15 Best AI Writers for Easy Text Generation in 2023

Users rely on AI writing tools to cut down the time and funds they spend on producing content. The best AI writers can generate text with unparalleled speed and quality, minimizing the amount of manual work that needs to be done in text editors or by hiring expensive freelance writers.

The best AI content writing tools are also useful for performing keyword research, SEO, and content management. Lastly, such solutions allow you to receive valuable insights regarding your audience’s behavior to better adapt your content to their interests.

Top 15 AI Writers with a Variety of Features

  1. Article Forge - Fully adapts to the provided search criteria
  2. Jasper - Produces images based on user-provided keywords
  3. WordAI - Delivers bulk article updates
  4. ContentStudio - Instant ideas - AI magic
  5. LongShot AI - AI for user-generated content
  6. CopySmith - Copywriting solution for eCommerce platforms
  7. Grammarly - Works with grammatical structures
  8. Simplified AI Blog Writer - Grammarly integration
  9. Hypotenuse.AI - Generate content in seconds
  10. GetGenie - Ai one-click blog generator
  11. CreaitorAI - Wide range of languages support
  12. Longshot - Perfect for blog writing
  13. StoryLab.ai - Generates article ideas
  14. Anyword - Data-based AI writing solution
  15. INK for All - Converts text to images

When picking the best AI writing tool, you have to account for multiple factors to ensure you end up with the optimal option for your specific needs. An important factor is the software’s capability to understand and process natural language to generate relevant and grammatically correct text.

The best AI writers can learn from user input and adjust their writing approach accordingly. Additionally, they’re capable of customizing the generated content to ensure it matches your requirements and interests. Lastly, an advanced solution should optimize the produced text for various search engines while prioritizing readability and clarity.

1. Article Forge – Our Choice

Fully adapts to the provided search criteria
  • High-speed content generation
  • Can be integrated into WordPress
  • Convenient functionality
  • Bulk text generation
  • Demands attentive editing

Verdict: By employing complex AI and deep learning technologies, Article Forge produces unique, pro-grade, long-form posts in a single click. The content is already SEO friendly, meaning you won’t have to use any third-party SEO software to adapt the text to match Google’s preferences.

You can start the process by typing in the desired keywords and text length as well as any extra details that can be used to further personalize the content. Users are invited to describe the location, and targeted mood, or provide multiple subjects to ensure the delivered content is as close to what you have in mind as possible.

article forge ai writer interface

2. Jasper

Produces images based on user-provided keywords
  • Produces descriptions for social media
  • SEO description generation
  • Large font library
  • Automatically highlights quotes and paraphrased text segments
  • Frequently repetitive text
  • Requires a lot of source text to launch the generation process

Verdict: Jasper Ai is arguably the best AI writing partner, as it's capable of producing unique texts with minimum effort. You can use it to generate blog posts, articles, short stories, and other content that matches your desired writing style and voice.

The automatically generated text has perfect grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. The user can also provide text prompts to have Jasper generate images. It’s great at converting your words to pictures that match the input. The image will feature the provided text as well as a relevant background, relieving you of the necessity to use various AI art generators.

jasper ai writer interface

3. WordAI

Delivers bulk article updates
  • Produced text is plagiarism-free
  • Convenient to use
  • Reliable integration feature
  • Sentence restructuring
  • Demands in-depth editing
  • Expensive

Verdict: WordAI was initially a tool used for rewriting texts, but as years went by, it evolved into an advanced content generation solution. The true breakout moment occurred when it was integrated with ArticleForge, an AI text generation platform that allows you to import text and let WordAI spin it into unique posts and passages.

This solution is also integrated with Perfect Tense to help rid your texts of grammatical errors and incorrect verb tenses. Additionally, you can use the title spinner feature to generate pertinent titles for all your needs. Lastly, the upgraded edition of WordAI comes with an integrated HTML editor that lets you edit HTML straight in the editor for styling, adding clips, images, etc.

wordai ai writer interface

4. ContentStudio

Instant ideas - AI magic
  • Text enhancement
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Emotional tone setting
  • Diverse content creation
  • Creativity limitations
  • Technical jargon handling
contentstudio logo

Verdict: ContentStudio stands out as one of the best AI writers for easy text generation, offering a revolutionary approach to creating social media content 10x faster. With its powerful AI bot, you can effortlessly generate captivating captions and images, eliminating writer's block and streamlining your content creation process.

