11 Best Customer Data Platforms to Develop Business in 2023

Consumer data platforms (CDP) gather customer info from various sources analyzing clients’ email engagement, website visits, as well as activity on social media platforms. Besides, their toolkit is similar to contact management software.

CDPs provide companies with a comprehensive view of their client's wishes and requirements so they get all the needed data to develop effective targeted campaigns.

Top 11 Customer Data Platforms

  1. Adobe Real-Time CDP - Granular personalization
  2. Bloomreach Engagement - Detailed analytics
  3. BlueConic - Multi-dimensional segmentation
  4. Emarsys - AI-driven data analysis
  5. Lytics - For increasing reach in advertising
  6. Tealium - Over 1300 turnkey integrations
  7. Blueshift - AI-powered marketing tools
  8. Segment - Intuitive CRM integration
  9. Totango - Customer journey mapping tools
  10. Klaviyo - Ideal for novices
  11. CustomerLab - No-code marketing tools

When choosing CDP platforms, make certain that the selected tool meets your budget. The next step is to research the tool checking how it maps the customer touchpoint journey to collect data about your brand's key points of customer contact.

GDPR & CCPA compliance, analytics and insights, and behavioral triggers are other aspects to consider.

1. Adobe Real-Time CDP

Granular personalization
  • Derives data from various sources and systems
  • Integration with other Adobe products
  • Out-of-the-box data tags that are easy to customize
  • Experience and expertise are required to use the product

Verdict: Being part of the digital experience platform, Real-Time CDP is a highly-functional tool that gathers B2C and B2B data from across systems to build unified customer profiles and activate customer data across multiple channels.

The platform uses automated behavioral, transactional, and operational algorithms to update privacy-ready consumer and account profiles.

Thanks to hundreds of pre-built connections and the ability to build custom integrations, connecting data from virtually any source is a cinch. The software uses Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network, thanks to which its global servers can work with data in real time. Instant activation is possible because of prebuilt streaming B2C and B2B integrations.                                       

adobe real-time customer data platform interface

2. Bloomreach Engagement

Detailed analytics
  • Plug & play collection of income-generating use cases
  • Processes and activates data in a jiffy
  • Embedded editors, journey builders, and features for visualizing data
  • Uses Customer reference attribute to create a scenario
  • Production of reports is not an easy task

Verdict: Bloomreach Engagement was specifically developed for retail and manufacturing companies. Its aim is to help users to ensure a client-oriented approach and smooth experience for each customer.

Not only it provides a complete profile with all the needed customer info, but also allows the development of impressive advertising campaigns without addressing advertising agencies.

Its support of various channels like email, text, or social media as well as handy drag-and-drop functionality make Bloomreach Engagement one of the best customer data platforms available on the market today. Besides, you will definitely appreciate the ability to optimize your commerce page to meet the criteria of user profiles.

bloomreach engagement customer data platform interface

3. BlueConic

Multi-dimensional segmentation
  • Intuitive UI
  • Versatile data tools
  • The platform is updated regularly
  • Occasional glitches
  • Integrations could be more extensive

Verdict: Blue Conic aggregates info from various sources unifying it into a central database to get a complete view of existing and future customers. The scope of services this customer data platform company offers is very vast: unified customer profiles, multidimensional segmentation, customer lifecycle orchestration, and predictive modeling & analytics.

This software will also come in handy if you are interested in data depreciation, acquisition, engagement, and retention. Regardless of the size of your business, Blue Conic can satisfy all your needs and meet your requirements.

Exceptional customer support is another strength of this service, which provides consultations via email, training, and a ticket system. I also like that the platform integrates with newsletter software like MailChimp and other apps like Marketo, Qubit, and Facebook Advertising.

blueconic customer data platform interface

4. Emarsys

AI-driven data analysis
  • Top-rated customer support
  • Offers training
  • Engagement in real-time ensures loyalty
  • Too few metrics are introduced in basic reporting
  • Unclear pricing policy
emarsys customer data platform logo

Verdict: Emarsys helps users get revenue in the shortest possible time using personalized excellent customer experience solutions achieved via email, web, SMS, mobile, in-store, etc.

Like other CDP platforms, it consolidates customer data considering different parameters like sales engagement, support calls, and web-behavior. These insights are important when it comes to the identification of top possible clients for every company.

Similar to AI software, the platform simplifies personalized marketing enabling users to benefit from AI algorithms to segment the audience for providing users with customized content. Additionally, the platform allows you to check how successful the cross-channel campaigns are and define the most effective one.

emarsys customer data platform interface

5. Lytics

For increasing reach in advertising
  • Simple customer segmentation
  • Top-rated behavioral scoring methodology
  • Excellent targeting
  • Restricted customization options
  • Integration with other apps is not simple
lytics customer data platform logo

Verdict: Lytics is the optimal solution for digital marketing agencies that need a budget-friendly CDP to build a personalized digital experience without trouble. Relying on machine learning and data science, the software can help entrepreneurs to speed up the development of their campaigns and get revenue in the shortest possible time.

