9 Efficient Digital Experience Platforms in 2023

Using the best digital experience platforms (DXP), you can get access to a variety of tools based on the newest technologies. It will allow you to improve the digital experience of your clients, staff members, and business partners.

DXPs let you use a variety of apps to create a highly-satisfying digital experience. Such platforms are also suitable for businesses and organizations that require scaling up and expanding their digital presence. Besides, DXPs make it easier to streamline and speed up various business processes to implement solutions more quickly.

Top 9 DXPs Software of Different Types

  1. Adobe Experience Manager - ($6/month) - Managing multiple sites using a single platform
  2. Pimcore - ($1.99/month) - Used by over 80,000 companies
  3. Expresia - ($500/project) - All-in-one SaaS Platform
  4. Plytix - (from nearly $497/month (450 euros/month) – Is equipped with collaboration options
  5. Acquia - ($148/month) - Multilingual and localization support
  6. Magnolia - ($14/month) - Campaign and customer management
  7. Liferay - (Prices are available per request) - Clustering and performance monitoring
  8. Contentstack - ($3500/month) - Offers SDKs, migration scripts, & web framework
  9. Neptune DXP - (Prices are available per request) - For building custom applications

In this article, I have rounded up digital experience platform examples that will help you see how DXPs can be used by businesses of all kinds to make the client journey more enjoyable. They allow you to improve your customer service and fully transform the digital presence of your company.

1. Adobe Experience Manager - Our Choice

Managing multiple sites using a single platform
  • For managing a lot of content
  • Creative Cloud integration
  • Smart search options
  • Perfect for managing different tasks
  • None

Verdict: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is an all-in-one solution that facilitates the task of building websites and apps for improving user experience. You can use this software to set up a paperless office, create a strong online community, and build a native app. This tool will come in handy for marketing professionals who are looking for an easy way to manage their content and digital assets. Using it, they can target their marketing efforts more precisely.

What makes it different from Adobe Experience Manager alternatives is that it supports integration with Creative Cloud. It allows you to improve your digital asset management and marketing efforts. Thanks to this software, you can streamline your workflow and deliver top-quality content to your clients. By adding relevant tags and metadata to them, you can make it easier to find your articles. The prices start from $6 per month.

adobe experience manager digital experience platform interface

2. Pimcore

Used by over 80,000 companies
  • Quick and intuitive
  • Integrates with many solutions
  • Allows adjusting product info
  • Data modeling
  • No themes

Verdict: Pimcore is an open-source solution for managing product data. With it, you can summarize and organize all the information about products, discounts, freebies, and the way you promote them online. This tool will be useful for companies that want to find an easy way of working with large bulks of information. Using it, you can scale up your company. It’s perfectly suitable for consolidating and managing different types of data.

Thanks to real-time synchronization, you can be sure that your data will be precise and regularly updated. Similarly to other DXP platforms, it will allow you to improve the client journey, thus making the customer experience more enjoyable. This platform allows you to use multiple domains, which makes it suitable for businesses of different sizes. It costs from $1.99/month. You can also use a free version and a trial.

pimcore digital experience platform interface

3. Expresia

All-in-one SaaS Platform
  • Next-gen digital experience
  • Extensible Restful API
  • For developers, seamless workflow
  • Allows creating pro-level digital assets
  • Pricey

Verdict: Expresia emerges as a cutting-edge digital experience platform, setting new standards in customer engagement. This platform excels in delivering exceptional experiences across desktop and mobile devices, making it a top choice for businesses seeking to captivate and retain their audience.

With an interactive user interface, Expresia ensures intuitive usability for all users. Its cloud-based SaaS solution empowers businesses in the dynamic digital landscape, offering tools to optimize marketing, sales, and customer engagement. From content analysis to interactive channel delivery, Expresia becomes your comprehensive hub for digital experiences.

What sets Expresia apart is its remarkable efficiency. As a cloud-based SaaS solution, it accelerates digital transformation, outpacing competitors in speed and functionality. It offers an end-to-end solution for superior digital experiences, unifying web content management and e-commerce seamlessly.

expresia digital experience platform

4. Plytix

Comes with collaboration options
  • Comfortable cooperation instruments
  • PDF template constructor
  • All product data collected in one place
  • Product feed constructor
  • Not budget-wise
  • Not for newcomers
plytix digital experience platform logo

Verdict: As an online experience service, Plytix can be employed as your key source of truth for all your product data. If you are a business owner and have your product placed on the ecommerce platform, descriptions, prices, images, etc. are simpler to edit when they’re all gathered in one place.

Options for cooperation let you conveniently collaborate with your partners and dealers, share the business materials easily without employing extra file sharing services . It is simple to optimize plenty of business processes within one platform, with Plytix’s product feed constructor, digital catalog creator, PDF sample builder and other pr-grade functions.

plytix digital experience platform interface

5. Acquia

Multilingual and localization support
  • Intuitive and easy-to-scale tools
  • Well-structured content
  • Automated tools
  • Streamlines business workflows
  • No free version available
  • Expensive
acquia digital experience platform logo

Verdict: Acquia is one of the best examples of digital platforms. It is an open-source DXP that allows you to access a range of advanced monitoring tools and use them without any coding experience. Using it, you can create sites that will appeal to your target audience and boost the engagement rate. It enables you to build platforms and apps with a responsive design. This digital experience platform is suitable for large teams as it facilitates content management.

