7 Best Free Sandbox Software in 2024

Use the best free sandbox software to protect your Windows from any malware and viruses! Such tools create an isolated environment enabling you to safely test unknown programs. Such mechanisms let you test suspicious apps and browse the unknown web securely.

Top 7 Free Sandbox Software

  1. Sandboxie - Open-source
  2. Avast Internet Security - Built-in sandbox support
  3. Malwarebytes - Anti-malware protection
  4. Reboot Restore Rx - For public access PCs
  5. Comodo Firewall - With integrated firewall
  6. Time Freeze - With sandbox mode
  7. Shade Sandbox - Integrates with security tools

Some of the programs I described in the article are lightweight and default on Windows OS; others ‒ don’t require updates and work in a background mode.

Compiling this list, I considered how user-friendly they are and how they handle privacy issues. Plus, I checked whether they protect from keyloggers, rootkits, backdoor, etc.

1. Sandboxie - Our Choice

  • Great PC protection
  • Sandbox linking
  • Supports Google Chrome
  • None

Verdict: The main feature of Sandboxie is that it allows the user to create a "virtual playground" in which any application that you allow to run on your computer will be sandboxed. This means that the applications are not allowed to have any viruses or any other potentially harmful programs on them. Each application can also have a unique profile that will determine how it works.

The Sandboxie includes a number of other features which include support for the Common Object Access Protocol (COAP), Data Definition Language (DFLL), Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and Portable Networking Device Interface (PNDI). These features work together to provide a highly efficient browsing experience and to prevent against spyware and viruses from infecting the operating system.

sandboxie interface

2. Avast Internet Security

Built-in sandbox support
  • Encrypts data
  • Built-in firewall
  • Block viruses, malware, spyware
  • Expensive

Verdict: Avast Internet Security comes with a sandbox feature, which enables the software to run in the background without consuming system resources and performing tasks automatically. This feature will improve your computer's performance and is especially useful if you have multiple computers that need protection. It will provide improved protection against malicious software by masking your computer when you are online.

This Internet security suite offers many advanced features, which include protection against malware, spam, pop-ups, and phishing. The only downfall to Avast is that it does not come with a free download. Although it does come with a free 30-day trial that you can use to see if this anti-virus program will work for your computer. This monthly fee also includes an online service that will scan your computer and allow you to have any repairs that may be needed.

avast internet security interface

3. Malwarebytes

Anti-malware protection
  • Multiple layers of security
  • Automatically scans PC
  • Fast scanning
  • Auto updates fail at times

Verdict: Malwarebytes aims at prevention of malware, threats and corrupted websites with the ability to safely remove annoying popups and toolbars. It also helps in the removal of Trojans, worms and viruses with its advanced tools and features.

After you have installed the Malwarebytes, it will begin to scan your computer for any signs of malware infections. After it has scanned your machine, it will give you a detailed report on what exactly has been found on your system. From this point, you have the option of deleting the files that have been identified as Malware by this anti spyware software. You can download Malwarebytes free of charge.

malwarebytes free sandbox software interface

4. Reboot Restore Rx

For public access PCs
  • Freeware
  • One-click instant updates
  • Great for PC restoring
  • Occasional issues with updates

Verdict: Reboot Restore Rx is a driver-written software that runs in the background, performing system maintenance activities even when one is not using the computer. This software has been created to scan your system for obsolete files and remove them, so your computer gets a faster speed and runs smoothly. If Reboot Restore Rx is installed, it will scan all parts of your computer for errors and then fix them.

Users can restore their PC to a previous PC state simply by running a command prompt. A few of the highlights of the Reboot Restore Rx feature include the ability to undo any changes made to the system, ability to roll back changes done using the software and the ability to clear previous state of operation.

reboot restore rx free sandbox software interface

5. Comodo Firewall

With integrated firewall
  • Antivirus and anti-rootkit features
  • Virtual desktop and secure browser
  • Good chat support
  • Installs third-party applications

Verdict: This anti-spyware and firewall product offering real time protection against hackers, malware and other Internet threats. It is well equipped to defend your PC against a multitude of attacks with powerful detection capabilities that provide real-time protection from malicious software. This high quality firewall offers real-time protection as it detects and prevents attacks on your system and even shows you a list of harmful attacks, allowing you to decide what to do.

Once you have downloaded this malware removal software, you will be able to immediately start protecting your PC from potential hackers and malware attacks. By installing the free version of Comodo Firewall, you can protect all computers in your home from the risks of these viruses, making your Internet more secure.

comodo firewall free sandbox software interface

6. Time Freeze

With sandbox mode
  • Has the freeze mode
  • You can run multiple operating systems
  • With data protection feature
  • Only for Windows

Verdict: With the new sandboxing feature, Time Freeze will not be able to do its malicious objectives because of the limitations that will be placed on it. With the virtualization technology, Time Freeze cannot sandbox itself and this means it cannot run any harmful programs on your computer.

Time Freeze will help you in clearing all the errors and junk that occupy the free space in your computer and make it run faster without any errors. The effects of Time Freeze are long term because it removes all the important files from your computer and prevent them from being accessed frequently by other applications. All these processes make your system slower and your computer requires constant maintenance to keep it protected from the problems generated by these errors.

time freeze free sandbox software interface

7. Shade Sandbox

Integrates with security tools
  • Compatible with security tools
  • Simple UI
  • All settings are copied to a sandbox
  • Some bugs

Verdict: By using Shade Sandbox, you can run any untrusted software in a separate and secure environment to see real-time behavior and output data without having to worry about security vulnerabilities. It removes the need for users to install additional software on their computers. This software makes it easy to deploy and use any type of untrusted software in the system without any issues or complications.

This software protects applications from the damage of embedded scripts, shared memory, registry keys, and more. It eliminates the need to reinstall applications because they have been sandboxed.

shade sandbox free sandbox software interface