Top 9 Software Testing Companies to Address in 2023

By Kate Gross 20 days ago, Apps and Software

If you’re interested in a third-party software testing company that can increase the quality of your product, the options reviewed below should be right up your alley. You’ll particularly appreciate this information if you've already tried looking for top-tier testing solutions but came up short.

The provided list will help you avoid wasting thousands of dollars on putting together and maintaining a QA team, as you can simply hire one of the top software testing companies instead and only use their services when you need to.

Top 9 Software Testing Companies

  1. DeviQA - The most experienced team
  2. QA Wolf - Data-oriented QA services
  3. QualityLogic - Open to work with all industries
  4. AppSierra - Offers web development services
  5. OnPath Testing - Extremely fast testing turnaround
  6. TestMatick - End-to-end software testing service
  7. TestCrew - Optimal choice for performance engineering
  8. Infopulse - Offers reengineering and migration
  9. ImpactQA - Both manual and automated testing

The options included in this rundown of top software testing companies can offer cutting-edge solutions and complete project oversight, allowing you to enjoy superior productivity from your development team. If you’re interested in a cost-efficient approach that allows you to deliver a high-quality product, then you can’t go wrong with outsourcing most of your testing work.

1. DeviQA – Our Choice

The most experienced team
  • Free proof of concept
  • Start working on orders within 12 hours
  • Daily reports
  • Quick team size adjustments
  • Site doesn’t provide pricing information

Verdict: DeviQA has been among the leading forces in the QA and testing markets for about 10 years now. Their list of services encompasses QA process design and configuration, product quality verification, automated testing for web and mobile platforms, end-to-end tests, user acceptance tests, UI automation, automatic performance tests, integration tests, SDK testing automation, as well as comprehensive, performance/load, and stress tests, consultancy, and much more.

Their teams have a wealth of experience working with companies involved in healthcare, finance, cybersecurity, sales, entertainment, education, and tourism industries while adopting an integrated approach and relying on time-tested methods for implementing complex solutions.

DeviQA excels at establishing and maintaining convenient testing frameworks and productive workflows while communicating with the client during every stage of the project. Their employees rely on their technical proficiency to deliver top-class results while always meeting all promised deadlines.

deviqa software testing company interface

2. QA Wolf

Data-oriented QA services
  • Unrestricted number of tests and test runs
  • Complete access to the QA Wolf test platform
  • 80% test coverage within 3 months
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Subpar website testing results

Verdict: QA Wolf offers end-to-end automated testing that guarantees to provide up to 80% test coverage while completing the order within 4 months. They also have an unconventional pricing policy, calculating the cost of your project based on your team size rather than the number of tests that were used or how many hours they took to complete.

QA Wolf is a straightforward, efficient, and free full-cycle testing utility, optimized to be used by entire teams. You can use this tool to put together tests within your browser and cooperate with your teammates in real-time. Other users can also be invited to your testing dashboard, receive links to specific tests, and help you handle maintenance.

The tool creates JavaScript code, as you’re browsing through the UI, making the process of putting together and running tests on Netlify and Vercel deployments a breeze. You get the test results in a matter of minutes, no matter how many tests you perform simultaneously and you can share them either inside the platform or on Slack.

qa wolf software testing company interface

3. QualityLogic

Open to work with all industries
  • Boosts your ROI
  • Versatile approach
  • Maintains control
  • Locates and gets rid of critical mistakes
  • No clear pricing information

Verdict: Regardless of whether you’re working on creating a website, application, or software, this software testing company is ready to help you. Their employees have a wealth of experience in all QA fields, being able to handle everything from mobile apps to 3D printing software. They’ve been on the market for more than 30 years and have earned the respect of hundreds of businesses around the world.

QualityLogic offers a broad range of software quality services and is open to working with nearly any industry out there including entertainment, finance, healthcare, energy, media, etc. When working on your order, their team focuses on guarantying the conformance, performance, and user experience of your software meet all your testing requirements.

This company continuously expands its team with new experts while ensuring the more experienced testers familiarize them with the infrastructure and help them through the initial tasks until they can confidently perform their job on their own. The length of an order depends entirely on your needs, as QualityLogic can do everything from performing quick weeklong tests to helping you support your product for multiple years.

qualitylogic software testing company interface

4. AppSierra

Offers web development services
  • Full test coverage
  • AI-based chatbot
  • Managed QA
  • JavaScript-based development
  • Moderately high prices
appsierra software testing company

Verdict: AppSierra is an app testing and web development company is open to working with technology startups and enterprises of all sizes. It provides a combination of unique ideas and business proficiency while relying on the latest technology to ensure their clients meet their goals and conquer their respective market segments.

The company specializes in B2B and SaaS app development while having a lot of experience dealing with AI, machine learning, DevOps, and test engineering. It employs self-managed teams that possess the skills and expertise necessary to ensure you’re meeting your roadmap goals and achieving the desired product quality level.

