How to Pirate Photoshop

Probably every second a user wondered how to pirate Photoshop and how legal is that? I have put together the most popular ways that Internet users turn to for downloading free Photoshop CS5 and other versions without paying for the subscription.

1. Official Free Version

To be honest, this is the best way you can get Photoshop for free. Yes, this is a trial version that you won’t be able to use forever but agree that if you need a program like Photoshop, then you are very likely to be making money on it.

The trial version is similar to renting a tool, you try it in practice, use it for your needs, and if it suits you, go to the store and buy Photoshop.

TIP: Download the trial version of Photoshop only from the official source because dubious sites can add unwanted software along with the trial Photoshop.

2. Downloading from Untrustworthy Sources

We all heard about torrents and sites where you can find almost any free software. The pirate Photoshop file is one of the most frequent requests on such sites and since Adobe switched to a subscription, this request has only increased in frequency. Before switching to the side of torrent sites, it would be nice for you to know what the law thinks about it:

  • “In the United States, the violator is liable for damages suffered by the copyright owner, plus any of the infringer's profits that are attributable to the copying, or statutory damages of up to $150,000 for each work harmed.”

Therefore, I would not risk using a torrented Photoshop regardless of how attractive the possibility might seem.

3. Programs to Activate Photoshop

The so-called Photoshop Cracks or Patches are among the most popular ways of pirating Photoshop. According to the assurance of the users, who distribute them, they will make your software free forever.

Such a program is typically an altered file which, after you delete its original in the program folder and install the fake in its place, forces the program to act as if activated or prevents it from requesting activation.

Already sounds doubtful, right? Think about it. No one will spend effort on hacking software for nothing. The application may no longer require a key but such pirated Photoshop files will infect the computer with trojans.

They steal confidential data: passwords from various accounts, bank details. An antivirus will most likely not be able to do anything with such files.

4. A Version of the Program That Doesn’t Require Installation

There are such ways of pirating Photoshop that involve using a program that has “Portable” in their name. These so-called Photoshop Portable versions don’t require installation on a computer. This means that you copy the file or files of the program to the computer and run it without installation.

The advantages of such software are clear: you can run the program on any computer without obtaining the installation rights, as well as burn Photoshop to a flash drive and carry it with you.

Don’t forget that viruses, trojans, spyware, etc. can also be integrated into such a “creation”.

5. Turn Demo into Full Version

A key generator or Photoshop Keygen is a small program that generates activation/registration/serial numbers for software activation. Thus, by downloading a free trial program, you can turn it into a full one.

Recently, keygen hasn’t been a very popular way of how to pirate Adobe Photoshop because most of the software has switched to a subscription policy and doesn’t require a serial code but routinely checks the license each time the program is turned on.

If you think about downloading an older version, such as Photoshop CS6, the irrelevance of this method of piracy will not be the biggest problem. Such generators don’t just help crack programs but also infect computers with viruses and Trojans.

6. Software That Doesn’t Require Purchase or Piracy

Is it possible to do without crack/torrent/keygen when you don’t want to spend money? Yes, it is, if you use free Photoshop alternatives as well as open-source programs that would work better than any Adobe Photoshop pirated version.


  • Open-source and cross-platform
  • Has the biggest toolkit among the free programs
  • Content-aware tools with a plug-in
  • Easy-to-learn
  • Unintuitive interface
  • Lacks some features other programs provide
  • No adjustment layers

This is a free open-source bitmap graphics editor that works on all popular operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux). GIMP supports many tools similar to those of Photoshop, a system of layers, masks. Also, by installing several free plug-ins, you can turn it into a professional editor and eliminate the need to pirate Adobe Photoshop.

2. Krita

  • More focused on digital painting
  • Exports in PSD
  • Open-source community
  • Receives frequent updates
  • Performance issues are rarely reported
  • Has few tools for photo editing
  • Poor text features (exported as bitmap)

Free raster graphics editor designed for artists and illustrators. It supports multi-layer image processing, provides tools for work with various color models, and has a large set of tools for digital painting, sketching, and texture formation that equal to the performance of a Photoshop pirated version. Many people are curious about Krita vs Photoshop battle, but everyone should choose the leader based on personal needs.

3. Inkscape

  • Lightweight and more sparing on the CPU
  • Universal, supported by all platforms
  • Improved and expanded by a volunteer community
  • Lack of CMYK support challenges print illustrations
  • Has bugs and glitches

Inkscape gives you the ability to create vector shapes, like with the Pen tool in Photoshop. This software has more similarities with Illustrator than with Photoshop but it is much safer than Photoshop pirate version and the principle of creating vector forms, which is the most advanced open-source alternative, makes it more useful. Thus, you have to be very mindful while selecting your personal favorite in InkScape vs Photoshop battle.


Make sure to get a licensed version of Photoshop and then get lots of useful tools for it for free. This set of free actions below will be to your taste.


free photoshop watercolor action free photoshop watercolor action

This action allows you to create a retro watercolor effect with contour lines. Save your time and create a stunning picture! You can also experiment with the colors of your image and watercolors.


free photoshop vintage action  free photoshop vintage action

This action will give your pictures the effect of old photos. This effect has been very popular lately, a slight yellowness of the picture, color saturation and light haze of the shadows.

Double Exposure

free photoshop double exposure action  free photoshop double exposure action

You have probably seen this interesting effect of two or more overlapping photographs on the covers of music albums, in modern magazines, and in advertisements. No need to use Adobe Photoshop pirate files to create it, get the effect in a couple of clicks by dint of this action!

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