5 Best Free Radio Automation Software in 2022

With the best free radio automation software, you can manage and schedule content for your broadcasting station with little to no effort. With these programs, you can optimize your workflow, as these tools can keep your station running all around the clock.

Top 5 Free Radio Automation Software

  1. RadioDJ - First class cross-fade
  2. PlayIt Live - Unique scheduling
  3. ZaraStudio - Convenient events module
  4. Mixxx - Built-in encoder
  5. BUTT - Supports SHOUTcast and Icecast

When selecting the best free radio automation software, I took into account their compatibility with different operating systems. Besides, I checked whether they have tools for managing music and allow creating playlists and radio broadcasts.

The best programs allow you to use your mic input or any audio and play it for your listeners.

1. RadioDJ - Our Choice

First class cross-fade
  • Auto DJ
  • Easy track management
  • Advanced scheduler for events
  • None

Verdict: With the help of RadioDJ, you can play different radio channels from all over the world. You can carry on rotating radio channels by setting up separate playlists for various geographic locations. This software will enable you to take control of your favorite music channels and mix music from all genres such as jazz, rock, hip hop, reggae, and salsa.

RadioDJ offers the complete functionality of music mixing and recording from the comfort of your laptop. With the help of the software, you can record, mix and master any song or audio similar to what you can do with the DJ software for Mac. The total operation of the Radio DJ is controlled by simple commands entered by the user through a graphical interface.

radiodj free radio automation software interface

2. PlayIt Live

Unique scheduling
  • Great set of plugins
  • Automatically analyzes silence in tracks
  • The segue editor
  • Limited audio formats

Verdict: PlayIt Live allows you to manage your radio station from anywhere, as long as you have Internet access. This software is free, so you do not have to pay anything to be able to use it. It also integrates with webcams.

PlayIt Live allows you to import and save all your radio shows to your computer. You will get to see a list of your radio shows and even see them in order of play date, time duration, radio genre, and more. You can also find out what songs are playing from various genres like R&B, jazz, rap, country, classic rock, and much more. If you need to download songs, you can use a free music downloader.

playit live free radio automation software interface

3. ZaraStudio

Convenient events module
  • Crossfade between audios
  • DTMF tones detection
  • Works with Windows-compatible sound cards
  • Some limitations in the free version

Verdict: ZaraStudio helps to control and automate radio shows. One of the main features that this program has been the "FX Presets" that allows the user to save specific settings and mixes for each radio show that they are going to play. By doing this, the person who is going to be using this software will not have to take their time finding all of the different preset songs and mixes to use for their particular radio show.

With this software, anyone can set up and configure how much automated music they want to play. The song will automatically play in the background for as long as someone is tuning in to the station.

zarastudio free radio automation software interface

4. Mixxx

Built-in encoder
  • Auto DJ for automation
  • Up to 4 microphone inputs
  • Built-in ID3 tag editor
  • No remote control feature

Verdict: Mixxx lets you set up your own radio station and then play music from your collection. It has a feature set that allows you to add new songs easily. With Mixxx you can play almost any kind of music as long as it's available for your radio station.

You can also pause or rewind the music and listen to it in the background. This free audio editing software also includes a built-in database of popular music that you can play in the background, which you can even customize to include your favorite artists or songs.

mixxx free radio automation software interface


Supports SHOUTcast and Icecast
  • Cross-platform
  • You can record your session in WAV
  • Supports multi-channel audio devices
  • Random interruptions during transmission

Verdict: BUTT allows you to manage and view the channel's activities from any computer by simply logging into your account from any web connection and viewing your recordings. It provides such a solution that it can be used in conjunction with any programming language.

The free radio automation software features a series of user-friendly modules that will make it easy for you to configure your radio station. Some of the features include the ability to manage multiple radio stations and even a PABX. You are able to input text and even have the audio come through your computer. In addition to all of this, Butt will allow you to create a database of your own data and catalog your favorite shows.

butt free radio automation software interface