11 Best TikTok Video Downloaders

By Tani Adams 9 days ago, Apps and Software

11 Best TikTok Video Downloaders in 2022

With the help of the best TikTok video downloader you can save media content from the TikTok social network to your mobile devices, tablets and PCs. What is more, such apps allow you to save these media files without watermarks that often irritate users.

The videos will be downloaded in HD resolution and will please you with their stunning quality. Additionally, you can use the preview feature to check the file content before saving it.

Top 11 TikTok Video Downloaders

  1. Video Downloader for Social Media – Supports more than 12 social networks Android
  2. Video Downloader for TikTok – Downloads video in HD resolution Android
  3. 4K Tokkit - Desktop software for bulk download
  4. Video Downloader Without Watermark – Saves videos without watermarks Android
  5. MP3Studio - Speedy TikTok downloader
  6. SaveTok – The small size of downloaded videos iOS
  7. Clipbox – Unlimited storage iOS
  8. ReposTik – Downloads video reposts iOS
  9. ExpertsPHP – Saves videos in one click iOS | Android
  10. SSSTikTok – Automatic download iOS | Android
  11. SnapTik – Downloads videos to any device iOS | Android

Download one of these TikTok video downloaders if you need highly functional apps for saving any type of videos fast and easily. The process of downloading won’t cause you any inconveniences, as it is automatic and trouble-free.

Moreover, these tools will enable you to share the saved videos on various social networks or send them to your friends and relatives. Select an app and install it on your mobile device, then copy the video URL, and all other actions will be performed automatically. Besides, you can also use an online video downloader that does not require installation.

1. Video Downloader for Social Media - Our Choice

Supports more than 12 social networks
  • Integrated with various social networks
  • Downloads content that does not contain watermarks
  • Performs automatic download from TikTok
  • Embedded video player
  • None

Verdict: Featuring rich functionality, Video Downloader for Social Media is a handy mobile app that can be used for saving video files from TikTok to your Android device. With the help of this tool, TikTok download without watermark is not a problem anymore.

The process of video download is easy and trouble-free, so you won’t experience any difficulties. As the app has an embedded video player, you can use the function of video preview before downloading a file to check if the content satisfies you.

You just need to copy and paste a link; all other actions will be performed automatically. Moreover, all downloaded files will be in HD quality. Take advantage of the app’s multiple video download feature that allows you to save all the videos from a particular page or channel.

tiktok video downloader for social media interface

2. Video Downloader for TikTok

Downloads video in HD quality
  • Lets you to watch videos offline
  • Automatic download of HD-quality videos
  • Does not require logging in
  • High downloading speed
  • Loading might fail if you exit the app

Verdict: If you need a TikTok video downloader for saving videos in HD quality, this app is what you are looking for. This tool will let you save videos in just several steps. All you need to do is to open a video file, copy its URL from TikTok and start downloading. Moreover, you can watch all the saved videos offline.

Thanks to the embedded video player, you can watch video content from anywhere in the world without using a VPN for TikTok. With the help of the player, you can also easily preview a video and decide whether you want to save it. A great thing is that you won’t interrupt the process of downloading if you accidentally close the app.

video downloader for tiktok interface

3. 4K Tokkit

Desktop software for bulk downloads
  • Bulk download support
  • Maximum resolution of 720p
  • Search for videos via hashtags
  • Ability to copy the caption from TikTok posts
  • Free plan is limited

Verdict: 4K Tokkit is a reliable tool for viewing, downloading, and saving TikToks on your computer that were posted by your favorite TikTok content creators and influencers. You can freely download clips of challenges, captions, entire accounts, hashtags, and all other types of posts in high definition.

The go-to feature of 4K Tokkit is the download tool that lets you save videos with the music that was used in them. Additionally, 4K Tokkit allows you to save multiple videos simultaneously. You can download all posts from a single TikTok creator with minimum effort and in record time. Moreover, the premium version of this tool allows you to copy and save captions that were used in specific posts.

4k tokkit tiktok video downloader interface

4. Video Downloader Without Watermark

Saves videos without watermarks
  • Direct video download from TikTok
  • Compatible with all TikTok versions
  • Supports various file formats
  • Only needs a video URL to save it
  • Download is slow
  • Often downloads videos in MP3 format

Verdict: If you need a great app for TikTok download without watermark, then this option is the right choice for you. You just need to copy a video URL to download videos. Make sure to use the “Share” option if you want to save videos directly from TikTok.

