9 Best Image Recognition Software

By Tata Rossi 14 days ago, Software Reviews

Image recognition software helps you identify objects, people, places, recordings and actions in images or videos. Such programs use the neural network technology that processes all the pixels that are part of an image.

The information detected by photo recognition software can be used for many purposes. It helps you better understand customers and their interests, as well as design a targeted advertisement for a particular group of people. This allows retailers to create ads matching their audience’s needs and passions.

Top 9 Best Image Recognition Software

  1. Google Image Recognition - Our Choice
  2. Amazon Rekognition - Recognize celebrities
  3. Clarifai - Helps federal and commercial organizations
  4. Google Vision AI - Detects emotional cues in faces
  5. LogoGrab - Logo and mark recognition
  6. Imagga - Categorizes images
  7. IBM Image Detection - Uses top-notch technology
  8. Filestack Processing API - Integrates with file-sharing services
  9. GumGum - Great for digital marketers and graphic designers

All image detection software on this list recognizes faces using artificial intelligence (AI). Thanks to the image detection algorithm, also called the image classifier, a program analyzes an input image and displays what it contains. For the algorithm to recognize the content of an image, it needs to identify what makes classes so different.

1. Google Image Recognition – Our Choice

Object recognition in 2 clicks
  • User-friendly
  • Allows you to upload a picture
  • Great online support
  • Completely free
  • Fails to provide actual analysis

Verdict: Google is famous for the fact that it created the best search solution. To further improve it, the company launched the image recognition search service in 2014. It scours the Internet looking for images that seem identical to the pictures you uploaded. You can submit photos in JPEG or PNG format.

As the name suggests, this image recognition software allows you to upload and search for pictures. Its most remarkable feature is that it’s as user-friendly as Google’s search service and has similar capabilities. It delivers outstanding coverage but doesn’t have any real-time analytics to help you understand the results.

  • google image recognition software interface

    2. Amazon Rekognition

    Recognize celebrities
    • Detects objects, scenes and activity
    • Facial recognition features
    • Celebrity recognition
    • Usage of deep neural network models
    • You need to sign in

    Verdict: The Amazon Rekognition is a picture recognition software solution. It allows you to recognize objects, patterns and faces. It can also be used to search or compare faces. It is based on the same advanced learning technology that was developed by computer vision researchers for Amazon Prime Photos to analyze billions of pictures every day.

    It uses deep neural network models to reveal and label objects and patterns in your images. It can find any image, however, the search quality depends on the images you provide, meaning that if you want to find the FixThePhoto logo, you first have to provide it with thousands of FixThePhoto-related images.

    • amazon rekognition image recognition software interface

      3. Clarifai

      Helps federal and commercial organizations
      • Detects images with common features
      • Advanced photo analysis
      • Animal recognition
      • Free API
      • Limited functionality
      • Some issues with NLP API

      Verdict: Clarifai is an advanced free image recognition API that can tag, arrange and interpret images and videos with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

      Thanks to the usage of computer vision technology, this AI image processing software assists federal and commercial organizations in determining the content of their data, which helps them solve problems more easily.

      • clarify image recognition software interfcae

        4. Google Vision AI

        Detects emotional cues in faces
        • Versatility
        • Analyzes pictures in many ways
        • Identifies emotions
        • Easy-to-navigate interface
        • Doesn’t recognize text well
        google vision ai image recognition software logo
        Google Vision AI

        Verdict: With Google API Cloud Vision, you can analyze pictures using several powerful tools, from explicit content recognition to the identification of affective facial signals. With such a wide range of options, it is a highly useful tool that can be adjusted to your specific needs.

        Several options are available, from open source image processing to taking advantage of a pre-built image model supplied by Google. You can indicate the sources of your images, and Vision will analyze them and show you the details. They can be used for all purposes, from checking quality to finding the right products.

        • google vision ai image recognition software logo

          5. LogoGrab

          Logo and mark recognition
          • Social media monitoring
          • Brand safety and detecting fakes
          • Data monitoring
          • Monitors sport sponsoring activities
          • Limited functionality
          logograb image recognition software logo

          Verdict: LogoGrab is capable of identifying logotypes, symbols and brands. It allows your organization to monitor and control graphic media content in various types of environments, like social networks, broadcast media and retail websites.

          The integration of the program into different platforms is excellent. You will find switching to LogoGrab and the high-quality information it provides smooth and enjoyable.

          • logograb image recognition software interface

            6. Imagga

            Categorizes images
            • Sorts, organizes and displays images
            • Analysis and reporting tools
            • Inexpensive
            • Usability
            • You need to sign in
            imagga image recognition software logo

            Verdict: Imagga API is an automated solution for image tagging and category management designed to handle large volumes of images. Imagga is listed as a digital image recognition API. It features a library that enables categorizing assets and managing metadata. By using the Search/Filter tools, you can locate and manage media files.

            You can also create reports and carry out the analysis. This is similar to other APIs for managing digital assets, such as Box, Airtable or Canto Digital Asset Management. Nevertheless, if you compare Imagga with other Digital Asset Management APIs that allow for free image recognition online, you will see that it is much more accessible.

            • logograb image recognition software interface

              7. IBM Image Detection

              Uses top-notch technology
              • Easy-to-customize platform
              • Advanced technologies
              • Image classification
              • Finding objects
              • Face recognition tool is not useful
              ibm image detection image recognition software logo
              IBM Image Detection

              Verdict: IBM is a technology superhero, and it released one of the best image recognition software products. It can perform object detection and define human faces, approximate age, sex, and similar images.

              One of the most important features of IBM Image Detection is its ability to learn. That means, IBM gives you a highly adjustable framework that can be configured to handle just about anyone’s needs. Moreover, it has great image classification tools, so you can properly arrange multiple assets.

              • ibm image detection image recognition software interface

                8. Filestack Processing API

                Integrated with file-sharing services
                • File storing
                • Integrated with file-sharing platforms
                • Detects explicit content
                • Allows users to tag videos
                • Expensive
                filestack processing api image recognition software logo
                Filestack Processing API

                Verdict: Filestack Processing API stores, compresses and converts files. Also, it can connect automatically with file sharing services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Facebook. It carries out several other tasks as well, for example, it detects inappropriate content and recognizes characters.

                Filestack Processing has a couple of other special features. You can use it to tag videos and find copyrighted photos. With its help, you can also resize, crop and rotate images.

                • filestack processing api image recognition software interface

                  9. GumGum

                  Great for digital marketers and graphic designers
                  • Finds images relevant to your brand
                  • Edits photos
                  • Perfect for marketers and graphic designers
                  • Easy-to-use interface
                  • No full integration with social media
                  • Needs some improvements
                  gumgum image recognition software logo

                  Verdict: The computer vision developers who stand behind the creation of GumGum learned how to identify logos, issues with enamel teeth and car damage. This software can also process pictures, which makes it one of the best AI photo editors.

                  Today, GumGum employs AI image recognition tools, which helps digital advertising managers compare their campaign with competitors’ efforts and find the most appropriate and useful ways for banner ads placement. This software is not fully integrated with social networks, but it’s perfect for graphic designers who create ads.

                  gumgum image recognition software interface
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