7 Best DocuSign Alternatives in 2022

Are you on the lookout for a decent DocuSign alternative that will allow you to send recipients an e-signed document with a request to view, comment, sign, and complement the document with new details? Then the programs below will definitely come in handy.

Their functionality isn’t much inferior to that of DocuSign, and the cost of the license is several times lower. Some products are available for free. Most importantly, these programs have powerful data encryption features that allow you to create and sign your agreements without any hassle.

Top 7 DocuSign Alternatives

High-quality data and electronic signature encryption is a complex task that requires using the best free E-Signature software. DocuSign helps you do these tasks professionally, but you need to pay a lot of money for using this software. Therefore, many people are trying to find a fully functional DocuSign alternative to sign your agreements electronically.

Top 3 DocuSign Alternatives

These E-Signature apps will help you easily create and sign various agreements and keep track of the changes the other parties can do. With a rich array of modern tools and built-in features, you can easily cope with the task.

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1. Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign, a popular Adobe Document Cloud application is a robust, multi-platform, full-service e-signature solution that enables you to replace traditional ink and paper signatures with fully automated digital signature procedures.

By downloading Adobe Sign, you can easily transfer, sign, manage and schedule electronic signatures using a web browser or mobile device remotely. It is ideal for use in any industry sectors such as finance, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, travel, and software.

adobe sign interface
  • Very easy and convenient to use
  • Uploading documents is fast
  • Document signature tracking
  • Emails customers
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It is also used for secure electronic transactions for stock markets, financial institutions, and government agencies. Adobe's rich graphic software experiences, intuitive design tools, easy application and advanced features to further boost its reliability and dependability.

There are various ways by which Adobe Sign ensures security of the digital signatures being exchanged. The software uses advanced cryptosystems to ensure that each user is protected from unauthorized access.

2. PandaDoc

PandaDoc is a document management software (DMS) solution that also provides a platform to create and share documents electronically. This DMS was developed by the award-winning software company, PandaDoc.

The PandaDoc system can be installed on any modern computer and will allow you to create, edit and search electronic documents in PDF format. It is also known as an easy application interface for a PC and it is used widely on mobile devices as well.

pandadoc interface
  • Contract management
  • Sales enablement
  • Follow-up on clients is easy
  • v
  • You cannot edit multiple templates at once

The PandaDoc program is extremely simple to use. You do not have to be a computer whiz to use the software. Even if you do not know much about electronic documents, the software will walk you through the whole process. In fact, most people with no computer knowledge can use the software.

The program does provide a few features that are helpful for someone who wants to manage their own documents. This includes the ability to: search for a specific word or phrase in a document; mark important sections of text; store information about changes to the document; and add pictures to the document.

3. HelloSign

HelloSign is a very popular web-based software application that offer you the possibility to sign up for email accounts, generate credit card payments, send secure transactions, and even conduct business online without typing a number on your keyboard.

The key advantages of HelloSign are that it has advanced security features such as fraud protection, easy access to help you manage your account, ease of use, automatic account validation, and in-depth customer service.

hellosign interface
  • Template embedding is possible
  • Document auto numbering
  • Document forwarding
  • Formatting takes a long time

The program allows for easy access from mobile devices so you don't have to carry your laptop around or remember complex passwords. Some of the key advantages of HelloSign are the in-depth technical support that is provided for your custom-built software solutions, the convenient in-app purchase option that provide many additional features and functionalities for free, the ability to process more than just credit cards, and the ability to connect with third party merchant services.

4. DottedSign

DottedSign is a service which enables its users to sign documents easily using the Internet with the use of a PC or a smart phone. It works by allowing the user to transfer signatures from one PC or smart phone to another.

Transferring signatures is done through an application which acts as a virtual keypad. There are two ways in which the signature files can be transferred; these are through email and through the web interface of the DottedSign program.

dottedsign interface
  • Content locking
  • Multiple workspaces
  • Content and image libraries
  • No visibility on profit

In essence, DottedSign is a service that facilitates the exchange of electronic signatures which are legally binding. DottedSign offers the following features which include: allows you to add up to 5 electronic signatures to one document, allows you to create secure connections to other electronic signatories without the need for passwords or security codes.

DottedSign is easy to use as it provides simple instructions on how to set it up. The best way to use DottedSign would be to download the free software, which is available from their official website and run the software which allows you to add up to five signatures to any document easily.

5. SignRequest

SignRequest is a type of software that is mainly used by web servers to send requests to the websites. The software has the ability to check the current time and date stamp, check the time elapsed since the last request was made, check if the server is idle, perform authentication and access passwords.

signrequest interface
  • Electronic Signature saves us a lot of time
  • Templates and document editor are easy to use
  • Easy to manage documents
  • Not able to export the content library

A server side script is required to perform these functions in the websites. These scripts can be written in any language like Perl, PHP or Python. However, the curl library which is widely used to manipulate text data on the web, supports only one language, so, if you are planning to use other languages then you would have to transfer the information through the internet and convert it to the appropriate format before passing on to the client computer.

SignRequest is a simple but effective software for monitoring a server's activities. You can set up this program on your computer or have it installed into a database server so that you can keep track of how long a particular page is being requested from the internet.

6. KeepSolid Sign

KeepSolid Sign is a common software used by web developers to create sign scripts in HTML. KeepSolid Sign creates invisible HTML code to be placed on the webpage that you want to send a document or file. This software can be used to create forms, fields and labels in a few different ways.

For example, when creating an email to a person you will have to enter information into the fields provided. You then need to create a signature section at the bottom of the email that is used to deliver your message to the person by the internet.

keepsolid sign interface
  • Makes sending and signing contracts
  • Allows you to track actions of the other side
  • It stores files for easy access
  • Problems with replacing signatures
  • Automatic expiry too short

When users are signing documents for e-signing they usually automatically detect form fields. This makes it incredibly easy for them to insert form fields into their documents without having to do any programming.

Making digital signatures and electronic form easier to use has been one of the main reasons why so many more businesses are adopting KeepSolid Sign onto their websites. Creating electronic forms and online forms happen to be much faster as well.

7. Juro

Juro, a leading software developed in India is the most sought after outsourcing company in India that offers complete ERP solution. The Juro Group of Companies has been at the forefront of offshore software industry for the past decade and is renowned for its pioneering work in information technology.

juro interface
  • Supports government contracts
  • Pre-built templates
  • Specialty contracts
  • Overpricing
  • Some incomprehensible tools

Juro is the leading ERP solution provider in India. It enables easy and effective integration of internal applications and business processes and helps organizations efficiently streamline their data management processes and operations.

As compared to other ERP systems, Juro software has an additional functionality of being configurable and tailored to meet the unique business requirements of every organization. It has been designed such that it can seamlessly integrate with the existing business logic and processes and this feature makes Juro the best choice for any type of organization that requires extensive reporting and analysis tools and functionality.