The service provides users with a unified view of their audience and employs a data-driven approach to optimize campaigns. Effective customer activation, clientele segmentation, as well as web segmentation become possible thanks to a range of intuitive tools.

Integration with more than 80 downstream instruments is another winning aspect of this platform that ensures the success of your marketing projects.

lytics customer data platform interface

6. Tealium

Over 1300 turnkey integrations
  • A great variety of use cases
  • Captures and manages data in real-time
  • Plenty of connectors
  • Is not easy to learn
  • Terrible UI
tealium customer data platform logo

Verdict: Consolidation of customer data and real-time analytics are two major tasks of Tealium. This helps you engage the audience and get many loyal customers.

Note that the platform uses machine learning algorithms and highly functional tools enabling businesses of all sizes to perform all the required operations without trouble. Centralized approach from various systems and speedy integration with CRM for real estate and other areas, marketing automation, email apps, etc. are what appeal to users.

tealium customer data platform interface

7. Blueshift

AI-powered marketing tools
  • Follows all industry regulations
  • Builds and customizes recommendations
  • Unifies and distributes info across systems
  • Occasional problems with reporting
  • Management features are quite weak
blueshift customer data platform logo

Verdict: Blueshift consolidates and centralizes customer data and benefits from AI algorithms to transform this info into personalized marketing projects. The service obtains data from multiple sources including a user’s CRM, mobile app, e-commerce website, contact center call logs, etc.

It enables users to develop personalized ad campaigns, created by you or specialists from the reliable ad agency, trigger events to reach out to a potential customer. Integration with an array of marketing and data instruments including Adobe’s Advertising Cloud, Google Marketing Platform, and Snowflake is another great plus of this customer data platform company.

blueshift customer data platform interface

8. Segment

Intuitive CRM integration
  • Data integration in real time
  • All the info is standardized according to a shared data dictionary
  • Compliance with GDPR and CCPA
  • The onboarding process is a bit perplexing
  • Accurate results are not possible without the insertion of code snippets
segment customer data platform logo

Verdict: With Segment, creating an excellent customer experience is an easy task. This is achieved by customized ads and tailored web pages. The service enables users to track customer experience in real time, and set automated marketing outreach taking into account customer behavior on the web.

Besides, the tool lets you evaluate the campaign checking whether it has achieved the desired goal.

Integration with over 300 marketing tools, including such email marketing software as Google Analytics, HubSpot, and Intercom is a considerable advantage. Thanks to it, the platform collects and activates data in a unified way across the entire marketing tech stack. The platform is available for free, and teams can use it starting from $120/mo.

segment customer data platform interface

9. Totango

Customer journey mapping tool
  • The best solution for managing customer experiences
  • Tracks customer health score and other parameters
  • Automated workflows
  • Sometimes pages load slowly
  • User interface customization options are limited
totango customer data platform logo

Verdict: Totango is one of the best customer data platforms for mapping a customer journey in a jiffy thanks to in-built journey templates.

The service benefits from a modular approach, which is great when it comes to defining which customer success goals you need to run reports on and make improvements if necessary. This is more convenient than adopting a complex pack of features simultaneously.

Onboarding, defining renewal risks, and winback customers are among the tasks you can perform using the platform. The ability to synchronize Totango to online collaboration software such as Slack allows members of other teams to access the required mini-customer profiles. The cost of packages starts from $0/mo.

totango customer data platform interface

10. Klaviyo

Ideal for novices
  • Intuitive templates
  • Allows setting up flows
  • Lets you produce and schedule email newsletters
  • Email WYSIWYG editor does not work properly
  • Flow filters are difficult to use
klaviyo customer data platform logo

Verdict: Klaviyo is an amazing customer data platform company for retail businesses. Users prefer this service because of its integration with over 200 marketing tools. Such eСommerce website builders as Shopify, review website Reviews and shipping software AfterShip are among the most popular options.

The platform allows users to view updated client profiles in real-time, as well as increase their audience via automated email and SMS marketing campaigns.

Clientele segmentation by various topics like predicted customer lifetime value, specific purchases, and discount code usage ensures that customers will get only targeted content. A flexible pricing policy is another appealing aspect. Free plans are available, but to enjoy a complete suite of features be ready to pay $45/ month.

klaviyo customer data platform interface

11. CustomerLab

No-code marketing tools
  • Handy Action Recorder
  • Setup of the tracking code is an intuitive process
  • Exceptional customer service
  • No documentation examples for novices
  • Does not integrate with MailChimp
customerlab customer data platform logo

Verdict: CustomerLab is an excellent no-code customer data platform company that allows you to consolidate customer data across websites, CRMs, and servers. Moreover, it centralizes all the retrieved info turning it into a unified customer profile. It is possible to synchronize the data with all the tools in your MarTech stack.

The platform also enables you to create granular user segments taking traits and events into account. No matter what field your company specializes in (eCommerce, SaaS, agency, B2B/B2C lead gen, or SMB industry), this CDP platform will definitely satisfy your requirements.

Those who are new to the marketing field can try the free plan and then proceed with the Growth plan, which costs $99/mo.

customerlab customer data platform interface