Fotor vs Photoscape: Which Software is Better

By Eva Williams 17 days ago, Software Reviews

If you want to improve your photos without addressing professionals, you should compare Fotor vs PhotoScape, as both programs have many great tools for the task. Fotor is available online. In the case of PhotoScape, you need to download and install it on your computer.

Fotor is popular among professional and amateur photographers, as well as people engaged in related industries. It includes tools for enhancing pictures quickly and allows you to apply various effects and filters to achieve incredible results. You can crop images, adjust the size, correct colors, work with the background and blur it. This is a good option if you need to create flyers, business cards, invitations, and more.

PhotoScape contains professional-grade tools and features for improving photos taken with a digital camera or smartphone. You can apply tons of filters, adjust white balance and gradient temperatures to get breathtaking pictures. Plus, you can get rid of imperfections, create animated GIFs, and add brand watermarks.

What Is Fotor?

fotor logo

Fotor is an online editor with a wide range of tools. Being the best photo editing software for beginners, it is also suitable for professional purposes. You can edit shots in many formats including RAW.

Fotor has a handy menu that contains tons of useful tools. You can enhance your pictures with unique color settings and take advantage of the tilt-shift tool. Besides, you can manually adjust the levels and curves. However, the lack of professional-level features is a serious disadvantage of this program.

Support for batch editing appeals to many users. Thus, you can improve your pictures at a lightning-fast speed. You just need to upload the entire collection into a program and run image processing. What's more, the program has a great filter pack for instant color correction. Depending on the shooting conditions, you can apply landscape, artificial light, theater, portrait, and other presets to improve your pics.

  • fotor interface
  • fotor interface

    Fotor: Pros and Cons

    Basic editing capabilities. Fotor has basic tools and some powerful functions for more complex tasks. You can adjust saturation, contrast, brightness, and other settings easily. Moreover, you can add text, sharpen or blur an image, rotate it, remove blemishes, and more. At the same time, this software is easy to use and it is a more appealing option in the Fotor vs PhotoScape battle if you're a beginner with poor editing experience.

    Smooth work with colors. You can easily find proper colors, moving the corresponding sliders. The possibility to monitor all changes in colors and shades allows you to find the most suitable settings for your photos. If you are not satisfied with the program's capabilities, you can contact professional retouchers to improve your shots.

    Pre-ready tools for fast editing. The program contains over 1000 design templates dimensions, 300+ custom-designed stickers, and about 30 stylized picture frames. There are also great stickers to add to your cards or use them as backgrounds in designs.

    Simple tools to create a collage. This program amazes with its collage-making capabilities. You can choose the position of elements, adjust the size, add text, effects, modify borders, etc. This free photo collage maker contains over eighty templates for quick and easy work. Besides, you can merge objects horizontally or vertically in a matter of seconds. For more impressive results, you can also adjust colors and thickness of a frame.

    A lot of preloaded effects. Using available effects, you can speed up your workflow significantly. Apply Classic Toy, or Smudge, or even Warm Winter effect to your image. Fotor includes a great set of effects for creative experiments. By the way, you can use a pack of black and white filters to achieve the desired look.

    Advanced Beauty features. This software has great features for portrait photography enthusiasts who want to improve their images. The Beauty tool allows you to perform basic manipulations with skin, face and other parts of portraits. You can enhance eyes, teeth, get rid of wrinkles, remove blemishes or other skin imperfections.

    Not suitable for creating artwork from the ground up.

    Lack of plugin support.

    What Is CorelDRAW?

    photoscape logo

    PhotoScape is a program with a simple and intuitive interface. This photo editing software has a tool wheel that includes various functions – Editor, Combine, Batch Editor, and others. You can resize, add various effects, crop, adjust color and contrast levels, and perform other adjustments.

    This program is suitable for creating slideshows, collages, panoramas, and other designs using built-in templates. This slideshow maker is specially designed for beginner users, but it can also cope with more complicated tasks. Another advantage of this software is its collection of filters. You can apply them to correct contrast, sharpness, brightness, and other settings quickly.

    The developers of the program have included several useful bonuses. For example, you can group pictures in GIF Maker, use the image picker, and RAW to JPG conversion, as well as apply vintage options, framing, and Instagram filters.

    • photoscape interface
    • photoscape interface

      PhotoScape: Pros and Cons

      Editing toolkit for beginners. This software contains all the basic tools for editing. Color grading, cropping, animation, resizing and other features are included in the package. PhotoScape is a good choice if you have little experience and want to make basic changes as fast as possible. By the way, you can undo any manipulation if you are not satisfied with the outcome.

      Batch editor included. Similar to its rival in the Fotor vs PhotoScape battle, this program has a batch processing option. You can resize, rename, and convert an entire collection of images in one click.

      Easy-to-use RAW converter. You can convert RAW photos to JPEG format. PhotoScape allows you to open and edit RAW images regardless of whether you took them with Olympus, Canon, or Nikon cameras.

      Great object tab. You can make your designs more eye-pleasing, applying clip art objects. You can also use any other photo or image from the clipboard. The program includes an advanced text tool for inserting formatted text. What's more, there is a symbol tool that helps you find all character fonts on your PC and add them to your image. You can adjust objects by resizing, rotating, and moving them.

      Tools to create a quick collage. There are over 100 grid layouts available in the program. Thus, you only need to add pictures to the boxes to get a finished collage. You can move and scale each image to fit the grid. Plus, you can customize borders, work with corners, use filters and frames to give your collage artistic tweaks. When you're done, go to the editor or save the result.

      Simple animation tools. The program has the AniGif feature, so you can use multiple images to create a frame-based animation.

      Lacks background changing feature.

      It is impossible to work with several documents simultaneously.

      Fotor vs PhotoScape: Price

      fotor vs photoscape price

      Both programs are free to use without time restrictions. If you need more than basic functionality, you can buy the Fotor Pro version for $8.99 per month. This plan is suitable for small businesses, freelancers, and designers. In addition to advanced features, you also get 200+ premium photo effects, remarkable beauty touch-ups, over 200 collage layouts, 100+ frames, and more than 300 stylish fonts.

      Fotor Pro+ plan for $19.99/month is a nice variant for start-ups, agencies, and corporate marketing companies. It includes all the features of the Pro version, plus templates, fonts, stickers, and stock photos. All design elements are updated every week and you also get priority email support.

      PhotoScape X Pro costs $39.99. For this money, you get a plethora of effects, filters and advanced features.

      Fotor vs PhotoScape: Who Wins?

      There is no clear winner in the Fotor vs PhotoScape battle. The choice depends on your tasks and preferences. Fotor is a good option if you need decent software similar to Photoshop. It allows you to perform various manipulations with pictures: adjusting contrast, brightness, color and other parameters, adding frames, effects, and stickers.

      PhotoScape doesn’t allow you to work with multiple files at a time and lacks photo montage tools, but you can use it for basic tweaks. It includes a preload screen capture tool, a variety of filters and effects, and supports batch editing. The program also includes options for viewing and managing photos.

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