The 14-day free trial, coupled with impressive user ratings and industry recognition, further solidifies ContentStudio as a top choice for those seeking efficient and impactful AI-driven content creation.

contentstudio services image

5. LongShot AI

AI for user-generated content
  • User-friendly
  • Custom link integration
  • Fact-checking and claim detection
  • Tone and style consistency challenge
  • Variable content quality
longshot.ai logo
LongShot AI

Verdict: LongShot AI emerges as a game-changer for content creators, harnessing the formidable capabilities of GPT-4 to revolutionize long-form content generation. This advanced tool offers unparalleled customization options, allowing users to input their preferred links and seamlessly integrate their own ideas. It's a versatile solution that empowers content creators to overcome writer's block and craft engaging, fact-checked content.

What sets LongShot AI apart is its ability to adapt to specific needs through customized AI templates, streamlining workflows and automating content creation. Furthermore, it ensures content accuracy, allowing users to verify factual correctness and providing authoritative sources to support claims.

longshot.ai ai writer

6. CopySmith

Copywriting solution for eCommerce platforms
  • Broad selection of templates
  • Can be integrated with eCommerce platforms
  • Employs state-of-the-art OpenAI GPT models
  • Direct publishing functionality
  • Plagiarism verifier capped
  • Can use outdated information
copysmith ai writer logo

Verdict: CopySmith is capable of producing top-tier content in a variety of formats – from articles to product descriptions for different eCommerce platforms and social networks – all fine-tuned to satisfy current search engine criteria. This AI for writing can be integrated with such useful tools as HootSuite, BigCommerce, Amazon, Zapier, Shopify, Magento, Google Ads, etc.

Additionally, it lets you tweak the tone of the writing to match your company’s voice as long as you’re ready to put in some extra effort. If you’re not happy with the final text, you can simply replace some of the keywords and the software will generate new content without requiring you to make any manual adjustments.

copysmith ai writer interface

7. Grammarly

Works with grammatical structures
  • Error-free content generation
  • Readability analytics
  • Tone and style parameters
  • Content quality rating
  • Not suitable for fictional texts
  • Frequently brings out non-existent errors
grammarly ai writer logo

Verdict: Grammarly is among the best AI writers out there, as it was designed to help improve the user’s writing proficiency the more they use this tool. It highlights grammatical mistakes whenever you’re writing a new text or editing an existing article. This solution can check your text in multiple languages, which is why it’s widely regarded as the best grammar checker available today.

It can also be employed as a Chrome extension that lets you check any piece of text you type online. Grammarly includes features found in paraphrasing software, meaning it can redo phrases, sentences, and entire paragraphs while fixing their stylistic and grammatical errors.

grammarly ai writer interface

8. Simplified AI Blog Writer

Grammarly integration
  • User-friendly interface
  • Write blogs for free
  • Agile
  • Plagiarism-free blog writer
  • Free version is limited
  • Can’t cope with fictional texts
simplified ai blog writer ai writer logo
Simplified AI Blog Writer

Verdict: Using Simplified AI writing, you get access to more than 50 professional templates suitable for making both long and short-form content in a jiffy. If you need long written pieces, you just have to enter core ideas and the tool will take care of the rest.

If you opt for a short-form feature, the service can instantly create unique brand and product copies, YouTube titles, social media captions, SEO copy, Google Ads, and whatnot. The most praiseworthy option is an embedded plagiarism checker, so you can be sure your content will be original.

Simplified AI content writer will surely come in handy for creators, small and large companies, as well as marketing teams striving to expedite their writing workflow without sacrificing the quality of content.

simplified ai blog writer ai writer interface

9. Hypotenuse.AI

Generate content in seconds
  • Rapid content creation
  • Quality results
  • Verifies facts
  • 3 length options for blog
  • Without live keyword suggestions
hypotenuse.ai logo

Verdict: Hypotenuse is AI Content Generator that streamlines every writing and image creation step, from ideation to co-creation. It crafts unique, well-researched articles and SEO-friendly product descriptions effortlessly. Shape persuasive ads and social copy that captivate your audience, driving leads.

No more hours lost in crafting emails – minutes suffice. Bounce-proof headlines, slogans, and landing pages materialize with ease. Deliver prompts, and the AI comprehends, initiating the writing journey. SEO keywords enhance your content, while tone and perspective customization add finesse. Choose from over 25 languages for global reach.

