FilterPixel Review 2023: Features & Options


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Verdict: FilterPixel is the best photo culling software I have ever used as it helped me save a lot of time, which is crucial for every wedding photographer.

I was pleased with its precision. This program helped me significantly optimize my workflow. The developers listen to users’ suggestions, which allows them to make their software even more convenient to use.

  • AI-driven tools
  • Automatically groups photos
  • A collection of filters
  • Quick export
  • A free trial version has a limited set of features
  • No pro-level manual settings
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FilterPixel is a convenient editing software with a variety of handy AI-based tools that allow users to perform culling and apply filters leveraging the power of artificial intelligence technology.

FilterPixel: Main Features

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What makes this software stand out among other similar AI photo editors is that its tools automatically adapt to the style of a user. The program analyzes the way you edit your photos and produces similarly edited pictures.

You will easily figure out how to use this software as its UI is quite intuitive. Thanks to it, this program can be used by photographers with different levels of experience. It is mostly used by beginners, but it supports RAW format, which allows users to edit their pictures at a professional level.

One-Click Culling Providing Accurate Results

filterpixel photo culling

Before starting to use the tools available in this photo editing software, you need to carefully select images. If you use FilterPixel, the culling process will take a few minutes, as the program will do everything automatically.

FilterPixel has AI-driven tools that group similar pics and select the ones that have the highest quality. This way, you can easily remove blurry pictures and add reject tags to them. If you want to perform high-end like a pro, make sure to select files of top quality.

filterpixel photo culling options

In case you tried to implement some creative ideas when taking your pics, you don’t need to worry that this AI tool will reject photos with aesthetic blur. Besides, it can skip photos taken with a slow shutter speed.

This is why you can perform image manipulation knowing that your photos won’t get automatically rejected by this software.

Ability to Look at the Details & Metadata

filterpixel zooming

In some cases, a photographer might need to select the best picture manually. This is when the auto-zooming feature available in FilterPixel will be quite useful.

The software automatically enlarges faces, which allows you to better see whether the eyes are open and whether the facial features of a person are blurry or not. It will be especially useful for those who need to select suitable group photos.

The Details tab is right after the Faces tab. Here, you will find plenty of useful options. For instance, you can see the tags that the program added to your photo as well as analyze focus and eye quality scores.

Similarly to professional RAW photo editors, this software displays metadata. Due to this, you can find plenty of useful information about your photo.

Flexible Comparison Mode after Finding Pic Duplicates

filterpixel comparison mode

If you have ever utilized a photo duplicate finder released by other teams, you will be impressed with FilterPixel, as it has more advanced functionality. You just need to press the C button to start looking for duplicates.

If you aren’t sure whether two pictures are duplicates, you can use the Comparison mode to see the differences.

Using the arrows, you can switch between different photos. You can also zoom in on faces and pay attention to meters when analyzing focus and eye quality. Unlike other software that I have used, FilterPixel allows me to perform this task quickly and efficiently.

Smart Filtering for Accurate Subjects Detection

filterpixel filters

FilterPixel has filtering tools that are better than the ones that you can find in widely-used facial recognition software. The program automatically adds tags to pictures, for instance, High-Quality Eyes or Great Focus. You can also filter your pics by actions.

For instance, if you choose “dancing,” you will see every picture with dancing newlyweds. The best thing about this is that there is a variety of tags available. Thanks to it, I can easily find photos where newlyweds are laughing or the eyes of the bride are half-closed.

filterpixel filters quality sliders

Besides, you can sort your photos by eye quality and focus percentage. If you don’t want to see pictures, the quality of which is lower than 50%, you can automatically hide them.

Due to this, you can easily organize your gallery and quickly perform culling.

Beta Version with Editing Options per Request

Recently, the developers released the FilterPixel beta version. You can access it after registering. If you use Adobe software, such as Lightroom, for editing your photos, you won’t face any difficulties when trying to use the available features.

You can perform advanced color correction in a few clicks. To save time, you can apply presets to optimize your workflow. Besides, you can use a variety of other tools that allow you to adjust white balance, contrast, light, and other parameters in Lightroom using the FilterPixel plugin.

FilterPixel Prices

If you aren’t sure whether you need to purchase a subscription, you can use a 14-day trial to test out the features available in FilterPixel.

There are 2 versions of this service, a free and paid one. Depending on the complexity of your project and the tools that you need to use, you can select the most suitable option.

You can use the Basic Plan free of charge. It will be useful for those who don’t need a lot of options. This plan includes manual culling and exporting options.

The Pro Plan costs $10.19/month, which allows you to get access to all the features of the service. You will be able to perform automated culling, work in survey mode, use the AutoSelect function, and other options. Besides, this version supports face views.


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