TikMate Review 2024: TikTok Hack Everyone's Talking About

TikMate Downloader

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Verdict: I definitely recommend TikMate over the others because it offers a clean download without a watermark, and it's easier to save videos here. Each video that I downloaded as an inspo for future tiktoks was high in quality, regardless of length and size.

The downloads themselves are super fast: it takes barely a few seconds to save the video (and sometimes a little longer because it's in a higher resolution). There's no need for copy-pasting a link — it starts downloading as soon as you click on it. I use this TikTok video downloader all the time to download the videos from my favorite TikTokers.

  • No registration necessary
  • Videos can be saved without watermarks
  • Fast video saving
  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • No download restrictions
  • Limited format choices
  • Dependence on a stable connection
tikmate interface

TikMate is a great video downloader that does its job quickly and reliably. Users' satisfaction is their main objective, making it an ideal choice for those who want to share their adored TikTok videos seamlessly.

TikMate Downloader – Main Features

tikmate features

The intuitive design and outstanding functionality of TikMate enable users to conveniently keep chosen TikTok videos for offline use. Its cross-platform compatibility is what sets it apart. Whether you are using a laptop, a phone or a tablet, it takes no effort to download TikTok videos in MP4 or MP3 format.

"TikMate is a reliable app for saving TikTok videos as well as removing the annoying watermarks and I can use it on any device without any disturbance. I highly recommend it." - Ben, freelancer ★★★★★ (5/5)

One-click Downloading Convenience

The best part is that I don't have to register to save TikToks. The process is straightforward, smooth and quick. You will get a download link after copying and pasting the TikTok link.

tikmate downloading

I copy the link of my favorite video which I would like to download and then I go to TikMate.cc. There I just paste the link into the Search box.

Their server will process the link, select the format, and hit the Download button. The quality of downloaded videos is exceptional. With this online video downloader I can save videos in MP3 or MP4 format.

Fast and Reliable Download Speeds

tikmate download options

TikMate.cc uses the latest technology so that you can download any TikTok videos no matter what their length or quality is. My videos are ready to be downloaded in no time, ensuring an uninterrupted user experience.

"TikMate is a great software that is easy to use even if you're not good with computers like me. I prefer this tool because I don't need to get any extra software to get the videos." - George, university student ★★★★★ (4.5/5)

Unlimited TikTok Downloads

This app allows me to download an unlimited number of trendy and fun TikToks, as well as dancing and lip-syncing video clips straight to any of my devices free of charge, including my phone, laptop, and tablet whenever and wherever I choose.

No Additional Software Required

Luckily, TikMate is free of charge, unlike their competitors and does not require any additional software, so I can stay away from the potential problems and complications that can arise with other downloading platforms, making things easier for me.

Ability to Translate the Site into Multiple Languages

tikmate languages

And among the good features I’ve found was that users could view the content in their chosen language. It’s really super cause there are dozens of them offered, from English to German, from Indonesian to Italian, from Japanese to Arabic, and even Czech. TikMate offers 24 languages to make users from every background feel convenient.

"This fits well in that I would be able to have TikTok videos saved without the watermark, after which I would share them with others in various platforms (like Reels). TikMate is good, the video downloading process - super-efficient, hence making work so much easier." - Jess, content creator ★★★★★ (5/5)

Completely Mobile Friendly

Android users can install the video downloader app from the Play Store to download any TikTok clips and sounds on mobile devices in a more convenient format.

Fast TikTok Converter

tikmate tiktok converter

Also, TikMate has a cool feature— a video converter, offering users an option to change the format from MP3 to MP4 (or the other way around) effortlessly. The resolution of the video, however, depends on the resolution of the source video.

Absolutely Safe to Use

No security concerns, the app is a safe choice for people who would like to download public and personal TikTok videos. TikMate guarantees, as they do not store any video or audio files that you are downloading.

This web app operates by downloading the video the user requested right from the TikTok server and it is stored on that server too.

TikMate Downloader Prices

Another great thing about TikMate is that it is absolutely free. No sneaky charges or annoying ads.


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