authority in different areas. I was impressed by their professional approach. The team provided me with helpful tips and developed an effective strategy for promoting my services online. It helped me establish strong relationships with my clients, reach strategic goals, and fix a variety of issues.

The agency provides services for small and mid-range businesses. It worked with companies from different industries, such as photography, healthcare, technology, finance, etc.

  • Weekly tips and suggestions
  • Weekly check-in calls
  • White marketing approach
  • Impressive personalization
  • Consult on optimization
  • Some suggestions on content writing look too vague
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CadenceSEO provides a range of SEO services for photographers. Besides, the agency specializes in content marketing, email marketing, and B2B marketing. The company will drive more traffic to your website using the methods of organic promotion. It will help you increase your sales and develop your online presence.

The agency pays attention to clients’ needs and develops data-driven strategies. It will reach out to your target audience and create relevant content that will capture its attention. The team will increase your search engine ranking and increase the online visibility of your business.

CadenceSEO Agency — Main Features

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CadenceSEO strives to create custom solutions for its clients and provides them with effective optimization strategies for developing their businesses. The agency will conduct thorough research to learn more about your business and the area you specialize in. It will improve your online presence and help you increase your online visibility, which, in turn, will result in a profit increase.

Help Move the Website Higher in Search Rankings

The CadenceSEO team started by looking for errors that affected the performance of my website. They removed broken links to deleted pages and fixed other issues. Since I redesigned my website recently, there were many problems that required solutions. After performing a site audit and fixing the issues, the team used professional SEO software to improve the optimization of my website.

I was mostly communicating with a lead project manager. The team spent a lot of time analyzing the performance of my website and selecting the best optimization strategies. It did everything possible to ensure that my website ranks higher on search engines.

The key advantage of outsourcing website optimization to professionals is that it allows you to save money. You won’t need to hire an in-house specialist to promote your website. The team will analyze your website and perform a monthly audit to help you improve your online visibility.

Create Engaging Content That Drives Traffic from Search Systems

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The experts also created a plan to help me select the right keywords and produce engaging content for my website. I didn’t have a lot of content on my website, so it didn’t rank high on Google search. They advised me to create a blog where I could post content with target keywords.

The CadenceSEO content marketing agency provides services for businesses of all sizes. You can order the content audit, content plan creation, articles for your blog and website, keyword search, content marketing services, and promotion of your content on third-party platforms. This content marketing agency can also create engaging press releases and post backlinks on trustworthy platforms.

Before creating content, the team will help you set your goals, study your business and target audience, create an effective strategy and publishing schedule. I like that these professionals provide many other services besides writing texts. They can create videos, infographics, podcasts, and e-books.

The Development of Email Marketing Strategies for Engaging Your Target Audience

This digital marketing agency develops strategies for promoting products and services using the methods of email marketing. You will get a domain name that will enable you to send emails from your own domain.

The company will help you select the best platform for launching your cold email campaigns. Its team will set up an SMTP relay to increase the number of emails received by recipients. The agency will analyze your potential audience and send you a list of email contacts. It gets information from different platforms and uses LinkedIn targeting to create effective ads for your company.

After launching an email campaign, they analyze its effectiveness and collect information about your potential customers. They analyze how users interact with your ads and provide you with leads.

The professionals know how to create the right content for cold emails that can grab the attention of your potential customers. Besides, they will add booking links to your emails.

Experts Always Keep in Touch

I like that they always keep in contact. After reaching out to them, I was assigned an experienced manager who specializes in website optimization.

If a project manager can’t answer your question for some reason, you will be quickly contacted by another professional. To get help, you can fill out a special form on the website or call the phone number.

Short-Term Contracts

The CadenceSEO content marketing agency strives to create effective solutions for its clients and fix possible issues. It takes into account all the concerns voiced by their clients. This is why they don’t sign long-term contracts. Instead, they work on a month-to-month basis. You don’t need to worry about legal documents since the company will take care of everything.

Regularly Updated Blog

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Read this blog is if you want to learn about the methods of digital marketing and create a step-by-step schedule for promoting your website. The articles are published 4-5 times per month. You can also follow the social network accounts of the agency.

CadenceSEO Agency Prices

The key advantage of CadenceSEO is that they have a transparent pricing policy. They have fixed prices on optimization services: SMB/Local Optimization — $1500/mo, Consulting — $2900/mo, Consulting Plus — $4200/mo. Each package includes several services, such as audit, keyword analysis, competitor research, marketing dashboard set up and several extra options.