5 Best Video Color Correction Apps for Android & iPhone

By Tata Rossi 17 days ago, Video Editing Tips

A video color correction app can be used for adjusting key parameters like saturation, brightness, and contrast, as well as the gamma curve. Moreover, it should come with other features that allow you to cut, crop, and merge videos, save projects in a variety of formats, and enhance the quality and resolution of your footage.

Many of the applications featured below also let you share your videos on social media, enhance them with VFX, edit the sound, and perform an array of other manipulations to get the result you need.

1. Adobe Premiere Rush – Both for Amateurs and Professionals

adobe premiere rush video color correction app

Premiere Rush is a comprehensive mobile solution developed by Adobe that provides an expansive toolset, which appeals to both beginner and experienced videographers. It’s also arguably the best video color correction app, as it lets you conveniently fix color issues, adjust the brightness, contrast, and sharpness, and tweak the gamma levels in your footage.

You can employ the color settings panel to adjust the tone intensity, and color temperature, and make the picture appear colder or warmer. Additionally, you can apply various filters and presets to drastically change the look of your videos in a couple of taps. Premiere Rush also lets you enhance your footage with different shadows, highlights, and tints.

Being an all-in-one tool, Adobe Premiere Rush provides all the essential video editing tools like cutting, trimming, and merging. Additionally, users can add animated elements to design transitions between multiple clips as well as employ overlays and captions. Lastly, this application is known for its expansive collection of audio files and custom music.

Some of the provided tools are locked behind a paywall. However, if you upgrade to the premium version, you’ll be able to produce social media-optimized videos, while enjoying 4K resolution support.

Key features:

  • In-depth color correction parameters
  • Premade video filters
  • 4K resolution support
  • AI-based video and sound enhancement features
  • Allows uploading your files to social networks and cloud storages
  • Collection of VFX and animated graphics

2. FilmoraGo – Suitable for Social Media Users

filmorago video color correction app

FilmoraGo is an advanced video editing and color grading app available for Android and iPhone devices. It provides access to a variety of standard video editing tools like cropping, trimming, and rotation. The mobile edition of Filmora also enables you to tweak and enhance the colors, contrast, and brightness of the videos recorded with your phone.

Thanks to the offered social media upload feature, users can add tints and VFX to their clips before posting them online. The app provides premade color filters that can be applied either to the entire clip or its specific parts, as you tweak the speed and orientation of the effect.

FilmoraGo allows you to apply blur, glitch, split-screen, and VCR-type effects to footage while also leveraging a library of more than 200 unique stickers, emojis, animations, and captions. Using this application is very simple – you start by importing a video, choosing and applying the desired theme or filter, and then saving or sharing the result. If you’d like to ensure your creations don’t have a watermark, you’ll have to upgrade to the premium version.

Key features:

  • More than 200 stickers and emojis
  • Multiple thematic filters and VFX
  • Social network sharing
  • Sound editing tools (with preset audio styles)
  • Standard video editing features like trimming

3. Movavi Clips – AI-Powered Color Correction Tools

movavi video color correction app

Movavi Clips is arguably the best app for color grading video footage on Android and iPhone phones. The mobile edition of this critically acclaimed color grading software lets you produce stunning, pro-grade videos without spending a dime while benefiting from an intuitive UI that will make even complete beginners feel at home.

This advanced solution provides handy features that significantly speed up the video editing process. Add premade (social media-optimized) filters to tweak the colors and look of your footage, or employ more complex features that allow you to adjust the saturation, gamma levels, contrast, brightness, and other settings.

Movavi Clips is also praised for its visual effects and other useful assets like themed stickers, transitions, integrated sound editing functionality, slow motion and fast-forward effects, and many others.

The mobile edition of the Movavi video editor is available for free, but if you’d like to take advantage of premium support or get rid of the watermarks added to the exported clips, you’ll need to get the paid version.

Key features:

  • Intuitive timeline for editing videos on your phone
  • Allows you to split, merge, and trim clips
  • Enables you to apply transitions and VFX
  • Add text, custom sound files, soundtracks, and filters
  • Export clips to social networks

4. Snapseed – Single Video Frame Editing

snapseed video color correction app

This video color correction app was created by Google and is primarily aimed at retouching images, but if you know what you’re doing, you can employ the application’s stunning filters and special effects to enhance your videos on both Android and iPhone devices.

For instance, you can employ Snapseed to enhance selected video frames before adding them back to your clip with the help of an app like Premiere Rush. Additionally, you can apply personalized filters and effects to your images before producing a collage video that you can share on the social networks of your choice. As a bonus, this application offers an extensive list of Snapseed editing tips.

This app comes with an array of social media-optimized filters that you can use to enhance photos or separate video frames. You can apply HDR-like color corrections, recreate retro looks from the 60s and 70s, add a B&W filter, or utilize the double exposure feature to combine multiple photos.

Key features:

  • Crop, rotate, and adjust imported video frames and images
  • Provides a large selection of color grading effects and filters
  • Allows you to enhance lighting, eye focus, and positioning
  • Personalized settings for making manual or automatic adjustments to the exposure, colors, contrast, and brightness
  • Lets you work with RAW files

5. FiLMiC Pro – Suitable for Professionals On-the-Go

filmic pro video color correction app

If you’re an experienced videographer who’d like to edit their footage on the fly, this might be the best video color correction app for you. This free video editing app was used for producing numerous award-winning music videos and documentaries, as it provides an advanced toolset suitable for creating, editing, and color-correcting clips on your phone.

You can record videos on your smartphone straight from the app while leveraging log gamma curves that help you produce realistic, cinematic videos. The provided in-depth color grade functionality enables you to tweak the color saturation, white balance, contrast, and brightness even during the recording session.

fixthephoto video editing service fixthephoto video editing service

Want to Improve the Colors in Your Video?

If you lack the time or experience necessary to enhance videos, you can entrust that task with FixThePhoto. The agency’s retouchers are highly proficient at ensuring your videos look crisp, eye-catching, and realistic.

FiLMiC Pro allows you to produce videos in 4K resolution while also adjusting the framerate, applying VFX (and utilizing techniques like slow-motion recording), employing footage stabilization, and using an array of other tools. Certain color correction parameters (including the gamma curve feature) are only available in the paid version, but most of the tools can be used free of charge.

The steep learning curve of this app makes it hard to recommend to beginners. However, if you’re an experienced videographer, you’ll have no trouble taking advantage of all the available features without having to upgrade to a professional camera gear set.

Key features:

  • Convenient settings for adjusting the video focus, exposure, and performing color correction
  • Gamma curve levels for various environments
  • Multiple video recording modes
  • Adjustable framerates and video resolutions
  • Built-in video stabilization feature