Exportyourstore Selling Tool Review 2024: Pros & Cons

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Verdict: ExportYoutStore Selling Tool is indispensable for small and medium-sized businesses that strive to automate the export process and want to sync products from current platforms to marketplaces such as Amazon, Instagram, etc. This tool helps you export all your products, descriptions, and main features to 1 out of 10 supported platforms with minimal effort.

Moreover, you can continue managing products on your site, including Instagram (add new products/descriptions), and ExportYourStore will automatically list and sync them with the desired marketplace.

  • Smart panel for settings
  • SKU management
  • Integration with 10 marketplaces
  • Easy setup
  • Support for multiple stores
  • The free version has limitations
exportyourstore interface

Today ExportYourStore syncs with all top-selling platforms including eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, Facebook Shops, WooCommerce, Instagram, Ebid, Poshmark, and Google Shopping. You can choose one platform for synchronizing products or connect several at once (if you want to reach the biggest audience). Select the current site and trading location where you want to export the goods to. Once done, AI technologies will cover the rest.

ExportYourStore Selling Tool Review: Main Features

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With ExportYourStore Selling Tool, you can easily list, import, and export your items on Amazon Marketplace, and manage your inventory. The tool allows comparing product lists, checking item names, descriptions, and codes (ISBN/UPC/EAN) used to find a match.

ExportYourStore Selling Tool

exportyourstore control the automation

Though ExportYoutStore provides automated synchronization processes, you can set rules and restrictions for product management, both for all sites and individual platforms. For example, when syncing an item with Amazon, you set the program to not include video reviews or make free shipping. Moreover, you can set certain restrictions for words so as not to destroy the keys in the descriptions.

ExportYourStore also creates separate and managed SKUs for each marketplace. Sellers can export listings, manage categories, view products, metrics, and sales data for each channel from a single dashboard.

Full Optimization and Support for 14 Sites

exportyourstore full optimization e-commerce platfrom

You, as a store manager, can integrate products from both the marketplace and the best e-commerce platforms. ExportYourStore selling tool integrates with fourteen sites, including eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, Facebook Shops, WooCommerce, Instagram, Ebid, Poshmark, Google Shopping, Facebook Shops, Walmart, Pinterest, Poshmark, 3Dsellers, CJdropshipping.

Keep in mind, each site has its restrictions and rules. Fortunately, ExportYourStore follows them automatically. You can prepare the necessary descriptions and adjust high-quality product pictures with ease.

Smart Amazon Sync

exportyourstore smart amazon sync

Thanks to the ExportYourStore team, you don't have to worry about Amazon rules. Experts will check the store for you, get a GTIN exemption and prevent oversold (this near real-time synchronization technology helps protect your business from low seller ratings and suspension due to oversold).

The Amazon integration process includes creating and populating listings, registering your brand, setting rules, obtaining GTIN exemptions, syncing listings and inventory with stores on other marketplaces.

Unlike many other options, ExportYourStore can create new ASINs and Amazon product pages rather than connecting to existing ASINs. Besides, ExportYourStore is part of the Amazon Affiliate Network.

If you are familiar with the rules for publishing photos on Amazon, you know that this site requires unique SKUs for each item listed. By enabling this SKU fix feature, ExportYourStore will automatically assign SKUs to necessary items and fix duplicate SKUs by adding a unique suffix.

You can also configure this function so that your SKUs are not changed. Besides, you can export only valid SKUs. You can set this feature during the installation process and change it later if necessary.

Improvements for Effective Store Organization

exportyourstore effective store organization

ExportYourStore includes several useful features such as a product listing, an information panel where you can see your ads across all channels in one dashboard with full sale and order statistics, advanced rules where you can set personal restrictions, etc.

Besides, for more efficient sales, you can connect 2 or more stores to one account. For example, the tool can sync 4 eBay stores with a shared Amazon account or vice versa. However, keep in mind, you need to pay an additional $9.99 for each cart.

Informative Blog for Novice Entrepreneurs

Along with the mentioned benefits, aspiring businessmen like a blog, where experts share sale tips and techniques to increase customer flow, compare different approaches of working with clients, and talk about the tricks used by trading platforms. You will also learn how to write meta descriptions and correctly insert keys to promote your products to the top of Google search results.

ExportYourStore Selling Tool Prices

ExportYoutStore Selling Tool has a pretty straightforward pricing policy. It includes 2 separate plans to sync with any supported stores or just Amazon (the most popular marketplace).

Based on the volume of the products, you can choose different plans (in terms of all sites) – from $29/mo for 100 synchronized products to $399/mo for 30,000 synchronized products. If you only work with Amazon, you can purchase the plan for $49/mo to get unlimited export and sync products.

All plans include automatic import and export, automatic order, price and quantity synchronization, automatic SKU fixing, custom rule configurations, and technical support.

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