Hypotenuse empowers all with captivating, research-backed content. It's your creative sparring partner, providing endless ideas around the clock. Launch drafts in seconds, scaling up effortlessly.

hypotenuse.ai ai writer

10. GetGenie

Ai one-click blog generator
  • Clear, actionable advice
  • Affordable pricing
  • Continuous learning AI algorithms
  • Enhance user interface
  • Free version restricts word count
  • Enhancement of user interface may be needed
getgenie logo

Verdict: GetGenie is undoubtedly one of the most impressive AI writers in the realm of content creation. With just one click and a mere 60 seconds, this remarkable tool performs its AI magic, producing complete and SEO-optimized blog content. The keyword-driven content generation process has never been this effortless.

Your journey with GetGenie starts with a simple input: your target keyword and a selection of titles, introductions, and outline headings. From there, it's as easy as hitting that one-click wonder and waiting until you're ready to hit the publish button. The result? Well, it's nothing short of magical. Your blog content materializes in front of your eyes, perfectly crafted and optimized for SEO.

getgenier ai writer website

11. CreaitorAI

Wide range of languages support
  • High generation speed
  • Ease of use
  • Virtual assistants
  • Translation functionality
  • Hard to establish a consistent tone and voice
  • Demands a lot of editing
creaitorai ai writer logo

Verdict: CreaitorAI is available in 46 languages, but it’s mainly made to be used in English. It offers advanced SEO functionality in English, while also allowing you to utilize an intricate image generation tool to produce AI-created images based on the provided text.

This tool lets you pick the mood, style, medium, color palette, and other parameters or even select a style that resembles popular artists from a menu. The process is pleasantly straightforward – you just have to pick the desired AI Assistant from multiple presets, type in the product name and brief description (1-2 lines), and then this AI writing app for Mac and Windows will fulfill your request within a few minutes.

creaitorai ai writer interface

12. Longshot

Perfect for blog writing
  • Rewriting functionality
  • Fact-checking feature
  • Templates for different types of text
  • Title generation
  • Hard to achieve a coherent tone and style
  • Can sometimes produce inappropriate content
longshot ai writer logo

Verdict: Longshot is a highly convenient AI writing solution that comes with the tools that are usually found in proofreading software as well as templates for blog posts, social network advertisements, and other kinds of texts. It can also customize the produced content based on the provided references, meaning you're guaranteed to receive text that satisfies all your requirements.

Additionally, Longshot is equipped with a FactGPT feature, which allows you to check the validity of written statements, both existing and new. It also offers multiple integration possibilities like Chrome and WordPress plugins while also supporting Medium, Semrush, HubSpot, Ghost, and even personalized integrations.

longshot ai writer interface

13. StoryLab.ai

Generates article ideas
  • Produces article ideas
  • Generates email subject lines
  • Social network post creation
  • High generation speed
  • Demands extensive editing
  • Doesn’t offer content templates
storylabai ai writer logo

Verdict: StoryLab.ai is a handy solution that generates content ideas while also suggesting narrative developments and outlines during the writing process, representing a great option if you’re looking for book writing software. You can also use this tool to generate prewritten text for your advertising materials.

Additionally, this AI writing software is a great option for users who need a constant stream of new content for social media. This tool allows you to generate captions for Instagram images, ad text for Facebook, YouTube video titles, and other content without relying on third-party closed captioning software.

storylabai ai writer interface

14. Anyword

Data-based AI writing solution
  • Personalized copy-scoring AI models
  • AI ad copy creator
  • CTA optimization
  • Email generation
  • Can take a long time to produce content
  • Text performance rating isn’t always accurate
anyword ai writer logo

Verdict: Anyword is another option on the list of AI writing programs with an integrated plagiarism checker that allows you to create SEO-friendly content on any subject. It offers an estimated performance score to help facilitate efficient decision-making. This solution is available in several languages and ensures you receive CTA-optimized content.

Anyword’s most prominent feature relies on generating text based on the keywords that you want to see included in your article or post. Simply add the desired keywords to your preferred writing template and this solution will ensure they are all featured in the text.

anyword ai writer interface

15. INK for All

Converts text to images
  • Stylish interface
  • Impressive rewriting functionality
  • Fully unique text
  • Allows converting text into images
  • Expensive
  • Frequent factual mistakes
ink for all ai writer logo
INK for All

Verdict: INK can be considered the best AI content writer due to the sheer number of features it includes. It comes with a handy AI keyword research function as well as a keyword clustering tool that categorizes keywords based on shared search intent. This solution simplifies the content process even further by providing the AI Shield, which is a tool used for bypassing Google’s AI-created text detection system.

INK also offers a distraction-free text editor for Linux and other OS for users interested in creating copy themselves. Alternatively, you can entrust this tool to generate several articles per project, allowing you to produce text for social network ads and YouTube videos while checking all created content for grammatical errors.

ink for all ai writer interface