This multifunctional tool is compatible with various TikTok versions, which is quite useful if you have not managed to update the app on your mobile device yet. Video Downloader Without Watermark allows watching, renaming, sharing videos on various social media networks. To ensure a successful performance, you need to use a fast Internet connection. Otherwise, you will need a lot of time for saving even a small video.

tiktok video downloader without watermark interface

5. MP3Studio

Speedy TikTok downloader
  • Streamlined download process
  • Allows saving clips without watermark
  • Supports a variety of devices
  • You can save only an audio track
  • A free version has limited functionality

Verdict: MP3Studio is a convenient solution for downloading TikTok clips without watermarks. The process is quite intuitive, which allows you to quickly find and save any video to your device quickly. You can save it to your computer or phone to watch it later. In a few clicks, this service lets you download videos to your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

To get started, you need to run the TikTok app, select the sharing options, and copy the URL. Then, you need to add this link to the corresponding field on the website of MP3Studio and click the download button to save the video. Thanks to it, you will always have access to the clips you like, even if you don’t have a stable Internet connection or if this content will get deleted.

mp3studio tiktok video downloader interface

6. SaveTok

The small size of downloaded videos
  • Allows watching content in the official TikTok app
  • Can add a slow-motion effect to videos
  • You can add TikTok videos to bookmarks
  • Saved files do not take up much space on your PC
  • There are no significant drawbacks

Verdict: SaveTok is a popular TikTok video downloader that allows you to save HD content from this social network. The saved files won’t take up much space on your PC. To download video content directly from TikTok, you only need to know the URL. The “Share” option lets you save videos to your mobile device automatically.

By adding videos from TikTok to your bookmarks, you will be able to check what videos you have already watched and download them afterward. Like many other similar downloaders, this app saves media files without watermarks that often irritate the users. It lets you share saved files via social networks without experiencing any problems. You can apply a slow-motion effect to a video while downloading it.

savetok tiktok video downloader interface

7. Clipbox

Unlimited storage
  • Downloads as many videos as you need
  • Saved videos are without ads and watermarks
  • You can save videos to the Clipbox library
  • Allows you to crop video files
  • Lack of some features in a free version

Verdict: Clipbox is a great tool for iOS that allows you to download videos without ads or watermarks from TikTok. With the help of this app, you can download the content directly to your device or save it in the app’s cloud storage. This multifunctional tool lets you group the downloaded videos into special collections to watch them in your personal library.

Besides, you can save all the content in HD quality. Clipbox enables you to crop a file to save the favorite moment from your video without using a video editing app. You can also share a video from TikTok directly to Clipbox or copy and paste a link to save it to cloud storage. Some features like unlimited storage and organizing video collections are paid. Overall, this one of the greatest tools for TikTok video download.

clipbox tiktok video downloader interface

8. RepostTik

Downloads video reposts
  • Downloads reposted videos
  • Saved content does not have ads or watermarks
  • Compatible with the official TikTok app
  • Automatic download of the selected videos
  • The same video cannot be saved twice
  • To save a clip, you need to repost it

Verdict: Repostik is a great app that can repost videos from TikTok and save them to your smartphone. With the help of this tool, you can quickly download videos without annoying ads and watermarks. However, you need first to repost a video to any social network and then download it to your device from there.

If you have accidentally deleted the video, you won’t be able to save it the second time. Compatible with all the versions of the app, this TikTok video downloader allows you to repost clips to various social networks for a trouble-free further download. If you choose the automatic download options, every video you have reposted will be saved directly to your smartphone.

repostik tiktok video downloader interface

9. ExpertsPHP

Downloads videos in one click
  • Downloads video content in online mode
  • Saves all videos in MP4 format
  • HD resolution
  • You only need a URL for downloading
  • None

Verdict: ExpertsPHP is a user-friendly online tool that allows you to download videos from TikTok to your mobile device using only a link. With the help of this TikTok video downloader, you can save files not only to your phone but also to your PC, laptop and Chrome tablet. ExpertsPHP automatically downloads all content in МР4 format in HD resolution.

You need to install the official TikTok app on your phone so that you can preview the video and copy its link. Fast Internet connection will ensure quick and trouble-free downloads. Besides, the app allows you to extract and save songs from your favorite videos in MP3 format.

expertsphp tiktok video downloader interface

10. SSSTikTok

Automatic download
  • You can use this app without installing it on your phone
  • It uses a URL to save a video
  • Default video download quality is HD
  • Compatible with any devices
  • Needs the Documents app by Readle

Verdict: If you need an app that will quickly download a clip to your smartphone without a watermark and in high quality, then SSSTikTok is the TikTok video downloader you are looking for. The app does not require installation and works in online mode. You do not need to select the preferred quality of the video before download since HD resolution is set by default. This feature ensures faster download and great video clarity.

To save video files, you just need to open TikTok, select a video, copy and paste a link. All other actions will be performed automatically and your file will be saved from TikTok to a separate folder on your smartphone. However, those who use iOS starting from the twelfth version cannot download videos directly from the browser. They need to install Documents by Readle from the App Store.

ssstiktok video downloader interface

11. SnapTik

Downloads videos to any device
  • Saves content from TikTok to any device
  • You can download videos in just one click
  • Does not need any third-party programs to work
  • Needs only a video URL to start downloading
  • A fast Internet connection is required
  • Your download will stop when you close the browser

Verdict: SnapTik is an online TikTok video downloader that does not require any third-party apps. With the help of this tool, you can save videos in HD resolution and without watermarks. Besides, you can install the SnapTik app on your Android-supported device so that you don’t have to use a browser all the time.

To save video recordings from the browser, you need an excellent Internet connection, otherwise, the download might fail or you won’t manage to save the full video. Do not exit the browser while downloading the file, because the process will be interrupted and you will have to start again. You only need to copy a video URL from TikTok and click on the “Download video” button.

snaptik video downloader interface