Full Wedding Videographer Checklist from Experts in 2024

Recording a wedding video is definitely a serious task that requires not only prowess but also thorough preparation. However, to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible, you should compile a detailed wedding videographer checklist in advance.

With such prompt, as well as a professional video camera and other accessories at hand, you can fully concentrate on the shooting process instead of worrying that you forget something important.

NOTE! Talk to a couple about the wedding timeframe to understand how everything will be organized. Thus, you can make a clear plan of when to arrive at the spot, what elements to capture in the first place, etc.

1. Before the Ceremony

wedding videographer checklist before the ceremony

It's crucial to capture moments of the bride and groom getting ready for their big day. Whether it's the bridesmaids coordinating in matching robes or the groomsmen sharing relaxed moments, as a wedding videographer, you need to be a silent observer of these casual moments. Your task is to "feel" the atmosphere and show how important the moment is for spouses-to-be.

  • The bride and her bridesmaids during hair and makeup sessions;
  • The special moment when the bride's dress is being fastened or zipped up;
  • The bride adding final touches like putting on jewelry or slipping into her shoes;
  • Capturing the tender scene of pinning the boutonniere on the groom;
  • Candid shots of the groomsmen sharing toasts and enjoying each other's company.

Pro Tip: Remember that a videographer can't be in two locations simultaneously. Therefore, if the spots where the preparations are taking place are far apart, you may want to hire an assistant. It looms large if capturing pre-ceremony moments with the bride and groom is significant to your clients.

2. During the Ceremony

wedding videographer checklist during the ceremony

When I create a wedding videography list, I always include more shots than I actually need. I believe it is better to have lots of footage rather than risk having too little.

I arrange this list of shots in the order that events typically unfold during a wedding. Since most weddings usually follow a similar sequence, I mark crucial shots I need to capture for each specific occasion.

  • Groom appearing;
  • Everyone walking down the aisle;
  • Everyone standing as the bride arrives;
  • Groom's anticipatory reaction while waiting;
  • Bride appearing;
  • Groom's emotional response to seeing the bride;
  • Bride's walking down the aisle;
  • Father handing over the bride to the groom;
  • Bride and groom moving to the altar together;
  • "Will you enter marriage…" "I will";
  • Saying vows;
  • Exchange of rings;
  • The kiss;
  • Going down the aisle;
  • Departing from the ceremony location.

Pro Tip: The moments you record will last long beyond the events and individuals of the wedding day, growing in significance for the couple. Therefore, do your best to capture meaningful interactions with elderly family members, young children, and guests who have traveled from afar.

3. Romantics Session

wedding videographer checklist romantics session

This is a special moment on the wedding day, right before or after the ceremony, when spouses kiss, pose, and dance in front of the camera. I highly recommend setting up all your video camera accessories beforehand so you will be able to record high-quality footage.

In fact, a videographer and a wedding photographer are like a unique duo of invisible witnesses that save the most precious memories of a wedding day for years to come.

  • First gaze;
  • Moments from the wedding party;
  • Meaningful places for spouses.

Our expert team will improve your raw wedding footage to create an amazing video that your clients will enjoy watching again and again. Send us your recording and we will do all possible to meet your expectations. We used advanced wedding video editing software such as Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro to edit footage. The lowest cost for basic video editing is $50.

4. Reception

wedding videographer checklist reception

For me, recording the reception is notably less nerve-wracking than filming the wedding ceremony itself. I create a structured wedding day filming list with concise reminders to pay attention to, and a majority of these points are focused on the initial stages of the reception.

The cake-cutting ceremony takes place as the celebration draws to a close. At this point, I always monitor the time to ensure I'm well-prepared for the final dance of a bride and a groom. In between these moments, I take candid shots of the ongoing festivities.

Shots that showcase the reception area and venue, especially if any were missed during the cocktail hour;

  • Wedding party introductions;
  • Bride and groom intro;
  • The first dance of the newlyweds;
  • Heartwarming toasts from friends and family;
  • The touching dances of a bride and her father, and a groom and his mother;
  • The lively and joyful moments of dancing;
  • Any spontaneous and intimate interactions between the bride and groom;
  • The cake-cutting ceremony;
  • Excitement of the bouquet and garter tosses;
  • The final dance;
  • Last kiss;
  • Bride and groom leaving the celebration.

Pro Tip: Remember that your mission is to save these precious moments for the clients using your camera and lens. It's better to record more footage and edit it later than skip something meaningful; Often, it's the unplanned, genuine shots that hold the greatest value.

5. Details of the Day

wedding videographer checklist details of the day

If your clients have meticulously selected wedding details and accessories, they definitely want you to capture all those items. Hash this point with future spouses and create a wedding video checklist based on their answers. You don't have to allocate additional time to capture these items but do it in between more important moments.

  • Wedding program;
  • Table name tags;
  • Gift table;
  • A wide-angle photo of a reception room;
  • Close-ups of place settings.

Pro Tip: Personally, I recommend taking several spontaneous shots. For instance, keep an eye out for the ring bearer and flower girl sharing a joyful giggle while strolling down the aisle, or grandparents twirling on the dance floor. These heartfelt shots will add personality to a wedding video and will evoke many happy memories.

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