5 Best Film Scoring Software in 2021

If you want to create a music track for your movie or add a voice-over, make sure to use the best film scoring software. Many professionals use a variety of tools for dubbing movies, including DAW, music notation programs, MIDI keyboard and VST instruments.

Top 5 Film Scoring Software

  1. Logic Pro X - Best for Mac
  2. Cubase - Best for Windows
  3. Albion One - Great orchestral section
  4. Bassynth - 4-voice engine
  5. MOTU’s Digital Performer - MIDI sequencing

When deciding which programs to review, I was checking whether it was possible to use them for free and if they were compatible with different platforms. Besides, I considered whether they are suitable for beginners. You can use programs from this list for adding sound effects, dialogue, score mixing and recording, etc.

1. Logic Pro X - Our Choice

Best for Mac
  • Automatically cut your audio
  • Great selection of virtual instruments
  • Cheap
  • None

Verdict: If you want the most professional looking film score ever, then Logic Pro X will make it possible for you. This software will enable you to create music that sounds complete and is also capable of stretching and editing it. In addition, it will allow you to easily add sound effects and much more.

The good thing about this music software for Mac is that it is easy to use, making it ideal for a beginner who wants to start making their own music. It's user-friendly, affordable, and creates high quality music that can be used in films or just for personal purposes.

logic pro x film scoring software interface

2. Cubase

Best for Windows
  • Import tracks at various formats
  • You can separate off the audio
  • Customize the playback window
  • High price

Verdict: Cubase has various plugins that are used for a wide range of effects, soundtracks and music creation. This film scoring software also gives the power to mix their own audio with the images and video they have captured using the camera. Also, you can separate off the audio from clips.

This EDM software can be useful for adjusting the sound. One can also apply filters to create new and unique audio effects. Filters can also be applied to the tracks to remove unwanted noice.

cubase film scoring software interface

3. Albion One

Great orchestral section
  • 90 GB library of a 109-piece orchestra
  • A hybrid electronic/organic sound
  • Large library of presets
  • The learning curve may seem steep

Verdict: Albion One features a large library of sounds, which can be mixed and matched to music themes from the movie. Users can import their own music or use pre-existing music tracks. Another feature of Albion One is that it includes instruments and sounds that are compatible with MIDI file formats. By using this film scoring software, the user can also export their score as a WAV file.

Albion One features scores for over two hundred and sixty films including movies like Star Wars, Superman, Fantastic Four, Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter and Back to the Future. As well as licensed films, Albion One features music from a wide variety of genres, including classical, contemporary and horror movies. The soundtracks are also available in various languages.

albion one film scoring software interface

4. Bassynth

4-voice engine
  • 11 GB sampled instrument
  • Effects and oscillators
  • You can customize sounds
  • You need time to learn an instrument

Verdict: Bassynth contains sounds and music that you can mix to help you create music videos. It includes 11 GB sampled instrument. This film scoring software is available for Mac and Windows.

Bassynth provides a unique feature recording vocals and instruments so that they will fit perfectly with the music and video. This makes it very easy for people to create a video that contains musical elements that seamlessly flow throughout the video.

bassynth film scoring software interface

5. MOTU’s Digital Performer

MIDI sequencing
  • Awesome instrument library
  • Time/pitch stretching tool
  • Live-audio tools
  • No unified instrument track

Verdict: MOTU’s Digital Performer is used to create a movie in high definition. This MIDI sequencer software offers awesome instrument library so you can create musical score to your films with ease. With live-audio tools, you can record singing or voice and add it to your creation.

Except this, you can add specific effects and visual elements such as text, logos, and animation to your films. This film scoring software is utilized by all types of production, from small independent films to feature films for major motion pictures and television networks.

motu’s digital performer film scoring software interface
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