5 Best Remix Software in 2022

If you want to start a career as a DJ or are eager to try mixing various tracks, you will need to use the best remix software. After learning more about the best options available, you will be able to create unique remixes that will attract the attention of many listeners.

Top 5 Remix Software

  1. Ableton Live - Mixing and recording
  2. Mixxx - Open-source
  3. Celemony Melodyne - Plugin or standalone program
  4. VirtualDJ - With powerful browser
  5. Accusonus Regroover - For making top loops

On this list, you will find programs for beginners and professionals. With these programs, you can create original music mixes and save them in MP3 format. These tools have various useful features, like beat sync, auto-looping, key lock, fully automatic mixing.

Besides, they are compatible with DJ controllers. You can use them for searching songs, generating playlists, and accessing the iTunes music library.

1. Ableton Live - Our Choice

Mixing and recording
  • Over 1500 sounds and 29 audio effects
  • You can use up to 16 tracks
  • Supports MIDI control instruments
  • None

Verdict: There are so many different elements within Ableton Live that allow you to edit, add effects and even fully customize your sounds. Some of the main features are extensive audio editing options, drum programming and a comprehensive MIDI sequencer. You can use over 1500 sounds and 29 audio effects to enhance your track.

Another feature of this remix software is the fact that it is cross-compatible with many other programs such as Pro Tools, Logic, ProClip and Cubase. In addition to this, the MIDI sequencer included with this EDM software means that you can import any MP3 file that you want onto the computer.

ableton live remix software interface

2. Mixxx

  • Awesome effects, such as reverb and scratch
  • Great mixer
  • iTunes library integration
  • No mobile support

Verdict: With Mixxx you can create original sounds right on your computer that can be used to create whole mixes for your DJ CDs. This innovative software will allow you to create a huge variety of sounds. You will find that the software does not take up too much space on your hard drive.

The reason why this software makes it easier for you to create sounds for your mixes is a patented technology called "Creative audio coding". The codes are protected so you do not have to worry about your music being pirated off the Internet. Also, it comes with video tutorials that show you exactly how to use the program.

mixxx remix software interface

3. Celemony Melodyne

Plugin or standalone program
  • MIDI editor
  • Spectral editing tools
  • Improved ‘Melodic’ algorithm
  • No polyphonic DNA in the free version

Verdict: Celemony Melodyne comes with 5 different modules that enable you to mix, edit, record, and use a MIDI keyboard. You can also find additional features like a lock/unlock function, volume mixing, pitch shifting, repeat mode, and "Ankle hook" for sending drum beats. With this remix software, you can record audio from any source. You can import MP3s, audio from microphones, and more.

The lock/unlock option is very handy when working on a session with multiple users. Each member can be given his/her own tab so that everyone can see the notes played. The undo function makes it easy to go back and fix mistakes. It also allows you to edit notes that have been played previously.

celemony melodyne remix software interface

4. VirtualDJ

With powerful browser
  • Supports a lot of music and video formats
  • Supports add-ons
  • Convenient equalizers and filters
  • Limitations in the free version

Verdict: VirtualDJ offers a huge range of features to improve the efficiency of your mixing and mastering abilities. VirtualDJ is able to rip any music from any format and make it mix exactly like the original. Using this software there is no more need to worry about the quality of your music.

Other great features of VirtualDJ are the ability to edit any song at any time, the ability to add another track at any time, the ability to preview mixes before you download them, and the capability to send files to other DJs via email. This free DJ software for Mac will enable you to build a library of high-quality beats that will satisfy all types of party-goers.

virtualdj remix software interface

5. Accusonus Regroover

For making top loops
  • Splits audio into four layers
  • Awesome effects, like EQ and compression
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Not so great with kick drums

Verdict: Accusonus Regroover features a powerful onboard mixer that lets you mix your original audio with the track that you want to share or perform on. The program has a set of features similar to tools in the DAW software such as virtual reverb, virtual bass sound, real-time filter, lyrically shifted voice, wave mode select, and a lot more. This remix software provides an extensive library of virtual instruments including acoustic, electric, classic rock, new age, metal, and more.

There are four channels for the input of the original sound, three for the effect feed, two for the transport of the sound to another place, and one to save the track. It comes with a number of popular sounds, including vocal, guitar, drum, bass, and more. For users who like to have a lot of plug-ins to choose from, the product comes with almost 500 sounds that can be easily added to your library.

accusonus regroover remix software interface