AppSierra delivers efficient and all-encompassing testing services, allowing its clients to save both time and resources while significantly improving their software thanks to the technically proficient, detail-oriented, and highly accountable QA experts that work on their projects.

appsierra software testing company interface

5. OnPath Testing

Extremely fast testing turnaround
  • Functional test planning
  • Automation test frameworks
  • Bug management
  • SQA tool collection
  • Doesn’t have a portfolio
onepath software testing company
OnPath Testing

Verdict: OnPath Testing allows businesses to guarantee their products work as intended by relying on all the latest software QA practices. Their employees perform tests on web, mobile, and desktop platforms while taking advantage of the most advanced tools out there.

Regardless of whether your development team has been working together for years or was only recently created, OnPath Testing will come up with a suitable solution for your project. The company produces full-cycle testing services that encompass requirement evaluation, test strategizing, testing, bug management, and ongoing support. Their QA specialists specialize in functional, automated, and performance testing to ensure your software is perfect no matter how you look at it.

OnPath understands the difficulty of seamlessly integrating a third-party company into your development process but thanks to its test management policies, terrific leadership, and continuous communication, this process will go through as smoothly as possible while doing wonders for boosting the quality of your product.

onepath software testing company interface

6. TestMatick

End-to-end software testing service
  • Mobility and versatility
  • Offers all possible QA services
  • Excel at locating functional bugs
  • Provides game testing
  • No clear pricing information
testmatick software testing company

Verdict: TestMatick is among the top software testing companies in the world that offer all QA services you might want to outsource without having to hire multiple agencies at once. Once you place your order, you can be certain their team will start working on it within a single business day.

The company offers end-to-end software testing that incorporates conceptualizing, creating, configuring, and running the test. TestMatick is ready to work with any type of software while ensuring its performance, stability, usability, and other key parameters meet all of their client’s expectations.

Other praiseworthy qualities of this company include attention to detail, a client-oriented approach, and terrific responsiveness. All of that is backed by a flexible team of testers that excel at locating and getting rid of bugs while improving the quality and cleanliness of your code.

testmatick software testing company interface

7. TestCrew

Optimal choice for performance engineering
  • Top-tier engineering
  • Digital assurance
  • QA consultations
  • Next-gen test tools
  • Low schedule options
testcrew software testing company

Verdict: TestCrew provides an all-encompassing package of software testing services that allow you to examine and analyze the state of your products from all possible perspectives including quality, performance, stability, and robustness. The company offers a shift-left approach that heavily emphasizes quality control from the very start of SDLC.

Regardless of whether you want to outsource QA, bug testing, cross-testing different versions of your app, regression testing, or other test-related tasks, TestCrew will provide you with a team that will make sure that your software is in top shape. This company has experience working with businesses involved in finance, telecommunication, sales, gaming, TV, and other industries.

Other than locating and getting rid of bugs, TestCrew’s employees can help you improve different features of your software and make it more intuitive and user-oriented. Additionally, the company is known for always meeting agreed-upon deadlines and offering valuable insight regarding the software’s technical challenges and intuitiveness.

testcrew software testing company interface

8. Infopulse

Offers reengineering and migration
  • Systems integration
  • Microsoft and SAP services
  • QA services
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Site doesn’t provide pricing information
infopulse software testing company

Verdict: Infopulse is among the best software testing companies in terms of software R&D, app services, cloud, and IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity. Established in 1991, this agency now employs more than 2000 experts and has offices across 7 countries in Europe and North America.

The company represents a unity of technical engineers, developers, testers, and consultants that can help you with every step of creating and releasing your software, including conceptualization, analysis, design, QA, test automation, release, and support. Acting also as an app development company, Infopulse can produce a bug-free app from scratch to help elevate your business to new heights.

Lastly, you can take advantage of the company’s software reengineering services to improve and upgrade the code of your legacy apps, port your software to newer platforms, and transfer data from legacy servers to a new system.

infopulse software testing company interface

9. ImpactQA

Both manual and automated testing
  • Over 200 successful projects
  • 25% faster release time
  • Broad resource collection
  • Global delivery
  • No official portfolio
impactqa software testing company

Verdict: ImpactQA is a digital company that is one of the top players in the fields of QA testing and consulting. Their team has earned the trust of businesses from around the globe by offering cost-efficient, user-oriented, and insightful testing services for their software.

When working on an order, ImpactQA deeply analyzes the software’s functional features while also checking its stability and reliability to ensure its quality meets the client’s standards before entering the production stage. The company offers both manual and automatic testing approaches to guarantee the testing procedure is both thorough and fast.

This service provider relies on an effective regression test methodology that utilizes cutting-edge tools, procedures, and reporting systems to efficiently locate early errors in the SDLC and speed up the software’s release time. Unfortunately, you can’t evaluate the quality of their work simply because there is no portfolio on the site. If that bothers you a lot, you can choose GoodCore instead, look through their previous projects, and only after that place an order.

impactqa software testing company interface