5 Best Music Recognition Software in 2021

It might be difficult to find a song that you have heard on the radio unless you use the best music recognition software that helps you to search for audio tracks. With such programs, you can easily find out the name of any song in a few clicks. Besides, you will discover where you can buy it.

By using these music recognition programs, you can avoid wasting your time and find any information more quickly, be it lyrics or the name of an artist.

Top 5 Music Recognition Software

  1. Shazam - Auto-listen feature
  2. Midomi - Web-based platform
  3. Tunatic - Simple tool
  4. MusicID - Mobile app
  5. MusixMatch - A huge catalog of music lyrics

The best music recognition software should have a well-thought-out interface and search features. It should allow you to add a song to your favorites, listen to a sample, share the music track with your friends and listen to it on popular music platforms.

Some programs also allow you to watch music clips and search for tracks by the same artist. To make your experience even more enjoyable, you can synchronize your app with social network accounts and adjust the settings to your liking.

1. Shazam - Our Choice

Auto-listen feature
  • Continuous song recognition
  • Access daily music mixes
  • Full integration with Facebook and Spotify
  • None

Verdict: The most useful Shazam feature allows you to search for a song by typing its initials or by looking at its song title. Another helpful feature allows you to look up a song by genre, artist name or a specific actor or actresses voice. To take it a step further, this music recognition software has a powerful background analysis feature which allows you to compare different versions of the same song.

Other useful features include background information, lyrics and other related information, artist bio and album artwork. Also, you can use Shazam to edit, mix and analyze music videos. If you need to add lyrics to your clips, you may try to use lyrics video maker apps. Other useful Shazam options allow you to save the song or just add a different logo to the video to update its look.

shazam music recognition software interface

2. Midomi

Web-based platform
  • The Sound2Sound search engine
  • Can identify songs that you sing or hum
  • Sharing the songs through Twitter, Facebook
  • Accuracy only about 70%

Verdict: The sensing technology of Midomi uses an array of filters to determine the type of sound, which is then decoded by the device's artificial intelligence system. It works because of the Sound2Sound search engine. This online program can identify songs that you sing or hum.

Users will only need to open the software to start tracking their favorite artists and songs and also get access to millions of videos. Also, you can share your favorite songs through social media such as Twitter, Facebook.

midomi music recognition software interface

3. Tunatic

Simple tool
  • Identify songs by sound
  • Fast search
  • Supports both Windows and Mac
  • Doesn't always work

Verdict: Tunatic allows you to quickly identify music even after you've downloaded and installed it on your personal computer. Simply scan and play the track you want to recognize. You can also select "Loop" or" Repeat" to continue playing a seconds-long track.

This software is also great for music identification of downloaded MP3 songs. It even has an innovative way of sorting your songs by the artist name, album name, or track name. It could also be used to create playlists or create email notification alerts. To organize your music collection, you also need music management software.

tunatic music recognition software interface

4. MusicID

Mobile app
  • You can add notes
  • Information about artists
  • Provides metadata
  • Only the basic information

Verdict: MusicID can recognize MP3 music and play songs from a selection of recorded media files. It can be used to remember thousands of songs, and perform basic tasks such as track selection, genre recognition. It plays the song in the correct format for your device.

This music recognition app will be able to identify all of your music files, whether they have been recorded from CDs, played from digital files, downloaded from the Internet or were written to a CD or cassette. A high-quality built-in music player for iPhone will also be able to play the files on a variety of devices.

musicid music recognition software interface

5. MusixMatch

A huge catalog of music lyrics
  • Tagging lyrics
  • You can share lyrics
  • Sync lyrics with the song
  • Annoying ads in the free plan

Verdict: With MusixMatch you can quickly recognize songs simply by listening to the music and the relevant lyrics. And it also recognizes even if you don't know the artist's name.

The first step you should take is to open the app and search for the types of music you would like to play. Just type in the correct name for the track you would like to play and click the search button. The rest will take place automatically.

musixmatch music recognition software interface
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