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Verdict: I have contacted this agency in the sake of having a new website for my new French-language group and for an application to my lessons and I am extremely satisfied with the way everything was done. Their employees have been nothing short of professional and very responsive, very easy to communicate to, even through the whole project (about 2 months), when getting regular updates on the project progress.

This software development company utilized a waterfall strategy to make sure that I worked with a project manager, an assistant project manager, and a senior developer. The agency that developed the software for me delivered my order on time with the development of a slick and intuitive site, which I can productively use as a web-based classroom.

  • Comprehensive services
  • On-time delivery
  • Customized development
  • Employs state-of-the-art technologies
  • Continuous feedback
  • Prices aren’t disclosed openly
  • Don’t provide any discounts
gr tech example of work

The agency continuously improves and broadens its expertise to satisfy the requirements of any customer while conducting business on a global scale and employing tech like Angular, Vue.js, React Native, Android, iOS, JavaScript, ASP.NET, PHP, and Node.js among numerous others.

The list of certifications received by this developer includes Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert, Scrum Alliance (CSM) Certification, Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect certification, AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Certification, etc.

GR Tech Company – Main Features

gr tech features

GR Tech is an education and custom software development agency that has been providing feature-packed, professionally-made solutions for over 13 years now. From basic applications to complex websites, this company can work on projects of all scales while delivering quick results.

The agency employs an agile approach to develop and maintain personalized software of any scope while ensuring fast delivery and a satisfying user experience.

"GR Tech revitalized my dated platform and ensured it looks and performs well. I also appreciate the friendly communication. Whenever I had a question or problem, they solved it almost instantly." - Lily, teacher ★★★★★ (5/5)

Design & Build Custom Software for Personal Services

gr tech software development example

When I initially reached out to this web development company, I talked to its manager. She covered the range of services they provide and I told her about my requirements and expectations. Afterward, the agency drafted an outline for my project and set an estimated deadline.

I asked them to develop a platform for my photography courses. After all the details were settled, the agency quickly got to work on developing and designing a solution that matched my exact specifications while regularly updating me on the progress.

Once the project was done, the team closed the order and started processing the documentation while also providing post-development support to ensure my platform was properly maintained.

Mobile Development with Plenty of Options

As an app development company, GR Tech delivers client-focused mobile applications that can be customized to your liking. It has also developed a broad range of premium Android and iOS apps, made using innovative mobile technologies.

The agency employs a unique mobile app development strategy. Instead of creating regular, one-size-fits-all applications, they produce intuitive, highly optimized solutions that are aimed at satisfying the specific requirements of every customer.

The experts of the company invest a lot of time into getting to know the goals and the target audience I have, in my case – just 25-40 years old students to be sure that their work reflects on this. They also take a lot of care in quality assurance and testing to be sure the application delivered run well, are fully protected and do not suffer from any errors.

"GR Tech put in the effort to understand my needs and delivered a pro-quality app for Android. Its professionals were in touch with me throughout the entire course of the project to ensure everything was seamless and as I’ve mentioned in the task." - Bob, Marketer ★★★★★ (5/5)

Power Your Library with Capable Software

gr tech library example

The agency can install and update various systems that simplify the process of handling daily tasks and managing various business-related aspects. Its employees craft personalized repositories for use cases while relying on open-source solutions like EPrints, DSpace, or Koha.

They ensured I had an easier time managing the library of my online learning platform by streamlining operations, enhancing the user experience, and adapting to contemporary standards.

Comprehensive Range of Custom Education Solutions

gr tech custom education solutions example

The company offers a full cycle of personalized education solutions, including University Management Systems, Learning Management System (LMS) customization, student data systems, course management platforms, etc. Their expansive portfolio allows them to satisfy all the requirements you might have regardless of what project you have in mind.

The agency accounts for the responsibilities and convenience of administrators, teachers, tutors, and students alike, crafting UIs that are easy to use and look professional. By prioritizing the user experience, the team guarantees the provided software both meets and surpasses your requirements.

Strong Warranty Coverage

The company provides a 1-year warranty that comes into effect instantly after the date of User Acceptance Test Sign-Off. This way, you can be confident that the agency will deal with any errors or maintenance issues that you encounter throughout the year without asking for any extra fees.

Innovative Product Suite with Dedicated Features

GR Tech provides a wide selection of state-of-the-art tools that can provide additional opportunities for educational businesses.

EntriPhi is an enrollment solution for universities and colleges that can streamline the intake process while ensuring both the students and the staff have an easier time navigating each step. It allows you to gather student applications through a guided, registration process that provides convenient forms that only accept valid data, and make it a lot easier for applicants to submit their applications.

gr tech entriphi interface

Curriculus was developed for handling co-curricular tasks, boosting participation, monitoring points on leaderboards, and awarding participants. This solution allows students to plan and monitor their objectives. They can fill their personal portfolio/account with crucial activities, certifications, and badges to display all of their achievements.

AmpliPhi was made to assist educational establishments in automating their student placements, matching students and opportunities with better results, and allowing businesses to find new employees. You can curate a shortlist of businesses, message employers about new student groups, allow companies to determine hiring preferences, promote their job openings, and share career resources for students.

gr tech ampliphi interface

Orientus is used by leading universities across the world to streamline student orientation as well as design engaging experiences. With this solution, you can schedule activities, share resources, grant awards, share announcements, and more.

Courus tool permits storage of all the curriculum documentation in one place and the ability to find the required resources conveniently. The system can be synchronized with your existing university systems that allow one to transfer data or information easily among different departments and branches.

"we really acquired the best college management tools from gr tech. it's orientus that makes scheduling of our activities easy, sends resources to our staff and students, and even gives away rewards. not to forget also, gr tech's team is very friendly." - James S., Director ★★★★★ (5/5)

Useful Blog with Tech Trends & Tips

gr tech blog

The agency has a blog that hosts different inside stories, insights, and suggestions on education management and software solutions from librarians and industry experts. The blog is divided into such sections as library technology, software development, digital library, interview, etc.

You can read posts on understanding API design and its importance, how to pick the optimal enrollment tool for higher educational establishments, the main principles of databases, innovative AI solutions for librarians, and many other interesting topics. New posts are added every day.

GR Tech Company Prices

GR Tech doesn’t provide a standard price list (I’d prefer them to have it). They calculate the cost of each order by accounting for the needs, goals, and budget of each customer and devising a tailored quote. The agency also considers such aspects as project scale and difficulty and the inclusion of any personalized requirements.


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