When choosing a content management system, it’s better to choose a service that supports integration with a range of tools. After selecting this DXP, you will get access to such services as Acquia Cloud, Acquia Cloud Site Factory, Acquia Lightning, Acquia DAM, Acquia Lift, and Acquia Commerce. The desktop version is especially suitable for developers as it allows them to build and publish Drupal-based sites in no time as well as synchronize their data. To use this platform, you need to pay from $148/mo.

acquia digital experience platform interface

6. Magnolia

Campaign and customer management
  • Custom solutions
  • Suitable for improving experiences for different channels
  • Fully secure solution
  • Intuitive
  • Not suitable for mobile devices
  • Difficult to migrate between versions
  • No dashboard
magnolia digital experience platform logo

Verdict: Magnolia was created back in 1997. Since then, it has been providing a variety of tools that allow you to ensure that your platform caters to the needs of your clients. Using it, you can create and preview experiences for a range of channels. This solution can be used as a part of headed or headless architecture. You can access it through the cloud or use it on-premises to speed up the optimization of your service. Magnolia is a flexible solution for a variety of purposes as it integrates with different platforms.

This tool stands out for perfectly documented APIs and open-source software. You can use its Community Edition free of charge, which makes it suitable for developers of all kinds. It enables you to integrate third-party software using Java API, REST, SOAP, CMIS, XML, and more. You will have access to a variety of ready-made commerce tools. Using it, you can create an API-first platform for selling your products online. It supports integration with cloud services. To use it, you have to pay from $14 per month.

magnolia digital experience platform interface

7. Liferay

Clustering and performance monitoring
  • Scalable and accessible solutions
  • Scalable and accessible solutions
  • Companies with portals
  • Targeted content
  • Picturiastion is too fast
  • Processing is occasionally slow
  • Some services cost extra
liferay digital experience platform logo

Verdict: Liferay was created for those who are interested in such newest trends as microservices and digital experience management. It makes it easier for companies to expand their digital presence and circumvent any issues they might have with cloud services and digital products. In addition, it allows brands to improve client experience.

This digital experience platform company will help you streamline your business processes by automating a variety of tasks. This solution is suitable for those who are looking for advanced collaboration tools and want to find a platform that will make it easier for them to work across multiple channels. It enables you to collect personalized information and use it to improve the experience of your clients. You can adjust your workflow and select suitable sign-in options. By setting up a self-service portal, you can further streamline a variety of processes. If you aren’t sure whether you need a premium subscription, you can test out all the tools for free by using a trial. To learn the exact price of the subscription, make sure to contact the managers directly.

liferay digital experience platform interface

8. Contentstack

Offers SDKs, migration scripts, and web framework
  • Upgraded intuitive UI
  • Well-documented APIs
  • Helpful customer support
  • A wide choice of webhooks and extensions
  • No commerce tools
  • A limited choice of available solutions
  • The Start plan doesn’t support many content types
contentstack digital experience platform logo

Verdict: In 2019, Contentstack was called Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Web Content Management Systems. It is a SaaS headless CMS that allows you to manage your images like a pro, work in different environments, as well as perform versioning and rollback. The creators of this solution made everything possible to ensure that it will be suitable for solving a variety of tasks.

Contentstack has convenient scheduling tools and allows you to publish different types of content in batches. It enables you to use modular blocks. This service integrates with a variety of services, including Google Analytics, YouTube, Shopify, Brightcove, and many more. In addition, it supports web integration through an API. The basic price starts at $3500/month, however, you can use a free demo version to check out its functionality.

contentstack digital experience platform interface

9. Neptune DXP

For creating custom apps
  • For optimizing business processes and improving UI
  • High enterprise mobility
  • Intuitive app development
  • Streamlined interface
  • An exact price is told by a manager
neptune dxp digital experience platform logo
Neptune DXP

Verdict: Neptune DXP is a perfect digital experience management platform for those who need to build an innovative app using modular blocks and customize them to their liking. Using it, you can build top-level apps 10x faster with the help of its handy tools that can be used even by beginners. There is no need to improve your skills or take coding courses. It allows you to connect and create APIs to improve the functionality of your app. Using it, you can create an application with a responsive design. This DXP enables you to create apps for a variety of use cases, including eCommerce, healthcare, or HR.

This digital experience platform enables you to create a unified interface for different sites and apps. Thus, you can use it for product data matching, evaluating the efficiency of the app, and generally improving the client’s journey. It’s suitable for those who have limited coding skills. Using it, you can improve the workflow of your team. To use Neptune DXP, you can select between 3 payment plans. To learn more about the advantages of each of them, make sure to contact a manager.

neptune dxp digital experience platform interface