6 Best Facial Recognition Software in 2024

With the help of the best facial recognition software, one can diagnose patients suffering from genetic conditions, minimize malware attacks, prevent cyber crimes and wrongful arrests. Besides, developers have released many entertaining apps, such as Face app, that use facial recognition technology.

If you work for a large company, you might have already used such software for tracking the productivity of employees, limiting access rights to sensitive data and creating secure environments. With it, you can also quickly identify your clients and ensure that they will get personalized service.

Top 6 Facial Recognition Software

  1. CompreFace - Open-source
  2. FaceFirst - Mobile face recognition
  3. Kairos - Works with photo and video
  4. Trueface - Solutions for each deployment
  5. Animetrics - SetPose feature
  6. Clarifai - Automatically assign tag

These programs provide surveillance and access control features, come with advanced face recognition options and enable you to work with biometric data. Some programs also support emotion, age, voice and gender recognition.

With them, you can analyze the behavior of your customers as well. Some programs support gesture recognition and background segmentation or allow you to apply facial effects.

1. CompreFace - Our Choice

  • Easy to set up and use
  • A UI panel with roles for access control
  • Scalable solution
  • None

Verdict: CompreFace is designed to be able to recognize both photographs and videos of individuals. This software is very scalable. It also has a UI panel with roles for access control.

In order for this facial recognition software to work, it needs to be able to recognize the basic features of each individual in the database. The software is able to determine the gender or ethnicity of an individual. CompreFace was created with the intention of allowing consumers to make more informed decisions about their purchases. This program more accurate than other similar software on the market at this time.

compreface facial recognition software interface

2. FaceFirst

Mobile face recognition
  • Emotion recognition
  • Can recognize voice, age and gender
  • Simple integration
  • Need an additional storage

Verdict: FaceFirst offers a very wide range of products, such as smart motion detectors that will track faces, smart cameras with high resolution and face recognition capabilities, and other security products. Their technologies are helping police departments all over the world with face recognition data to prevent, apprehend, and recover criminals.

A typical security system that uses face recognition software will allow you to see exactly who is on the other side of your door before you let anyone in. It also lets you see if they are attempting to break in before you even get out of your car or home. This Artificial Intelligence software can determine if people are friends or family members that are not on the homeowner's insurance policy, or if they are trying to break into your house. You can take a picture of the person that the software has identified to help police if the need arises.

facefirst facial recognition software interface

3. Kairos

Works with photo and video
  • Emotion analysis
  • Match faces with ease
  • Multi-face detection
  • Expensive

Verdict: Kairos can recognize a human's face and do many different things like blink, smile, and move their head to make the interaction between the two easier. Another key point in facial recognition software is the ability of it to interact with a user's natural expressions.

Currently, there are a couple of different technologies in place that are used to enable the user to tell when they are happy, sad, angry, or anything else. You will have the added benefit of being able to set your mood and have the computer constantly monitor how you feel so that you can better control your emotions.

kairos facial recognition software interface

4. Trueface

Solutions for each deployment
  • Face extraction and landmark detection
  • Works with head pose
  • Operates offline
  • Can be a bit complicated

Verdict: Trueface can recognize the patterns of faces and "tag" these faces so that the owner or users of the computer can be identified. Some of the other important milestones achieved by Trueface include being able to "remember" names and faces, and being able to "recognize" people by their voice.

The facial recognition software works by analyzing a person's eye movements. When an individual blinks, the eyes will flicker. Essentially, the computer is taking the human motion and applying it to the Trueface database, which is comprised of millions of different human eyes.

trueface facial recognition software interface

5. Animetrics

SetPose feature
  • Search moderation
  • Semantic and visual terminologies library
  • Integrates with ease
  • High price

Verdict: Animetrics allows for the iris scans of humans to be uploaded into a central database that can be accessed by law enforcement agencies, doctors, and nurses for a variety of reasons. In a fusion center, a number of iris scanners (usually twenty-six total) are installed in a large room that holds an enormous amount of data. If you want to secure your data, you may need to use laptops with a fingerprint reader.

A technician is stationed at the front desk who synchronizes the databases of all of the local departments. The information that is fed into the central database is used to populate the applications of computer systems that are linked to hundreds of different databases. When a person applies for a job in one of the various industries that have been augmented with the biometric data of the applicant (such as security guards and delivery drivers), the system will match the fingerprint scan of that person with the iris scan of the person seeking work.

animetrics facial recognition software interface

6. Clarifai

Automatically assign tag
  • Automatic backups
  • Notifications if backups fail
  • Easy restore process
  • Weak functionality

Verdict: Clarifai has been making high-quality facial recognition software that makes it easy for any consumer to use. It doesn't matter if you need a simple identification search, or you need a full facial recognition software program. You can use it for any of these things and more.

The company has also taken it a step further by offering the customer the ability to use this image recognition software on their own phone. This is especially useful for people who are purchasing items for the first time and don't have access to a computer or other type of technology to help them.

clarifai facial recognition software interface