6 Best Piano Software in 2022

You do not need to purchase an expensive acoustic piano to produce impressive music as you can use the best piano software instead. In this review, you will find a great variety of virtual piano programs as well as sample-based and modeling VSTs.

Top 6 Piano Software

  1. Adobe Audition - Powerful effects
  2. XLN Audio Addictive Keys - Best VST
  3. Sweet Little Piano - Pre-mapped keyboard keys
  4. Spectrasonics Keyscape - Over 500 piano sounds
  5. Toontrack EZKeys - For beginners
  6. My Piano Phone - Complete piano keyboards

Such tools offer a great variety of features. They allow you to restore audio and edit several tracks. Some of them have an in-built media browser. The piano software is compatible with a great variety of audio file formats and codecs. You can use the plugins with a free DAW software.

With the best piano software, you can take polish your piano keyboard skills by using various useful features. To do this, you will need a midi keyboard, a PC, and a VST.

1. Adobe Audition - Our Choice

Powerful effects
  • Awesome set of plugins
  • Audio restoration features
  • You can adjust several tracks at once
  • None

Verdict: Adobe Audition gives you the ability to make high-quality piano demos quickly and easily. The best part about using this software is that it will allow you to edit your demo as many times as you like.

Features of the software include an audio recorder, tools to select and modify notes, the ability to export a track as a WAV file, and the ability to send multiple recordings to a single destination. It's also worth mentioning that this software has a free trial that you can download and try before you purchase.

adobe audition piano software interface

2. XLN Audio Addictive Keys

Best VST
  • An expandable tones collection
  • Offers realistic piano sound
  • Amazing microphone options
  • Unnecessarily graphics-rich

Verdict: XLN Audio Addictive Keys includes more than three thousand sounds of virtual instruments created by the all-analog XLN sound engine. It features an intuitive interface that works with Windows or Mac.

This plug-in can also be connected to the audio editors for Mac and recording software. The included VST compatible library allows you to load a large number of virtual instruments, and there are hundreds of sound effect recordings to choose from. It allows you to sample a wide range of sounds, and create your own compositions.

xln audio addictive keys piano software interface

3. Sweet Little Piano

Pre-mapped keyboard keys
  • Customizing interface and keyboard layout
  • Supports MIDI audio files
  • You can play piano and other instruments
  • Small virtual keyboard

Verdict: A Sweet Little Piano is a computer keyboard that can only be played using a MIDI program. You can use this tool without MIDI cables or MIDI interface cards. It supports MIDI audio files and many various virtual instruments.

This piano software is very easy to use with its on-screen keys and the included sounds produce a rich piano experience. The on-screen keys make it simple to learn how to use the piano software without having to know any technical terms such as note values or octaves.

sweet little piano software interface

4. Spectrasonics Keyscape

Over 500 piano sounds
  • Massive selection of sounds
  • Customizable tools
  • 77GB of storage space
  • Advanced subtleties are not supported

Verdict: A wide array of sounds and voices are available with the Spectrasonics Keyscape and each of these comes in several models that can fit your specific budget. This piano software will allow you to save hundreds of songs that you might want to learn on the piano. In addition to providing great learning and playing experience, Spectrasonics Keyscape provides many helpful tips and tricks for pianists to become more creative players.

This tool allows you to play piano notes in the style that you want to emulate. This means that you are able to play compositions in genres that you enjoy. However, with this software, you don't have to spend a lot of money in order to purchase all the necessary accessories and sounds that you need to play piano with confidence.

spectrasonics keyscape piano software interface

5. Toontrack EZKeys

For beginners
  • Many integrated songs
  • You can use two keyboards
  • Nice set of virtual instruments
  • No recording tools

Verdict: If you need to teach yourself how to play the piano, or if you simply want to bring joy back to your life after being a musician for years, Toontrack EZ Keys will do wonders for you. The software contains a library of sounds that can be played along with the piano notes, giving you a rich and deep musical experience. If you want to learn how to reproduce music by ear, you can use the music transcription software.

This program makes arranging easy, so you will spend less time on music production. Aside from teaching you how to play the piano, Toontrack EZ Keys also allows you to use other electronic musical instruments with it.

toontrack ezkeys piano software interface

6. My Piano Phone

Complete piano keyboards
  • Automatic backups
  • Notifications if backups fail
  • Easy restore process
  • Weak functionality

Verdict: My Piano Phone designed to teach all ages and abilities how to play the piano using your phone. It allows you to play anytime. The software comes with over 90 songs to teach you the basics, including the right and left-hand chords. This program also contains musical games that challenge your memory and hand strength.

If you're a beginning piano player, you'll love being able to learn chords by simply looking at the screen. My Piano Phone will allow you to view your posture as you play, helping you to correct any problems.

my piano phone piano software interface