Software Planet Services for Web Development Review 2024

By Kate Gross 4 days ago, Apps and Software

Software Planet

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Verdict: Software Planet Group is engaged in flexible custom software development. Their team philosophy combines reliable, customized software solutions for everyone and an individual approach to each client with unrivaled offshore value. Their staff consists of highly qualified experts with extensive experience in both strategic planning and quality assurance techniques.

  • Agile software development
  • Full-package services
  • Full-fledged teams
  • Constant feedback
  • Fast turnaround
  • Prices aren’t fixed
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Software Planet is truly an all-in-one company, and it’s not just words. Whatever you need – whether it’s digital design or quality control – they can do it all at the highest level. They are always improving their knowledge and skills and already now, they provide their services 4 times faster than similar companies.

Software Planet Services Review: Main Features

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The team bases its workflow on the most advanced methods such as Scrum and Agile. However, only after studying the client's requirements and expectations, they can make a final decision on the techniques to be applied.

Web Development and Existing Feature Extension

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Being a fairly well-known web development company, Software Planet boasts successful projects for both startups and large corporations. They are full of interesting and original ideas for each of their clients, whether they want a simple minimalist product or a full-featured solution from scratch.

Perhaps, you already have your own software, but you feel like it’s not keeping up with the times, and you’re thinking about something new, confused about whether it’s worth it. It often happens that your product just needs some major upgrade or feature enhancement.

That is why Software Planet services offer not only web product development from scratch but also a deep improvement of the existing ones by their experienced specialists. They approach each case individually, taking into account all the features, the available base, and your wishes.

Software Outsourcing and Product Development Services

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Outsourcing is gaining more and more popularity these days, and for good reason. This is very convenient for companies that decide to forgo or limit the number of IT employees in their staff in favor of specialists in their specific field. The Software Planet team keeps up with modern trends and provides such services as well.

Among all software development companies, Software Planet stands out for being customer-oriented and proactive in solving tasks. Their form of collaboration is straightforward, and integration into your workflow is seamless. Their services are almost limitless: no matter what you want – a responsive website, a prototype, an application – it will all be done to perfection. What’s more, they also provide post-delivery customer support.

Software Planet Group is responsible for the selection of personnel for its team. That is why you can be sure of the quality of the services provided and the highly competent specialists working on your project. Their team can work separately or be part of your internal workflows. Their experience in partnering with you and third-party vendors is amazing and produces excellent results.

Technological Partnership for Any Type of Project

Software Planet believes that staying away from trends is not going to be successful. That is why they always keep up with the times in terms of innovation and technological methods. They will also help you to adjust your activities and your web products according to the trends in your industry.

The Software Planet Group doesn’t just code and solve technical problems. They really become your reliable shoulder and assistant, plunging headlong into your business. They will ask all the necessary questions and listen to your vision of the concept, then combine it with their skills and knowledge and turn your idea into a finished, flawless product.

While optimizing infrastructure and analyzing all your costs, they also remember to plan and execute cloud migration between vendors and you. What’s more, you will be able to enjoy exactly those technologies that will maximize the potential of your business.

Thanks to the professional and versatile team, nothing prevents the agency from creating a fully functional product for you, whether it be web design software, music player, converter, or even a video game. The experience of their specialists is more than enough to develop and optimize business applications, photo & video apps, as well as games.

Legacy Software Refactoring with Cloud Computing

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Software Planet is a great companion for upgrading your systems to match the trends in your particular industry. They will add anything they lack to your existing projects, such as code refactoring, automated testing, or architecture improvements.

As for the deployment of solutions, the team will select the most suitable method for your activity. You can also request an operating cost estimate that will help you predict expenses at all stages of work. What’s more, specialists always take into account the fact that the goals and expectations of the campaign can change, so you can always let them know so that they can adjust the plan to new requirements.

Software Planet services also include hosting the finished product in the cloud. You will be able to choose the most suitable option for you among the leading suppliers. What’s more, this app development company can create a unique fully functional cloud environment where you can host your working app without worrying about security.

Advanced and Dedicated Software Development Team

With Software Planet, you can be sure of the competence of the team that works with you. They are ready to fulfill your order at any time. In this way, efficient and streamlined collaboration is ensured for the best results. Working groups are usually staffed around the needs of the client, and are made up of experts from DevOps to Quality Assurance.

To make your workflow even more efficient and productive, you can complement your team with Software Planet Group remote employees who can provide services either independently or as part of your internal processes. Having given preference to outsourcing, all control over projects still remains with you. You don’t have to worry about hidden costs or transactions, as you can always contact the responsible staff.

The agency prefers video conferences, sincerely believing that such a format, where all team members can see each other, brings them closer and has a positive effect on cooperation. What’s more, you can request progress reports daily to track processes and results, as well as find out important points that affect your project.

Quality Assurance and Software Testing Services

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The quality assessment team of this company is also involved in evaluating the entire expected performance of the product. They pay special attention to meeting all requirements so that the products fully meet your expectations. This software testing company conducts comprehensive checks on performance, user experience, scalability, and more. Only upon completion of all tests, the team concludes is the product ready for launch.

Software Planet services include strict compliance with all cybersecurity standards. In this regard, they conduct a full range of penetration tests and measures to prevent malicious cyber attacks. This suite also includes stress testing, load testing, scalability testing, and more. You get guarantees of the stability of your solution at all stages of SDLC, as well as detailed reports and algorithms for increasing existing indicators.

To maintain flawless operation, the team also identifies any friction points and interface imperfections to properly correct them. They always keep your end consumers in mind to provide them with the best user experience.

Software Planet Services Prices

Software Planet Group provides customer-focused and personalized services. That is why you will not find a price list for their services. To do this, you need to contact their representative and discuss the details.

At the same time, the company provides a risk-free trial period so that you can evaluate the team in action. This is because they understand how difficult it is now to find those specialists who will bring your product to a new level.